Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 30, 2014

2014 Christmas Wishlist!

Every end of November I always prepared a Christmas Wishlist as a way of inspiring myself to work hard and get on with life. 

Since today is the last Sunday of November and the first Sunday of Advent season, here I am again, preparing my Christmas Wishlist, never mind if all these items remain a vivid dream, anyway that's what wishlist is all about haha!

2014 Christmas Wishlist:

1. Point-and-shoot digital camera - Any brand will do as long as it is 20MP! This is very useful as I am maintaining a travel blogsite. A digital camera is a must in my blogging passion to make my site ultra-competitive.

2. Bag! - This is always included in my wishlist every year. My fascination towards bag varies each year. In 2009, I like the Burberry design then on the following year my fantasy went to Chanel, then Michaela, but the funny thing, I've never bought one with any of these brands because of its pricey tag! So it remains in my wishlist.

3. McAir - That's why this is called a WISHLIST because we are free to list down everything we wish we can have. So I am listing down this dreamy, wishy, wishy technology. I am not fond of buying expensive gadgets, electronic stuff, in fact I am not obsessed with cellphone, ipad, ipod but McAir is different! It is very useful as I am doing writing stuff, my current netbook is mini HP and has been in my position for the past three years, luckily it is still working hehe! However, due to its pricey nature, McAir might be forever included in my WISHLIST until eternity.

4. Watch! - Oh I love watches!!! Aside from bags and shoes, my fascination is on watches more than any accessories, but because I am a wise spender and frugal, I never bought one with a price beyond my means. I am not an impulsive buyer, I think like a hundred times before spending my hard-earned money even if I absolutely love the items. If it's not what I needed at the moment and not included in my budget plan, I would never buy.

5. A pair of pump shoes - I like pump shoes, I recently bought a black pair but I love the nude shade but no plan to buy at the moment, maybe next year.

So it goes...My Christmas Wishlist for this year. Hope Santa can drop by in my place comes Christmas Eve hehe! Happy Holidays!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

November 29, 2014

Fashion Finds!

Who would not want to look fabulous? 

Every woman of this generation has her own fashion sense and style and her own definition how to look good, it's not just about vanity but more on freedom, independence and taking care of one's self, it's an expression of being a woman, boosting confidence. Personally, I believe that the best and most attractive accessory that a woman can wear is self-confidence and one way of boosting it is to appear stylish and dignified. 

But to look stylish and fabulous, one does not need to spend a fortune on high end fashion brands, or imitate celebrities on their trendy outfit and lifestyle, fashion is always a personal choice so as long as it best suited to one's personality.

I love to wear dresses and I prefer soft pastel colored outfit than the dark ones but sometimes I would experiment on dark and electric shades to have some variation. I like the empire cut dresses and blouses. I never tried peplum though it looks fabulous, I just feel it never suited in my body shape because I have a short torso. Peplum for me is best suited for girls who are slender and have a long torso.

I am not fond of wearing make up and the only color in my face is around the eye shade as I love wearing green eye shadow. I prefer lip gloss over lipstick.

Aside from bags and dresses, I am obsessed with shoes! But because I am a wise spender and shop when necessary and according to my priority, I rarely buy one, I shop around my budget and if it won't fit at a certain period then I would not cheat my budget plan.

Lately, finally, after so many years of planning to buy a pair of pump shoes, I was able to fit it on my budget for November. A pair of pump shoes is a little bit expensive compared to other foot wear styles due to the elevated padding on the front edge of the shoes. I looked carefully where to shop until decided to visit Landmark in Trinoma. 

With so many brands offering pump shoes with surging prices, I found myself so stuck between choosing the affordable one and sticking with my fashion choice. After two hours of checking what brand to choose I settled with Anika brand, both fashionable and affordable :-D 

However, my ultra-favorite pair of pump shoes is the nude shade. I became fascinated with this style after seeing Kate Middleton wore the LK Bennett nude patent pump shoes on several occasions. 

I bought a patent nude shoes but not the pump style, just a flat front with half-inch heels. Nude pump shoes remain my dream and still on my wish list.

Look how fabulous! (above photos) Patent nude pump shoes. I like wearing skin tone outfit (both dress and foot wear) because it is so soft to look at and really matches the complexion of my skin. It feels like I don't need extra effort to appear stylish, the skin tone shade itself exemplifies fashion and style.

The true expression of being an independent woman is to make her own choices,  develop her own sense of style and feel comfortable with the fashion she chooses. It's not about what other people think, it's about the amount of self-confidence it provides.


Thursday, November 27, 2014

November 27, 2014

Reunion with Colleagues

Had a quick reunion last Sunday, November 16, with former University colleagues: Shiela and Mitzi. They'd dropped by to meet us before their flight to Hongkong for their holiday trip. We met them (with another former University colleague, Rowena, who's also now based in Manila) at Glorietta and had an instant bonding at Greenbelt and Landmark.

 With Rowena, Shiela and Mitzi

It's always relieving to see good old friends, sharing laughter and conversation over food, and enjoying each moment, recalling our days together working in the same university and sharing our new experiences in different working surroundings after our comfortable life in the university.

Having a good time at Greenbelt
 Lunchtime at Yoshinoya Glorietta

We worked in an environment where employees had a beautiful bonding and close relationship with each other and having moved to a working place with a slightly different culture is a little bit uncomfortable. But we're both happy with the move and quite thankful with all the blessings that came with it.

We're food buddies back in Davao and would easily agree where to go after office hours, so our quick meeting last Nov 16 was a moment of reminiscing our past escapades on restaurants and food hunting! After staying a year in Manila, my former colleagues in the University are still the same people I would love to spend my spare time talking, maybe because, we already knew each other and no need to pretend and discover what we don't like or what pleases us.
Oriental cravings! I love oriental cuisine especially Japanese food!
Sticking to my favorites haha! Green Tea Juice and California Maki

We separated ways at 3:30pm, Shiela and Mitzi went back to their hotel to pick their luggage as they need to travel to airport by 4:00pm.While Rowena and I just stayed in Landmark and waited for the 4:30pm Holy Spirit Mass.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 23, 2014

This LOVE!

Have you ever in a situation where everything seems confusing, daunting and exciting?

One minute you're moping because destiny is so cruel and unfair, the next thing you felt like floating in the air because some inspiring thoughts hit your brain. Yeah, hardly adolescent stuff!


So many things lodged inside my, savings, budget, weather, traveling abroad, mapping goals, switching career, emotions..oh emotions!

When I should be learned lessons not to dwell too much on emotions because most of the time it never gets me anywhere and most of the time I am prone of just assuming things wrongly. But feelings are good, life is beautiful and moments are precious. I don't want to waste my time agonizing over why circumstances are treating me bad. Life offers us option to be happy and to be sad, it's up to us what to choose.

And I will choose to be happy and relish every moment of this-feel-good-moment because life is happening now and not tomorrow.

Today is just another quiet, beautiful day. I am enjoying this moment before another week will consume my energy.

So while composing words for this entry, I made some blog walking first at Bianca Gonzales's site (yes, she is a blogger too!) and read a very interesting post...about well, THIS IS LOVE, taken from the ad campaign of Nike....

I've never been into any relationship before, but there were times in the past that I got to fall in love also but it did not take any farther and did not go beyond the "assuming things" stage, it halted before it even started with reasons I barely understood.

Bianca said love makes her feel invincible, makes her happy, gives her peace and makes her glow...I am not sure if she is referring to the ad campaign of Nike haha!


This love makes me to bounce in excitement...

When you're in love you feel like you can do anything and everything because someone inspired you to get on with so many things. And when you think about love you cannot help but draw a little smile in your face every now and then which makes you appear like a little stupid, people who will see you chuckle alone think you're insane.

This love gives me peace and serenity...

Because that someone seems like a dreamy halo, partly bright, partly shadow, unsure if everything will really come true. But the amount of inspiration and joy given is so tremendous I momentarily forget that the world is in chaos, and I see and feel only peace and serenity.

This Love makes me to dream big things!

Because having someone feels like completing the puzzle of your existence, it is always inspiring to dream big things, dreams that might never happen, still you wanna go on wishing things might come true because the feeling makes you wanna go on with life despite uncertainties and worries.

This Love, oh this Love...


Saturday, November 22, 2014

November 22, 2014

Where's the jest in life??

In as much as I wanted to update this blog everyday I simply cannot do it due to my work routine. Haaist! One of the most frustrating things in life is when you have no longer time to work on stuff you love doing, it feels like freedom had flown and being curtailed, it feels like I am no longer breathing the kind of life I always wanted to live.

But I am finding ways to make room for my passion, hope to find a place where I could take a regular job while having enough time for writing. Hope I could be given an opportunity to be a contributor. I am planning, well, seriously planning to get back into online content writing.

During weekend, I always make it a point to spend time working on my sites and do blogwalking to other sites to get inspiration. And today, while blogwalking, I landed at Dork Diaries, a very simple way of expressing day-to-day stories, diary-sort-of-things, but it's so awesome! And now thinking to do the same thing but I know it's a bit impossible because I cannot post an entry on a regular basis.

So here I am making things up for the lost time...

My weekdays stories are always horrible. One thing I am inspired, the next thing I am irritated. Annoying things, people are all over the place and I am fed up with this kind of scenario, it's too much to my already worn-out spirit.

Well, some months ago, I finally realized the job is not really for me because my mind is always revolting something I never experienced in the past couple of years. I am just counting months, afterwhich, I'll figure out which way I should really go. Of course, I am always sure that my long term goal is to spend the rest of my life publishing books and writing. I hope I can find opportunities in writing because corporate world is not really for me. I find it severely exhausting and upsetting and I never see myself climbing the ladder of whatever success they are referring. How can I be so successful when my passion is on the opposite side of the spectrum? I hate their advises, it never sounds so helpful and relieving. 

So now, I am pondering hard, contemplating, focusing on things I really wanted to accomplish before taking into another career adventure. I felt I lost myself somewhere and the quality of life I always dreamed of seems went into drain. I need to find myself again, I need to reconstruct my dreams, my game plan, my focus, my drive.

Confiding concerns, worries, irritation, anger, longings in my journal is always a welcome respite because it makes me able to find courage and energy to hang on with my dreams.

Friday, November 21, 2014

November 21, 2014

Annoying Friday

Have you ever had that moment in a day where every minute felt like you aged a hundred years because of annoyance?

The day just started right but when the hour ticked to seven thirty in the morning I know I was in great trouble. I  could not exactly locate the address of Taguig Post Office in Lower Bicutan and undergone so many asking and inquiry episodes along the way before I reached the office completely wasted. Just so appalled with the delivery mode of Amazon, I never imagined they would let the customers picked the parcel. Oh no!

And my day went ballistic. Everything seems not right and my frustrations of being stuck in this odd environment resurrected and the angst I felt deep inside triggered. You know it's always like that, moment after moment, when I am being confronted with torment, something will deliberately creep in and everyone looks like a liability. Maybe because there's a vicious thought trapped inside my system that I am being treated unfair and devalued.

Towards the afternoon, one circumstance finally eroded my already-revolting mind, someone asked me if I could run errands. I finally exploded but said nothing. My stubborn streak flowed in. Oh God why such humiliation!

Isn't a clear indication of exploitation or abuse? I've been working for 10 years and never encountered things like this, blatantly flouting the limitations we should only be doing. It's a sign of going beyond the parameter of what is just and fair and usually than not I would never nod because it would make me appear like a complete fool for allowing things to go out of hand, as if I am an idiot who never know my basic rights, who never know the coverage of functions.

Even the maintenance could not just be grabbed with things not within their undertakings. Why on earth they think someone like us could just be thrust unto anything far way below the threshold of the job description? Aren't they aware with certain limitations on the roles we assumed? It's a bit frustrating and what's upsetting is, there's nothing I can do about it because it seems part of their culture. It crashes my spirit because I never expected to be something like this, I never expected I would be dragged with this kind of role.

It looks like my intention of switching career after obtaining my master's degree was not achieved. I got in the wrong place and dragged back to the basement of the career path I am trying to iron out. Am I cursed?

It pains me to know that I am just worthy of carting food. I know it's not part of the work package but others just closed their eyes and tolerated this, thus, the cycle of this supposed to be "out-of-hand" errand continues. And I cannot take it. Often times I wondered if I possessed an image where I am only good of tucking groceries. If ever there's something very humiliating attached to a low level position, it's running errands for others. It's simply repulsive and down right disgusting. 

I've so many disappointments and disillusions. All the while I have this belief this place is great, but no, it's so discriminating, the culture is bizarre, people are bloody snob, and they have outlandish practices and attitude. After months of contemplation, I came to believe this is not the kind of environment I am dreaming to retire. It had given me a wrong impression.

Towards night time, there's only one phrase that jolted from my mind "if you cannot stand the heat, then get out of room". Now I know what should I do next, it's time for the next adventure.

True enough, we cannot change the practices that had been entrenched in the environmental culture of a workplace, it's either go with it, defy it or get out from it....and it seems the latter is the most sane idea.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

November 15, 2014

It's LOVE when?

  • You wake up on the right side of the bed. Feeling elated as if some sort of an invisible springboard lifts you up.
  • All of a sudden you understand why all your friends are settling down.
  • You are restless and eager to find out what's happening on the other side of the world -- that's him. :-P
  • Little things about that person which seem insignificant to others but appear to be very fascinating to you.
  • You understand the value of waiting because you simply don't want anybody else.
  • You see the silver lining of the grayest clouds as really silver and not gray.

But love is not some sort of a shooting star that can be easily seen way up high nor a floating bubble that can be chased even if it will blow off the moment we catch it. 

Love is vague. Love is a quest. Some may find it too early in life while others are destined to wait for a lifetime. True love waits according to books but we cannot find love in a book! We want something real but how it can be so real when life itself provided us a false hope? 

But we just got to keep on believing because God's time is always perfect.


Friday, November 14, 2014

November 14, 2014

Only Once in a Lifetime

Only once in a lifetime we feel that terrific, special moment where everything seems magnificent and dreamy and the surrounding looks like glimmering with a bewitching spark, like a spring leaf in the morning when caress by rays of a bright sunshine. Magical and delightful. As if a unique brand of magic engulfs the environment.

Each day brings happiness and we become more enthralled with life, inspired perhaps and tempted to nurture some degree of hope despite the vagueness of the circumstances. We just want to enjoy the rosy moment and ride in the thrill of wonder.  

And that’s only once in a lifetime. 

For so long, I am also waiting for that special moment to strike my horizon, anticipating for that unique glow to inundate my whole system. Waiting, thoroughly, became an igniting spike that motivates my day to marvel on the mystery of life.

Moment after moment, counting more days, weeks, months and years, encountering people, forming  associates, friendships that did not go beyond the parameter of hi and hello, mutual understanding that did not progress into a special bond,  until I finally resigned to the fact that maybe it would no longer come. 

My thoughts of affection fizzled. 

But sometimes time can be so generous making ways to recapture the lost magic of hope and allow us to breathe on a new enthusiasm reminding us that every day we live in magic. Things happen and life suddenly becomes more fascinating.

Life, with all its vagueness, provides everyone a beautiful story to tell, punches new energy to embrace renewed optimism. And desire brushes with loveliness again.

A whole new world opens up and memories of my childhood come back. Life seems completely different and more exciting and a great anticipation about the future emerges, felt like there's an invigorating energy that stimulates my system something I never know existed. 

Finally, I am prepared to open my heart even if there's a chance it might be broken because I believe genuine love is worth taking risks. And I am willing to take risks. I've never been into any relationship before because I've waited for that very special magic to shroud my whole system.

Suddenly I become a new person with a unique vitality, more dreamy and hopeful, motivated and elated, as if the world is harmonious and at peace. There’s a visible kick of joy, excitement is all over the place and a pang of a beautiful emotion is lurking underneath. 

But as days progress, it feels like I am just looking for something that's not been there in the first place. Suddenly, a gray horizon reappeared, and the piercing thought of dejection loomed and devoured the magic of thrill. Lovely flowers withered, the beautiful horizon became dull and the lively blue sky turned somber.

Once again, I made myself believed my destiny has been cursed and doomed. A tiny strand of hope fled and I curled back again in the corner of desolation. 

For a while I thought circumstances played prank on me, making my fate a big joke. Awful. Grim. Injurious. The tiny strand of hope I keep holding on, turns out a huge fantasy that would never come true. While others are bathing in sweetness of their romantic adventures, I am tramping in the trail of distress. Agonizing on something I could never have.

Silent pains...silent longings...missing someone...missing something that seems not been there in the first place. Maybe it's better to leave things as they are. But I want to relish the thrill of happiness, the feeling of being in love, because it only happens Once in a Lifetime.


Saturday, November 8, 2014

November 08, 2014

Daily Facial and Body Care

Honestly, I am a little vain.

I always make it a point to do my nightly routine of pampering my face with some beauty regimen products before retiring to bed - no matter how exhausted I am.

I just feel that the best compliment I can give to myself to end a tiring day is to take care of my skin. It's not out of vanity, I just want to feel good about myself.

Everyone is thinking that thing anyway - feeling good about one's self - because it's the best confidence booster. It's nice to go out the next day feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

When I was still in Davao, I would love to visit a derm clinic to undergo a Collagen facial mask, now in Manila, haven't done it yet, still finding enough time to get back to this quarterly routine. But everyday, I am so particular of taking care of everything, to protect my skin from premature ageing and blemishes.

I only used products that I believe have optimum benefits and can really take care my skin. I am more particular with the harmful effects of the chemical ingredients so I often spent several hours, standing in the shelves of a supermarket to check on the labels.

I am wary of parabens - that dangerous chemicals (other research studies revealed it can even caused cancer) used as preservatives in all cosmetics - but I can't avoid it even if I wanted to because all commercially-produced cosmetics have it.

So what I always did is just to compensate the harmful chemical ingredients by using organic skincare products and eat healthy foods! 

Everyday, I make it a point to eat fruits and nuts rich in powerful antioxidants--- Grapes, Kiwi, Almond - to provide my body with necessary nutrients to fight the unhealthy elements and to strengthen my immune system. I always drink Green Tea too because it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties (than coffee) and known to contain the highest form of antioxidants derived from plants - Polyphenol and Catechin - that may protect the body from the threat of chronic illnesses.

Here, sharing with you my daily pampering skincare routine. I am not fond of applying masks at night - you know those messy mudpacks - because my skin is so sensitive so I just stick to the old-fashioned skin toner to remove deep seated dirt.

1. Facial Toner - This is one of the most basic beauty routines. As environmental pollution has become more intense everyday making our skin so dull, dry and old, a facial toner at night time is a must. I used the Human Nature Balancing Toner because it is made from pure lemon which is more ideal because my skin is so oily. I've also come to believe that Human Nature skincare products are all organic with no harmful chemical ingredients. I love this facial toner because it feels like dead cells of my skin are being gently scraped by the fresh lemon. There's a smell of the goodness of a freshly squeeze lemon juice.

2. Nivea Body Milk and Repair Lotion - I prefer this body milk variant of Nivea because it contains the triple combinations of Camu-camu and Acerola cherry extracts which are both Vitamin C components that strengthen skin and protect body cells.

3. Olay Total Effects Body Wash - I love its creamy effect, it maintains the suppleness of my skin even if I won't put substantial amount of lotion. I also noticed that my skin never accumulates fine lines since using this body wash. My skin maintains its youthful glow and light tone.

4. Garnier Facial Scrub Pure Action - Okay, my skin is on the oily side of the spectrum so I need to take extra care with its surface otherwise my face will never be out of supply of those annoying and self-esteem damaging acne and pimples. It had been my perennial problems since a teenager and even reaching the young-adult stage. I'd tried so many experiments until I used this product. It is a mild scrub and its micro beads are soothing, so it is safe for daily use.

5. Sunblock from Beauche - I've been using beauche products for 6 years now and I am very contented with its result. At night time I would alternately apply the brand's exfoliating cream and rejuvenating cream but could never do it religiously because I'm too tired and too sleepy to complete the requirements of a 15-minute gap. But during the day before leaving the house, I always make it a point to apply the Age Eraser cream because this is the sunblock variant of the product. Sunblock, according to dermatologists, is the most basic skincare that people should apply due to the harsh effects of the UV radiation. Even if we are not expose to the sun, lighting inside the office has UVR, thus, a sunblock, or sunscreen as others would call it, is pretty necessary. UVR damages the skin and escalates premature ageing, wrinkles, and may trigger cancer.

6. Johnson and Johnson Lotion - Oh yeah! I am a certified Johnson and Johnson baby! I grew up using their products and even up to now I am still using some of those lines, like the milk body wash  and soap (using it alternately with Olay), loose powder and lotion. I love its tender and soft smell, very relaxing to the senses. I am using everyday the pink variant of JnJ lotion because I am working in a winter land hehe! Joke. The workplace is soooo fiercely cold which made my skin dry towards the middle of the morning and all through out afternoon so I am bringing this pink lotion to soothe my skin and prevent it from drying and because I also love its smell, it made me transport to my childhood days hehe!

Alright! Those are the best products I am using everyday. Hope you learned something from me how to take care of your skin.


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 04, 2014

Have you THANK Someone Today?

Life offers so many chances to appreciate the goodness in the environment, maybe it is God’s way of reminding everyone that despite the dread and madness of the modern society, there are still plenty of reasons to be grateful, to be happy and to celebrate, because the world has not totally gone mad. Amazing people often filled and made it up for us.

It’s always fulfilling to see and feel the generosity of life through other people’s kindness. It makes everything so wonderful, so terrific, as if the whole world is perfectly aligned. It abates stress and lessens the gravity of tension that’s been hovering around.  

I am always touched with an act of kindness, no matter how trivial it is, because it always makes me feel greatly valued. And when thoughtfulness comes from the people whom I never expected I could still meet in my lifetime journey, it makes the whole package of generosity more special, more heartwarming. Felt like I won something from the lottery :-P They are huge, huge people whose humbleness encompasses everything.

Oh yes, Life indeed is like a box of Chocolate. Because we never know what we can really get!

Haha! Remember this memorable adage from the hilarious movie, Forrest Gump? Yeah, it was so real. I love that movie because it taught me how to believe in things, how to believe in the transformation of life. 
And just today, got that “box of goodness”, and it's not simple, it's so extraordinary, so touching!

Tom, Axl and Arman
(Photo: with permission from Axl :-D)
Hello amazing people! Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness

Ever wondered how it transformed me? Yeah, because these lovely items are stark reminders how my concept of everything sometimes can be so uncanny.

Still confused? Here:

  • Call me weird, but I don’t eat chocolates that much because it makes my brain swirls a little bit,  but when I got those tempting assorted sweets, my eyes popped with so much excitement like a school girl who got her first set of Disney toys, and,  yeah munched it as if there's no tomorrow. And oh, my brain did not swirl :-P  Soooo comforting!!!
  •  I hate New York, that city that never sleeps which I find a little repulsive haha! I always thought it is home to every crime in the world. But when I found out about CENTRAL PARK it changes my views about the Big Apple, it is not after all some sort of a ragtag community. The Green Mug printed with what could have been the irony of everything"I love NY" is so cute and the green color  signifies my devotion to nature and all those amazing green plants. Soooo sweet!!!
  • Okay, did I say, I hate New York? Haha! Not totally, one of the historical symbols of the United States that I truly admired is the Statue of Liberty because it symbolizes freedom and you know I love everything about France :-P. I know that Statue of Liberty (named after Libertas, the Greek goddess of Freedom) was a gift of France to the United States in the late 19th century. And this cute magnetic Statue of Liberty is one of the monumental souvenirs I've been wishing to receive. Soooo delightful!!!
See? The lovely goodies and souvenirs I received brought magic and transformed life!

Thank you Axl, Tom and Arman! You're so fantastic! May God forever shower you with so many graces from heaven and may you continue to live a life full of graciousness to be the blessings to others. Though I only know the two of you through audio and haven't met yet, I know you have so much goodness in your heart. And far from a distance, across the ocean, separated by continents, your kindness reverberates. I am eternally grateful.

Thank you!!!!! 

Alright! Dear readers it's your turn, guess each item given by each of these fine gentlemen in the world. I'll offer interesting prizes for those who can guess correctly. This is part of the long-running 7th anniversary special of my personal blog!

I'll announce more surprises for this anniversary special in my next post. You may join our FB community and hit the LIKE button to receive up-to-date announcement. Thanks again!


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