Saturday, February 14, 2015

Society is severely judgmental to Singles

Here comes another celebration that tends to discriminate singles as if we are bane to the national economy. Society is severely judgmental and Filipinos' concept of Valentine's day is still very primitive, as if it is a big crime to be dateless and single comes V-day.

Despite the modernization of the environment, people still prone on singlehood, viewing it as something dreadful as a disease rather than treating it as a gift or an advantage, remember that singles never contributed to a population explosion, and if ever we can still get married, it would be quite late and naturally, we would never give headache to the government as we would only probably have fewer kids. So why the society would not just view us as more like heroes than a laughing stock?

I've come to grow enduring the taunting and the discrimination of being single especially when Valentine's day comes as if I committed a grave mistake for having no boyfriend when this date arrives. I have never experienced having a boyfriend, nor go on a date in my life, so naturally every Valentine's day since I became of age, I am always the subject of humiliation for having no someone to spend it with. However, as time progresses, I am immune to the discrimination.

In the past, I often spent V-Days with my closest friends, spending dinner, movies, laughter and a little craziness, like observing the environment how couple glued to each other and locked their stares, but this year, I find it tiring to go out to the street and watched the whole surrounding swathed in red, so I just stayed home and worked on my blogs.

And I care no more and just treat it as another ordinary day. It shall come to pass :-D

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