Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 24, 2015

Cotton is Sick Again

I'm so sad my favorite cat is sick again :-(

Cotton was born in 2013, few weeks after his birth, he and his siblings were ravaged with severe respiratory problems. Their eyes were badly infected. My sister and I could not understand their disease. We initially thought it was sore eyes due to the inflamed eyelids. We're not able to save the three kittens because that time we hesitated to bring them to the veterinarian. We wanted to save the remaining kitten so we decided to bring him to a veterinary clinic and we named him Cotton.

He was prescribed with syrup and vitamins. Everything was okay and Cotton grew up a healthy cat. I love the fact also that he is not choosy with food, he would eat every food we gave. I like his fur because it resembles the skin of zebra which I find very cute. Though he recovered completely, his one eye was not, it became permanently damaged. But he looked very okay as he grew up.

My favorite Cat, Cotton, is sick and I am so sad 
His face inflamed and the swell run down to his neck

Then yesterday while giving them food, I noticed Cotton's jaw was swollen but he appeared active and did not cease eating. This morning I  told my sister that the inflamed skin seemed worsened. I immediately checked online sources for remedies of swollen skin of cats and got antibiotic recommendations. Cotton's energy sunk. I gave him milk because he has a hard time chewing food due to the inflamed neck.

My beloved pet has a swollen face

I bought one capsule of Amoxicillin and administered the medicine by mixing it in the milk. Hopefully Cotton will be okay tomorrow. I am confident the antibiotic I gave will give him relief. He stopped playing and just slept in my bed. Haaay, so sad!

Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23, 2015

The goodness of Ashitaba

I firmly believed in the goodness of medicinal plants. I am habitually drinking Green Tea and even take Lagundi syrup as a potent remedy for cough. So when I heard the goodness of Ashitaba it's more like wow! Another fresh consumption of natural food. Luckily, my sister has a home grown Ashitaba plant in the backyard of the house where we currently lived. Everyday, we would consume at least fresh five leaves.

 Our  Ashitaba home grown plant in the backyard

Ashitaba is a medicinal plant abundantly grows in Japan and for centuries, Japanese consumed this plant both as food and medicine. It is also called as "Tomorrow's Leaf" or "Longevity Herb". What made this herb excellently healthy and beneficial to human's longevity is its potent antioxidant called Chalcone which boosts immune system, protects the body from chronic illnesses and viruses and improves blood circulation.

Here's how to consume the fresh leaves:

Pluck the leaves and wash it with water. Cut into pieces and sprinkle with salt. You may add other vegetables or fruits to enjoy and improve the taste. In my part, I always add tomato because it compliments the taste.

This is how I consumed this medicinal plant
After cutting the leaves, I will sprinkle it with salt then add slices of tomato

Studies conducted revealed Ashitaba is essentially rich in vitamins, minerals, fibers, protein, It has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-tumor properties which made this plant a superfood and excellent herbs all rolled into one.

Some of its known benefits include:
  • Slows the process of ageing
  • Enhances memory
  • Promotes proper digestion
  • Lowers blood pressure and bad cholesterol
  • Prevents cardiovascular disorders
  • Reduces blood sugar levels
  • Helps in the prevention of developing tumor or other cancer-causing cells
  • Relieves respiratory problems
  • Helps rejuvenates body cells

According to Manila Bulletin: "Natural organic germanium, in Ashitaba, is known to promote production of Interferon which is a defensive material produced by our body to prevent viruses and bacteria from penetrating into our cells. Germanium is valuable in the purification of blood by keeping away harmful hydrogen ions in the blood, creating an alkaline pH, increasing oxygen, and by activating blood cell replacements"

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March 17, 2015

It's been a while

OMG! It's 12:30 in the morning!

My 14th straight night that I have no proper sleep due to tons of editing endeavors in my scripts. Need to finish everything this month to finalize my queries. But I love what I'm doing! Writing whole day, taking a break for just an hour then resume again. Usually I'll retire to bed at 4:00 in the morning, yikes! But I love it!!! Nothing more is fascinating and fulfilling than be immersed in my passion. It always brings a different surge of excitement in my system. I feel so young and happy!

And due to my super duper busy schedule, I almost have no time to visit Facebook! And to my friends who maybe wondering where I am right now, well, I am here in my blogs. Just send me a message privately and I will get back to you. I don't have much time to connect with anyone in FB. After checking private messages I will leave my personal account then concentrate in the pages of my sites. I don't have much time to check the newsfeed because if I have to do it then I will be stuck there and unable to finish my work.

Got so busy with polishing and editing so many manuscripts for submission to different sites and hopefully to some publishing companies. 

And finally! Tragedies in the Royal Court is done. I've been working with this book for about a year now, so many intricacies and facts needed to be rechecked before sending the final copy. This is a hardcore history and I don't want to be slighted for dishing the readers with wrong facts. Hopefully, I can market this locally, I'm preparing a query to Philippine bookstores!

Still checking my other scripts where to fit the submission. In the coming weeks, I will work on building links and other strategies for my sites. 

Haaaaay! So many things to do and my days are really fully packed. Need to check my time table every now and then so as not to miss anything. I am strictly following a certain schedule to fit everything before taking my next adventure in life!

So help me God!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

March 05, 2015

Hello Spring!

Although tropical countries like the Philippines don't have Spring season, I will consider it as one of my favorites (the other one is Autumn) because the environment (based on what I saw in pictures online) looks so lovely and magnificent.

All those romantic blooms, awesome environment and lively trees magnify magic and thrill, it brings a different surge of delight to one's tired mind, watching flowers of different varieties spread its loveliness lift up energy and enthusiasm, oh how I wish I could visit a country where Spring season is possible, just like my earnest wish to visit New England region in the United States during Fall season.

So why I am fascinated with Spring? Well, apart from being a Spring baby (my birth date is April 3), I am in so much awe of a new beginning, a renewed hope and a brighten start, just like the representations of a Spring season. After a long Winter of gloom and frustration, another beautiful morning lightens up promising a good start.

Life glimmers when new beginning comes, when new hope flickers, as if seeing all those lovely blooms that spread romance in the environment, life becomes sweet and enchanting again and spreads a new thrill of adventure. When spring season comes into one's life, thoughts about a rosy future are always in the horizon, more invigorating, more blissful, as if everyday brings magic, every moment amplifies inspiration, no room for sadness or regrets, only elation and warmth.

I am happy that at last, it's Spring!


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March 03, 2015

Here's My Cup of Tea

Come and take a sip....it's a beautiful day!

Writing is a cool job. It's my cup of tea and I love the moment where I have to stretch my imagination and squeeze my brain to come up with something unique to write about, it gives me so much energy to get through the day.

When I write, it feels like I am taking a walk to a different world, exploring its beauty and enjoying the scenery. It's like embarking into a fulfilling journey, with no traces of sadness, only delight and thrill. But it does not mean I want to escape from reality, writing is just one thing that allows me to enjoy the vividness of life and experience a stress-free existence.

Writing lets my thoughts flow enabling me to create another world and put back the shattered pieces together, it makes me a complete person. It allows me to talk without being judged.

I love online research too because it boosts knowledge, awareness and wisdom. It's one of the most valuable and useful activities around the web, being able to research educational information and current events inspires my day, it also enables me to connect to the rest of the world and increases awareness.

Now, I am enjoying my days, doing research online, writing articles, improving my crafts, creating plots, building characters, rewriting old synopsis I neglected for the past years. My days are so occupied with so many tasks to accomplish and it gives me so much fulfillment.

I am preparing articles to contribute also to various magazines and online sites. I am creating pitch articles, query letters. I still have two fiction books that need to be finished. I am checking bookstores in the Philippines to put copies of my two digitally published books.

So many things to do, so many things to accomplish. I have a full busy day and I love it!

Monday, March 2, 2015

March 02, 2015

Freedom at last!!

Personal freedom. How important it is to you?

For me, it's virtually important! Because it strongly defines my individuality, my value as a person. I don't want to be a prisoner of time, I don't want to be trapped in fears. I don't want to waste my God-given talent.

I know I am destined for something very important all I have to do is be courageous and determined. Personal freedom. Almost everyone of us is contemplating to have it, however, only few really are able to get it due to the fact that most of us are afraid to take risks.

C'mon, we live only once, so let's try to make the most out of it, try not putting up tomorrow what we can do today.

Oftentimes, we become slaves of the circumstances, enduring the situation even if it is already intolerable because we lack courage and we are afraid things might not turn the way we want it to be, but do fears and playing safe set us free? Is it enough to let things flow and continue to endure the silent sufferings just because we are afraid to face the uncertainties?

Remember that sometimes the things that we are afraid of are not actually happening, they are just the objects of our hesitations and thoughts of what's-coming-ahead. We are just anxious on what might happen if we dare to move on to the unknown path? So we keep on delaying things, of taking that one bold step to chase dreams because we are afraid to live behind dark alleys of life.

But at what cost?

I've finally come to a point where I am no longer afraid to take risks, to dare to embark into uncertainties of life's greatest adventure, to explore all possible options to make things happen. I figured, if I would not take that one bold step to chase my dreams now, when? If I would not make any move now, I would never know my chances because no one would get it for me and that's for sure.

I've come to a point where I am ready to take a challenging journey even if it means taking so many sacrifices because life is happening now, if I will keep on postponing things, I might sail into the sunset of my life full of many regrets. There's no guarantee of success or fulfillment but if I would not dare to make a move, I would never get it either. Failure is part of the package of being human, but it is the beginning of wisdom, and it often leads us to a certain way of accomplishing things because through failures we will discover our strength, we will uncover our potentials. Failures provide awareness and ways to improve and get things better.

So it's independence day! Finally got my freedom back!! 

My hands are full with so many lined up tasks in my schedule now, so busy working on things I love doing. Now I am back on track and it feels great!! When you are free to do the things you love most it feels like everyday is a payday and the actual monetary figure is just a bonus.

Thank God for always guiding me, for protecting me all throughout these years, for leading me into the right path!!


Sunday, March 1, 2015

March 01, 2015

Real Situations Expose Fake People

Actually it's a waste of time trying to talk to a person who has trouble discerning things. I don't want to invest too much energy blathering things that seem incomprehensible to the other party because it's like talking to a brick wall.

But the rudeness still appalls me, can't believe it would be acted by a mature person. Returning what had given does not only inflict insult but also suggests impropriety. It only mirrors what kind of culture you're born with. I've never met someone whose boorishness went that far, in a more blatant description, the action was so bastos!

The awful words blurted also alarmed me because only immature people could utter such things, so ghastly and illogical, absolutely chilling. You only rub salt into open wounds. Something that could never be mended. 

You have a stupid humor bordering arrogance. You either have difficulties analyzing situations that transpired or you have a bad memory, either way, the manner of your judgement personifies your absurdity when confronted with simple stuff that only needs to be analyzed using that thing between your ears. You're selfish and you only listen to yourself. 

Oh well, Mother Theresa was right when she said "We meet people for a reason, either they are blessings or lessons"....Lessons that I want to leave behind. I don't want to carry those clutters and baggage, so many beautiful things to think about than dwell on stupidity. Life is great and I am busy living to look back on friction with stressful people.


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