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Monday, September 4, 2017

Jeff Turns 28 Today!

Yes, this debonair guy celebrates his birthday today. And that’s something very significant to pay tribute with. Because he is such an amazing person. My close connection with him is so precious I could waste my entire day writing birthday wishes for him in my websites. We’ve gone through many weekend food crawls and he has been so kind enough to take spectacular shots for my TRAVEL BLOG.

Meeting people never just happen. Circumstances allow the encounter to take place for some reasons. Most of the time, a very significant reason. May it be a lesson to live by or a blessing to keep. And I felt truly blessed and lucky to meet this extraordinary person whose personality radiates with so much compassion and kindness.

This is part of the special ARTICLE LINK WHEEL I did for his birthday.

I don't have anything to give him for his special day today. We're miles away at the moment. So I'll just write an open letter for him. 

Happy Birthday Jeff!

I could not think of anything to help ease the sorrow you've gone through on your father’s abrupt passing, but I am hoping words can cheer you up. You’re still undergoing the process of acceptance and coming to terms with the painful death, so I am very careful not to mess up with words.

I wish I could give you something special to mark your birthday but I am afraid I could not find one that suits your preferences. I wish to bake goodies for you but my baking skill is still terrible, I might end up baking pancakes instead of cupcakes. Moreover, we might not meet in the coming weeks or months because you’re still in the process of emotional transition and adjustment and you need a lengthy moment of silence. 

So I thought of something else. Writing a link wheel for you in my two sites. Something I rarely did ;-)

I hope this birthday featured post won’t cringe you in embarassment haha! I just want to remember your birthday in the most fascinating way, something different. Something that would not fade in the coming decades. And something you always remember when you drop by in my websites. Blogs never vanish unless the site is taken down or post is deleted.

You have welcomed your 28th birthday in what could have been one of the most trying times in your life. The transition of emotion is always difficult. But I am wishing you can carry it well. You’re a strong person with a positive disposition in life.

Sometimes I would think how are you doing, or how are you coping with the pain, and thought of asking you but then I respected your privacy. You need enough time with yourself, spending in silence and alone. The road to recovery is not easy.

So here, I’ll just write everything I wanted to say, every wish I wanted to extend, to let you know how much I care. Even in silence. I am always grateful with your friendship, you’re such a gracious person and a perfect gentleman. A very polite one, well-mannered and highly cultured. You epitomizes gallantry, like one of those grand dukes in fairytale books (I used grand duke, because in European royalty standard, it ranks higher than a prince :-D).

The impression of happiness and celebration sounds absurd at the moment due to the sorrow you’ve gone through, but I still wish you a happy day today. May you’ll be blessed with the gift of stillness, with a peaceful mind and heart, a healthy body, and a richer wisdom.

My connection with you is so very precious, something I would always cherish in the future. I’ve never been close to a guy before because of uneasiness issue. I don’t easily trust someone. I always find it very uncomfortable to engage in a conversation or go somewhere else with a guy. So I have no idea how to interact without being nasty, but with you I was able to cross the barrier with so much easiness. I’ve never encountered a guy who is as compassionate as you. That’s why I feel so lucky to have you in my small, shaky, tight world.

I am also battling with apprehension. I find it uneasy to communicate with people who never shared the same interest and values with me. My reserved culture is always the sticking point. While liberated folks appreciated the atmosphere of bars and parties and enjoyed the night life and KTV lounges, I prefer to stay at home, do some baking, write books and play with my cats and dogs. Or pack and go somewhere else where I could be alone with nature. Others seem not comfortable with these life’s preferences. And this is where ridicule often starts, and it crashes me to the core.

But you’re different. I find you distinct from the rest. You understood me pretty well, and never judged me. With you, I found a great defender. You’re seem to be my rock. Our personalities complimented each other. We could talk anything under the sun with so much easiness and without any disagreement. We get along so perfectly. Like I am seeing the other side of myself in you.

Though I often wish we could spend more time together, going out on a food crawl or out-of-town trips and nothing will change in the coming days. There’s no assurance of anything. Life is full of surprises. Tomorrow might be different.

Each day, I always feel I am losing you to someone. The idea sounds horrible because I would be tossed back to my old self, doing some food trip on a weekend for my blog alone. But it’s a reality that I need to conform. I often have some difficulty dealing with emotional transition if I will be caught in surprise. So I am slowly preparing myself with that possibility now.

You’re always in my prayers. Every now and then when I pray, I always take time to offer special intentions for you. To ease the grief you felt. To grant the wishes that your heart silently desires. To shower you with more blessings. And to keep you healthy and safe all the time.

I am wishing that life will smile upon you today despite the sorrow you felt.

Happy Birthday!


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