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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Travel Bucketlist

Finally!! My quiz trivia book is ready to be sent for publication. Yeheeey! 

But I will read first carefully the submission guidelines of Amazon because it's kinda complicated and the technical aspects of those trimming, bleeding and sizing the manuscripts seem  difficult to grasp so I am giving myself one day to comprehend everything.

Then I would be continue working for another manuscript, The Royal Madness, which I intended to submit as an e-book. I am targeting to finish it before October ends.

And yes, after completing my goal of publishing at least two books this year, I'll begin my journey of traveling all through out Luzon haha!

I've been featuring holiday destinations in Europe and America in my TRAVEL ADVENTURE site but I just realized this now, I never write something about "It's more fun in the Philippines! Nahhh! 

So I will start exploring neighboring provinces in the weeks to write something wonderful about traveling in the Philippines!

Travel Bucketlist Around Luzon

  • Albay
  • Batangas
  • Bulacan
  • Camarines Sur
  • Ilocos Region
  • Laguna Lakes
  • La Union
  • Pampanga
  • Subic
  • Zambales

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