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I am a blogger from the Philippines. I am also an article contributor to various websites. Aspiring to become a suspense novelist, I recently completed my debut novel, The Red Star Tattoo Conspiracy. This is now available in Amazon and Kindle.

A Nature lover, green environment advocate, travel and photography enthusiast, I've a special concern about the environment. I am strongly supporting crusades for the mother earth protection, climate change awareness and advocacy in green living, health and wellness.

Apart from taking road trip to the countryside, another favorite moment is relaxing at home. Home is where my heart is, it's more peaceful, more quiet. Journal writing is a great relief, it helps me escape from the torment of everyday life in the city. It's my way of relieving stress, an amazing sanctuary, it helps me get through with life. Just like nature, writing gives my soul a time to rest. 

Cooking is another thing, I love the kitchen atmosphere! I always cook my own meals and spend enormous time in the kitchen, experimenting recipes. I prefer whole grain food than any other varieties. I am a tea drinker.

I earned my Master's degree in Business Administration at the Ateneo de Davao University. I grew up in Surigao del Sur but now took up a permanent residence in the country's capital.

I adored world figures such as Pope Francis, Warren Buffet, Li Ka Shing, Stephen Hawking, Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh and the late Pope John Paul II, Steve Jobs, Ninoy Aquino and Diana, Princess of Wales. I collected books from royalty, self-developmental, world wars, business and investment and biography.

I contributed articles to WHEN IN MANILA, you may visit this LINK to check what I've written.

Here are more facts about me:

  • A devoted Roman Catholic. My faith is the focal point of my existence.
  • Frugal, but I'll prefer to be branded as a wise-spender.
  • Very proud of my feminine side and always make it a point to highlight its essence by wearing earrings (drop and studs), pinkish apparels, cute accessories and girly shoes rather than the unisex type. But I am not fond of wearing make-up, I don’t like the “heavy” feeling of foundation and blush-on on my face. The only vanity items I love to wear are eye shadow, bb cream and lip gloss. I wear sunblock all the time.
  • Very hands-on. I do things on my own – household chores, sewing clothes, laundry, gardening, cleaning the house.
  • A nature lover. I adored everything about the mother earth, the countryside, beaches, natural scenery, breathtaking landscape of mountain, green plants, lakes, ponds and valleys. I am an advocate of a green living, organic farming and health and wellness. I like farming a lot.
  • Traveling and my ultimate travel dream is to take a leisure trip around Europe. England, Scotland, Wales, Greece, Italy, France, Monaco and Switzerland are some of my dreamed holiday destinations. I want to spend autumn in the New England Region in the US particularly in Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont. I dreamed to visit Japan at springtime.
  • Discovering other places and learn from its history and culture.
  • Nature and photography. I like taking pictures. It’s always my fascination and great interest to capture the story of the environment through the power of camera lens.
  • Walk on a beach, long conversation and road trip to far away places, I enjoy the freedom it gives and the value of discoveries it provides. I love the details of life and one way of experiencing it is to take occasional travels and explore other places' cultures and wonders.
  • Listening to soft melodies, light FRC (folk, rock and country) and ballad.
  • Experimenting recipes, I love to cook. I love the kitchen atmosphere.
  • Everything Organic. I have a strong inclination towards green and clean living.
  • Doing grocery! It’s one of my definitions of being free. One of my happiest moments is when I am in the grocery store or supermarket, pushing a cart or carrying a basket then going around, choosing grocery/household items. It's so liberating.
  • Wearing shoes with heels especially the pump style.
  • Green Tea and everything about Tea!
  • Oriental cuisine especially Japanese food!
  • Maki, creamy carbonara, brazo de mercedes, cheesecake. I like creamy, cheesy food!
  • Sneakers, I always feel it doesn’t compliment my appearance.
  • Softdrinks, chocolates, cake, other sweet stuff, alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. I hate the smell of cigarettes and smokers. I have never tasted distilled liquors, not even beer, in my entire life.
  • Parties and never hang out with friends for mall strolling or any passive activities. I am not productive when I am outside.
  • Disco, bar houses and all sorts of night life activities. 
  • Pizza, burger and Kate Middleton :-P
  • Particular with brands, I only shop when necessary and always go for affordable items irrespective of brand names. I am a practical shopper, a wise spender.
  • Fond of bringing handkerchief. I had never bought a handkerchief in my life.
  • An electronic gadget fanatic. I am just contented with what I have. I am not fascinated with what is the latest in technology. State-of-the-art cellular phones never fascinate me, especially if the price is shockingly expensive. For the record, I have never bought a headset in my life. And as long as my current cellphone is still breathing, I don't see why I should buy one. It's a waste of money.
  • Purse with girly items: compact face powder, eye shadow, lip gloss, cologne, sunblock cream.
  • Tissue
  • Toothbrush kit
  • House/room/locker keys
  • Rosary from Vatican (a gift from my best friend, Helen)
  • Wallet (with a photo of St. John Paul II)
  • Cellphone
  • Hand lotion
  • A small planner and pen

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