Saturday, February 21, 2015

February 21, 2015

The Quiz Master II is now Available!

If you enjoy answering fun quizzes and consider reading trivia an exciting way to enrich knowledge, you will most likely find this book enormously useful and valuable. 

This book is created for fun, learning and discovery, providing readers with a unique experience of answering quiz trivia and acquiring new knowledge. This is the second and updated edition of The Quiz Master: The connoisseur of information. 

The categories and questions are still the same but there’s a bonus trivia section that has been added to make the process of learning more enjoyable. The photo trivia section also has additional features and information on other landmarks has been improved. 

The bonus trivia section consists of mixed categories covering different fields of interest, from general information, memorable movie quotes and capital cities. The Quiz Master: The connoisseur of information, second edition, will take you further to the world of amazing learning and discovery.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

February 14, 2015

Society is severely judgmental to Singles

Here comes another celebration that tends to discriminate singles as if we are bane to the national economy. Society is severely judgmental to singles and Filipinos' concept of Valentine's day is still very primitive, as if it is a big crime to be dateless and single comes V-day.

Despite the modernization of the world, people still raised eyebrows on singlehood, viewing it as something dreadful as a disease rather than treating it as a gift or an advantage. Remember that singles never contributed to a population explosion, and if ever we can still get married, it would be quite late and naturally, we would never give headache to the government as we would only probably have fewer kids. So why the society would not just view singlehood as heroic rather than a laughing stock?

I've come to grow enduring the taunting and the discrimination of being single especially when Valentine's day comes as if I committed a grave mistake for having no boyfriend when this date arrives. I have never experienced having a boyfriend, nor go on a date in my life, so naturally every Valentine's day since I became of age, I am always the subject of humiliation for having no someone to spend it with. However, as time progresses, I am immune to the taunting.

In the past, I often spent V-Days with my closest friends, spending dinner, watching movies, sharing laughter and some little craziness, like observing the environment how couple glued toward each other and locked stares. But this year, I made some changes in my Valentine routine. Instead of going out for dinner with friends, I just stayed home and worked on my blogs.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

February 08, 2015

Happy Birthday Arman!!

Okay, so today it feels like one of those exciting days where I have to dash into the kitchen and try to invent a scrummy recipe and let my friends scoff it. Then go back to the cupboard and eavesdrop how my friends would react. It’s a moment of tension bordering delight!

Obviously, I won't be taking a trip to the kitchen now, but the same moment of tension and delight is twining up because someone will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow and I am raking my brain trying to create a memorable birthday note. LOL!

I've spent long hours trying to come up with something very creative to say, like those moments when I have to squeeze my mind with ideas how to produce an insanely scrumptious birthday cake.

Nothing sounded right anyway and I don't want to be slushy, so I decided to just stick with the basic and blurt these uncomplicated words: Happy Birthday (laugh!) 

It's Arman's birthday tomorrow, February 9. He's one awesome guy I know who is so extremely kind. I am so lucky to have him as a friend. I wasn't able to come up with an evocative book compilation (I will consider it as work-in-progress :-D) because of layers of preparation to make and I'm still finding additional "materials" to complete the project for Arman's special day.

And due to time and space that separated us (dami kung excuses! :-P), creating a unique present, though possible, would never make it to the actual day if I will send it hehe! so I am coming up with something similar to customizing a cute hallmark greeting card, a birthday blog post.

Let me tell you something...

I've never met Arman, but amazingly, we can talk pretty cool things without any apprehensions! As if we're friends for such a long time and seatmates in school who would come up regularly with notes to compare.

We’ve so many things in common, we both love nature and photography, we would talk endlessly about traveling stuff and all those magnificent holiday destinations. And we both prefer Autumn than Winter hehe! We could almost agree to everything. Sometimes I would throw him a joke that we might be twins because our likes and preferences are sometimes parallel :-P

He works hard, like, yeah, real, stuff. And because he has lots of things to do (the word “busy” is an understatement), I always try not to snoop into the scene, but I would badger him to get some sleep.

Happy Birthday Arman!!

It's as simple as that, no fancy ribbons, no brush of grandeur, but it reverberates sincerity and warmth! Enough to alleviate the dreaded frosty effect of Winter, which I hated, I know you don't like Winter too. 

Thank you so much for being so generous with your time, for your genuine support in my writing passion, for allowing me to “abuse” your photos hehe! Thank you for trusting me, and despite distance and your busy schedule you’re always there when I needed someone to talk to. You’re so immensely kind and despite your remarkable achievement in life you remain very humble and oh-so-down-to-earth.

May your birthday be filled with so much happiness and fulfillment. May the wishes and greetings you receive from family and friends will last in your memory and make your day perfectly fine. 

Cheers to a beautiful life ahead, more success and good health always. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY big time!!!


Saturday, February 7, 2015

February 07, 2015

The Value of Mercy and Compassion

Having to live in the city for the most part of my teenage and adult life, I have seen almost all kinds of underprivileged people, from beggars, homeless, to street children, begging for food, money, even water, knocking cars, selling flowers. It's always terrible to see this kind of scene when I go out to the street, my heart always torn with mercy.

But as time progresses, just like the rest of the people in the city, I began to feel annoyance, not because, I am selfish to share what I have, but because some of them looked able enough to make a living rather than beg for money. My heart eventually hardened.

However, when Pope Francis came to visit the Philippines, he showed the other side of mercy and compassion, he exhibited how a true Christian should act and hear the cry of the underprivileged and the abandoned. Watching the Pope hugged children, showed compassion to the poor and proclaimed the basic responsibility of Catholics to the community made me to reassess my life and my mission as a human being.

Eventually, the inspiration I got from the Roman Pontiff softened my heart again. Although sometimes I wanted to turn my back of giving alms because of the common belief in the city that most of them are being used by some powerful syndicated groups to beg money in the street, I tried listening to my conscience.

Pope Francis during the Holy Mass he celebrated at the University of Sto. Tomas
where he was touched with the stories of three homeless children
He later hugged the children

One weekend, while on my way to MRT station, I dropped by at a food stall to buy something to eat, later, two street children dashed in front of me and asked for food. I stopped for a while then looked at them in the eyes. I saw a different flicker from their gaze. They genuinely needed someone to help them, to give them food, to show mercy.

I smiled and tapped them on the shoulder, pulled my wallet and asked the lady in the counter to give them food and I will pay it. The two kids excitedly grabbed the food and started eating. I went to them and talked, asked where they lived, their parents and what they do for a living. They responded that they came from Laguna and just rode the bus to where it would lead them to sell Sampaguita flowers. 

I stayed while they ate, talked for a while then asked some more questions. I also told them to attend a church service, always pray and be good. They smiled and we both got up and walked to the MRT ticket booth. They thanked me for the breakfast I had given, then we separated. 

While walking to the MRT station's platform, I could not help but felt so emotional. Those kids needed help, they are wounded with the social injustices in the environment and yet people who are so blessed in life refused to provide cure with this societal illness. They have nothing to eat and that's for sure, but we often turn our back to them, refusing to give what we have. Pope Francis is right, we refused to listen to the cry of the poor which makes this world a very harsh place for underprivileged and the homeless.

We can make a difference. It's not too late. We can help this world a better place to live in by extending what we can offer to the less fortunate. We will extend what help we can provide, not because we have something to give, but because we know how it felt if we also have nothing.
If you can no longer find any mercy and compassion in your heart because it is already hardened with the worsening economic and political conditions in our country, stop for a while and look straight to the eyes of the street children and the homeless, you will discover a different compassion you never knew existed in your heart.

Friday, February 6, 2015

February 06, 2015

Life is an adventure

Each day, we are given a chance to catch the tide of success, ride in the thrill of wonders and move closer to the things we always love doing. We should never let fears consume our capacity to make things happen. 

Fears are only in the minds, most of the time, the things we are afraid off are not really happening. We are just afraid, things might not go as we wanted. But life itself is a risk, refusing to take it, won't give us an idea where to go an extra mile to realize our dreams.  

Don't buy into a lie that someday the story of our life might be different, that someday, things will become easier. It is a big joke. Life is happening now and not tomorrow or next year, so today is the right time to make things possible. We might fall off from the bus before that "someday" we are thinking will come.

Don’t wait for a perfect moment and right timing. It’s a fallacy because the truth is, there’s no perfect moment, but we can make each moment perfect. And there’s no right timing, each time is right if we know how to take risks.

Take a step today, no matter how bleak we think the chances are. Just take the risks, don’t be afraid to make a difference. As long as it relates to our dreams. Our courage and determination will bring us closer to what we’ve been dreaming.

Dare to take an adventure. Explore the world. Soar high. We should never limit ourselves to the four-corners of the environment we are living. If it does not give us the kind of fulfillment we know we deserve. Then move on.  We will continue finding our place, our niche. We should never stop from aiming where we should fit in. If we are really determined and resilient, it will come. Remember this proverb "Good things come to those who wait, but great things come to those who get on with their ass and make things possible". 

Just don’t bother about tomorrow, tomorrow will take care of itself. Life is happening now. Develop more, try a new skill, a new hobby, explore a new destination, venture into a new occupation that can provide us a self-fulfillment. Embrace failure. Accept defeat and move on. Let us be gracious with the people we encounter even if we think, they mistreat us. Life is a reflection, we will receive back what we have given to the world. Be brave in pursuing goals.

Plan for the future but do not forget we leave at the present. Enjoy life everyday, pose and take a moment to think about our environment. Create a bucket list with the things we want to accomplish/achieve in life, chances are, we will never know how time passes us by.

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