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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Happy Birthday Arman!!

Okay, so today it feels like one of those exciting days where I have to dash into the kitchen and try to invent a scrummy recipe and let my friends scoff it. Then go back to the cupboard and eavesdrop how my friends would react. It’s a moment of tension bordering delight!

Obviously, I won't be taking a trip to the kitchen now, but the same moment of tension and delight is twining up because someone will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow and I am raking my brain trying to create a memorable birthday note. LOL!

I've spent long hours trying to come up with something very creative to say, like those moments when I have to squeeze my mind with ideas how to produce an insanely scrumptious birthday cake.

Nothing sounded right anyway and I don't want to be slushy, so I decided to just stick with the basic and blurt these uncomplicated words: Happy Birthday (laugh!) 

It's Arman's birthday tomorrow, February 9. He's one awesome guy I know who is so extremely kind. I am so lucky to have him as a friend. I wasn't able to come up with an evocative book compilation (I will consider it as work-in-progress :-D) because of layers of preparation to make and I'm still finding additional "materials" to complete the project for Arman's special day.

And due to time and space that separated us (dami kung excuses! :-P), creating a unique present, though possible, would never make it to the actual day if I will send it hehe! so I am coming up with something similar to customizing a cute hallmark greeting card, a birthday blog post.

Let me tell you something...

I've never met Arman, but amazingly, we can talk pretty cool things without any apprehensions! As if we're friends for such a long time and seatmates in school who would come up regularly with notes to compare.

We’ve so many things in common, we both love nature and photography, we would talk endlessly about traveling stuff and all those magnificent holiday destinations. And we both prefer Autumn than Winter hehe! We could almost agree to everything. Sometimes I would throw him a joke that we might be twins because our likes and preferences are sometimes parallel :-P

He works hard, like, yeah, real, stuff. And because he has lots of things to do (the word “busy” is an understatement), I always try not to snoop into the scene, but I would badger him to get some sleep.

Happy Birthday Arman!!

It's as simple as that, no fancy ribbons, no brush of grandeur, but it reverberates sincerity and warmth! Enough to alleviate the dreaded frosty effect of Winter, which I hated, I know you don't like Winter too. 

Thank you so much for being so generous with your time, for your genuine support in my writing passion, for allowing me to “abuse” your photos hehe! Thank you for trusting me, and despite distance and your busy schedule you’re always there when I needed someone to talk to. You’re so immensely kind and despite your remarkable achievement in life you remain very humble and oh-so-down-to-earth.

May your birthday be filled with so much happiness and fulfillment. May the wishes and greetings you receive from family and friends will last in your memory and make your day perfectly fine. 

Cheers to a beautiful life ahead, more success and good health always. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY big time!!!


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