Friday, May 29, 2015

May 29, 2015

For your Travel Bucket List

Planning to embark into a well-deserved travel adventure to Europe soon and still looking where to start? Whether you are a wanderer who love to embark into an unplanned trip abroad, a pleasure-seeking tourist who love the city life, a culture buff who like the classical architecture and cultural heritage or an adventurer who like nature tripping and a quiet walk in the country side, Europe has so much to offer. 

When we think about Europe for a leisure trip, we easily think about the popular holiday destinations we always heard - Italy, France, Britain, Greece, and we give little attention to Germany. But Germany is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe rich in cultural heritage, ruins, ancient fortresses, historic small towns, classical architecture and breathtaking scenery of nature. I've never been to Europe of course but I love editing my travel bucket list every now and then for new destinations to consider.

And here, another amazing European destination to consider also for your next European trip. I frequently read and heard about some of the most beautiful German states that are formerly grand duchies, princely states and kingdoms because I've been a royal fanatic since my college days and been conducting research about the history of the monarchy. Germany is formerly an empire and not only that, it has been formerly divided into territories administered by Princes, Dukes, Grand Dukes and Kings, before it became a Federal Republic at the close of World War I.

Spectacular scenery of nature in BLACK FOREST

One of its most beautiful and wealthiest states is Baden-Wurttemberg. The state's major tourist draw is the Black Forest and its magnificent scenery of nature, if you want to learn more about traveling to Baden-Wurttemberg and what are the top attractions to consider, visit my TRAVEL SITE, check link below:

Sunday, May 24, 2015

May 24, 2015

Having a Master's Degree

What in store for a person having a master’s degree in the new millennium ? Is having a highest educational attainment still holds an advantage in a job hunt? Does it still matters to employers? Will it still signifies great value to the holder?

Honestly, I find it baffling to find out that most organizations never give consideration to educational attainment when screening the qualification of a prospective employee. Completing a graduate course from a reputable institution means having a substantial training in leadership and professional skills. Remove the technical skills aspect, it can be earned in the workplace, but having a master’s degree exposes us to leadership responsibilities, handling pressure, dealing with difficult employees, facing challenging tasks and analyzing complex managerial problems.

With MBA classmates, Janice, Dory and Girlie

Usually, theories involving managerial and leadership skills which are not usually taught in the working place are taught in the graduate schools through case analysis, workshops and real situations experienced by global companies. We have been deeply immersed with Strategic Planning, identifying human behavior in organization and formulating courses of actions with those problems encountered. In Ateneo, we adopted the theories and studies discussed in the Harvard Business School.

Thus, I felt aghast and very disturbed when an entity disregard it and put us to entry level or doubted our capability to function a certain role. But not those delicate theories in managerial, leadership and human behavior in organization.

Receiving MBA diploma from Ateneo de Davao University
 President, Rev. Fr. Joel Tabora, S.J

In Ateneo de Davao, completing a master’s degree is very challenging, we have to pass a grueling road, we have to earn it laboriously and through hard work, committing so many absences are never tolerated, professors will never hesitate to drop a student in class if absences reach seven times in one semester. It is not given in a silver platter, if your strength is not well-designed to undergo a very complex routine, you will give up. Only few of us managed to survive and reach the finish line.

An Ateneo master’s degree means a person is resilient, very tough, competent and has been exposed to an insurmountable amount of pressure. It still a regular school training, we were attending classroom lectures, real strategic discussions. We were exposed to actual business case analysis works every session, leadership skills lectures and dealing with difficult employees, human behavior in the organization and actual company’s challenges. We were trained how to identify problems in the workplace, how to formulate ideas and find best solutions. In other words, our training is no longer on the rank and file status but on the managerial level.

But it’s not what happening around. Most organizations think the degree is merely a decoration in our curriculum vitae without any value and merit, as if we just earned it in the air, leisurely and given to us on a free hand. I don’t know with other schools but in Ateneo de Davao earning a master’s degree is really tough and highly demanding to ensure that they have high quality graduates.

Based on my experience joining different companies, skills related to the position you are applying or what the employer is looking can be easily learned, well, not unless the person they hired is a moron and seems has trouble adopting complexities in the new environment, then employers will really go mad trying to press that employee’s head to follow instructions on the new role and adopt new routines.

Absorbing roles, responsibilities and tasks in the new environment is not entirely based on how long that person has been doing the routine, example supervisor, team leader, project analyst, executive assistant. It is partly based on a person’s motivation, ability and determination to adopt change, maturity and confidence to respond to the challenges of the new role assigned, drive and desire to improve productivity and quality of the role. More than experience or skills, it's the value of dedication, understanding the core concept of leadership, fairness, and maturity to understand the complexities of responsibilities in the workplace that matter in the end, without these points, skills and experience would be totally useless.

People are just like combatants in war. If you don’t have trust in their capabilities their morale will plummet and they cannot concentrate crashing enemies. If you put them as snipers rather than  tank commanders in the front line, their drive to function well will most likely diminish and their spirit will crash. Sometimes people just need trust and be put in the line where they fit  to get on with things and carry out the tasks effectively and efficiently.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 20, 2015

Who Controls Time?

The past days had been tough. Not because I find it hard to push myself to get on with everything and accept what life has offered at the moment but because I’ve a rough time figuring out what is this all about. The message of struggles. The meaning of  all those doors that had been shut. The logic of  denying me with an opportunity. The reason of all these wrenches.

Moment after moment, my questions of these adversities seem oscillating back and forth in the four corners of the house. With no certain answers. Definitely none. Who would answer my complex questions? It’s all about circumstances. It’s all about subsistence. Whatever awaits at the end of this arduous road, no one knows, none of my inkling. Life is tough I know it but I never imagined I would be pushed to a certain limit of my strength. My self-confidence is on the verge of crashing into pieces.

The world has turned against me and circumstances conspired to bury me into frustrations and defeat. No one wants to believe my value and no one wants to take me in. It's a bit disconcerting and I felt so bad about myself. At some point, I turned the table of angst away from me and directed to those jerks who seemed cruel for turning me down, who misjudged and discredited my capacity.

Who would pick me up? Who would be used by God as an instrument to lift me from this turbulent moment?

Hardcore questions. And answers are as distant as those floating meteors in the milky way. Even if I would bang my head in the wall for a hundred times, I would never get satisfying answers to all these muddles. Logic might be flawed and everyone will argue.

Because TIME is a tipping point of what should be done and how things should get us going. It controls the intersection of our journey. It would never yield to what we scream at the moment. It has its own direction. It has its own blueprint how things should flow. It follows its own command. It keeps its own phase and interval. No one can ever pass the parameter without the consent of time.

But who controls TIME?

We might finish our day with a split mind and ended in a mental facility, but I know, somewhere out there, someone control’s TIME. Someone we cannot defy whose judgement cannot be questioned, whose decision cannot be bargained of. Because this someone owns everything. Even TIME.

We might create unreasonable decision, possess courage to make a difference, dare to fly high with our intention to make life worth living based on how we define it, waste energy to pursue those dreams and intentions, without fitting on the timetable designed by God, everything is senseless.

He owns TIME. God owns everything. Even the mapping of our plans. The direction of our destiny. The collision of our path with another. He controls everything. It might be hard to accept or too difficult to take it in but that’s how it goes and we cannot barter it. Not even trading self-sacrifices and lashing our feet on the steps of the church every day. If the grand design is not yet complete. None of those plans will come to realize.

Everything has its own time. And God owns it. He designs it. We have to undergo a different level of pain and tribulation to recognize His grand design. We might feed up with the long delays but faith will keep us going.

After a while, I get back on my feet and think about life in the correct sense, think about my faith, about God and what I have right now. Why I should feel bad? Why focus on the things I have no control? Why concentrate on something that should never be given? I still have my life to live. Never mind those entities/people that/who refused to believe in my worth, they are not also worthy to be grieved on. There are still wonderful things on the other side of the road. At the end of this tormenting journey a great reward awaits. Something that only God is capable of providing.

Sometimes, the only thing we truly needed is just within ourselves, it's just deep within, we only need to bank on our faith to understand everything. Life is a reflection, whatever thought we feed on our subconscious becomes us.

One inspiring quote I've read somewhere:

“God’s plan is always the best, sometimes the process is painful and hard. But we should always remember that when God is silent. When it seems He never listens to our prayers. He is doing something great!” 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

May 16, 2015

Something that we cannot control

Being cut off from the opportunities we have been eyeing, sorely misjudged, underestimated, unappreciated, overlooked and devalued are the most tormenting circumstances we could ever have in life. Then we would be engulfed with a certain belief that something went horribly wrong, therefore, something must be done to fix the damages. Contemplating on our shambolic fate is a very obvious reaction.

Why is this so? Well, I figured, maybe because our human system is essentially designed to be jolted so easily with the effect of pain, abandonment, rejection, distress and sufferings rather than on the upshot of happiness, delight and success.

However, the road to get back to the process of rearranging everything, reconstructing goals and figuring out why circumstances never give us a chance to prove something is not as easy as crashing a cockroach, it passed through many dire lanes, loopholes, terrible moping and assurances that there’s nothing wrong with us, that there’s no such thing as misfortune, it’s only that life has so many highs and lows, ups and downs.

When we are being confronted with failures and disappointments, it’s easy to think that we have months of  bad days, and that it rained every minute of the day and we’ve burnt every food we’ve cooked.

It’s our innate character to be easily fed up, disheartened as if the world has conspired to nail us down. We would eventually think there might be someone out there who spelled a black magic to us, that this world is full of so many jerks and torturers who sabotaged our future, who think we are idiots who lack skills and capabilities to fulfill a certain role or responsibility.

However, absorbing negativism, uncertainties, botches and frustrations only add up to the mound of mayhem we currently felt, these are things that we cannot control, the only thing we can control is our judgement, so the best thing to do is look on the other side of the road, to the brighter side of life and keep moving with our journey. The road might not be as smooth and unspoiled as we have imagined but as we continue walking on the route we determined to traverse, those hindrances and interruptions are just spices that complete the recipe of fulfillment. We just keep  on moving and should never lost enthusiasm. At the end of this tumultuous road, something grander awaits.

In our pursuit of happiness, fulfillment,  contentment, comfort and financial stability in life, it is inevitable that we would encounter so many obstacles along the way, it’s because life’s most precious gem is not always given in a silver platter. It should be laboriously toiled. It would not come easily, it should be striven. That’s how it goes sometimes because success, fulfillment and achievement would have no meaning at all if we would not pass a bumpy road. Its significance could never be appreciated if it is just handed down to us so easily. 

But I presumed, our primary concern is not really to gain pleasure or to avoid suffering but to find and see the meaning of life. Who we are? What are we really into this world? Where would we fit in? What is our mission? How do we fulfill this mission? How to respond to the challenges of time? Once we will find answers to these questions, eradicating barriers and overcoming tribulation would be easier.

This search of meaning is being driven with our yearning to make life worth living, accomplish every basic goal we designed and survive the grueling days of our existence. This quest of a better life enables us to lift our head from misery and allows us to emerge stronger and fiercer.

When facing a fate that cannot be changed, just don’t focus on what went wrong and why it ended on the curve road, be tougher instead, focus on strengths and cultivate potentials, at the end of this dark hole, something wonderful is bound to happen.

With all these stopovers and clutters, we should never forget that life revolves, it does not stop in one corner. Today, life might be crazier and seems rotating in an opposite direction, but it’s not going to be this way forever. Tomorrow is another day. Another chance to win the battle. Another opportunity to rebuild lost dreams and another day to savor anticipation that somewhere along this journey, a door to success will finally open and something or someone, it might be  a group, an entity or a person, will be used as an instrument to realize this goal. For as long as we live, there’s a spark of hope that continues to flicker. 

And…yes, pray, pray, pray. We can never go wrong with our faith, it might be delayed or not granted at the moment, but as what I’ve always mentioned in almost all my inspiring posts here, trust GOD for HIS time is always perfect!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

May 13, 2015


HITTING Rock bottom. Once in a lifetime, everyone undergoes it.
Either on a career level or personal level. 
And when it hits, it really hits big time
It feels like everything is falling apart 
As if you have just plummeted into the basement of nowhere
With no hope of ascending.

You search for a clear answer,
Trying to decode God's message maybe,
But answers are as vague as the circumstances.
What's with all these misfortunes and sufferings? 

You feel the pain, deep inside and giving up seems an attractive option,
Life gives you nothing but wretchedness and defeat
When you thought you have everything what it takes to become great
Things just turned the other way around
What's in it that makes destiny so unfair to deal with?

When circumstances conspire to spell bad luck,
It feels like there's a fatal thunderbolt that had been thrown at you
With no way to escape. No way to hide.
 And death becomes you.

Will life still play fairness? 
Will there still be a chance to see the light of dawn?
Will tomorrow still come?
How long this waiting will come to an end?
How long this life will lift you from the pit of rock bottom.

Why there seems to be a never-ending agony?
Of sufferings. Of misery. Of misfortunes.
Life has lost its meaning. Happiness has gone.
Opportunities become just tiny dots of lost dreams
It might and will never come because no one seems willing to give it.
No one will provide a chance. No one.

But hope is the only thing stronger than fear
And no matter how long you've been rocked up into the bottom
You have to get up and keep moving
Because there's hope. You know that there is.

Everything is just temporary
Even bad days and torments
But there are things that seem permanent
And it just keeps getting ugly and nasty and repulsive
As days go by....Those dreams...might just be dreams...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May 06, 2015

Summer Fun at Amana Waterpark!

Are you looking for a cool place to chill this summer but would not want to go very far from Metro Manila? Oh yeah here's my new travel discovery last weekend - Amana Waterpark in Pandi, Bulacan, such a fascinating leisure park to visit!

At one of the themed pools in Amana Waterpark

Amana Waterpark prides itself of having the biggest wave pool in the Philippines. The 3,500 square meter wave pool produces a tsunami-like wave which adds thrill to the swimming experience. The resort also boasts exciting and fun amenities like themed pools and life-sized figures of TV and movie inspired characters.
My friend, Rowie Tagaan with the pack of Avengers
You will stretch your patience a little longer here because this area is rarely vacated
with thrilled folks eager to take photo memories with the Avengers

If you cannot get enough of watching the adventure of the pack of Avengers then you will have a precious moment with them posing for pictures at Amana Waterpark. Other figures include Dragon ball, Justice League and Marvel characters. There's a sprawling ground allotted only to Jurassic water world theme complete with dinosaurs and its roaring sounds, a swimming pool and cottages.
At Jurassic Water World with roaring dinosaurs!

If you detest of being roasted under the heat of the sun but still love to swim whole afternoon, you have the option to splash at the two indoor swimming pools. Cool isn't it?

Amana Waterpark is located in Pandi, Bulacan, less than two hours from Metro Manila. For commuters, the easiest way to reach this resort is through a bus ride. Look for a route going to Sta. Maria, Bulacan then get off in Waltermart. Fare is Php45.00. The moment you disembark, look for tricylce around the area and tell the driver to bring you to Amana Waterpark. Fare is Php120.00.


Sunday, May 3, 2015

May 03, 2015

Food Trip: Caramia Gelateria

Had a blast of decadent frozen desserts last weekend at Caramia Gelateria in Ayala Fairview Terraces Mall. Oh-so-good coolers and it relieves me temporarily lessens from the intense summer heat in the metro.

Caramia means "My Dear" in Italy and the meaning seems is living up to the cafe's luscious desserts. You will love it here and will surely make a repeat visit. I love the Gelato shake because its base is the Gelato ice cream which is creamy but sturdy so the consistency and smoothness of ice cream are maintained while sipping the shake. Love it!

Gelato Ice cream at Caramia
Beating the summer heat with this gelato shake in Strawberry Delights
and Penne Rosa and Bacon pasta!

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