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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Life will create its own magic

Oh life!Sometimes you can be inspiring, sometimes a little noisy and disappointing. But despite all the turbulence and frustrations you're still a precious gift from God that is so worthy to cherish.

I figure, our behavior is a balance between what we feel at the moment and what our environment is giving us. It's not that we are too frustrated with something else but we often reacted based on what's going on deep inside and how the environmental noises affected our system.

Sometimes we think that everything is falling apart because someone has turned us down or because the hope we're clinging seems very useless to realize. But life does not stop there, it continues to revolve and tomorrow is another day to reconstruct failed longings.

However, no matter how we throw effort to make things a little normal and stress-free, environmental tension is all too present. Political pressure in the country is gripping now that the national election is barely 12 months away and the squabbles of politicians are too much to bear. Traffic congestion, crimes of all types, accident and disaster are becoming even more unfathomable, even in the global affairs, murders, wars and inconveniences are dominating. With all these ugly news and distressing situations, we felt like living in a crazy world where peace is only a dream.

But life is what we make it and despite the tumults that seem all too present in our surrounding, we are still capable of creating wonderful memories. There's still a beautiful side of life that is so fascinating, we only need to discover it with an open mind, we need to change our perspective and to experience thrill and see beauty in a sordid environment. 

We can make each day an amazing moment of fun if we dart our focus on inspiring things and treat each failure as a grace to live by. We should not let those depressing thoughts and draining news consume our energy and happy disposition. 

Each day, I am trying hard not to be affected with the clutters of life, I am darting my attention to the things that have positive effects to my system. I try not to immerse myself on negative and self-defeating thoughts that I am not good at anything. I am treating each day as another chance to make things happen, to reconstruct my goals and hopefully catch the tide of success in the long run. I want to absorb positivism and live one day at a time. 

If luck is still far from where I am at the moment, then maybe tomorrow will bring another story because life is a work-in-progress. It does not stop from failure, from defeat. It continues to revolve. Life will create its own magic at its own pace and time. I'll just keep on holding on. My principle in life is always " God is good! His plan is better and grander and just trust Him because His time is always perfect".

Yeah! It's a beautiful day!


farah khan said...

yes i agree with you. great information to share.

farah khan said...

yes i agree with you. great information to share.

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