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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas - Real Time!

It's 12:50 in the morning here in Manila, Philippines and it's Christmas morning!!! Officially, the Christmas season begins!

Merry Christmas dear readers, may the spirit of the happiest time of the year be with you all and may your heart be filled with so much joy and harmony. Be safe with the celebration.

So what's happening in the neighborhood right now? 

Blasting of firecrackers! Singing is also everywhere. But I'm here pondering, thinking what to do, which plan to pursue for the months to come. May the virtue of patience will dwell upon me and may the Holy Spirit will continue to enlighten my mind and my heart.

I've nothing to wish for this Christmastime except peace of mind and a permanent place I can call "home" wherever it is I know God is leading me there. 

Happy Holidays!


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