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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Baking and all the goodness of food!

It's a rainy Sunday morning (Philippine time)! I love this kind of weather, especially during weekends because the atmosphere inside the house is a lot cooler and it invigorates my mind to think creatively haha!

And during rainy days I really love to eat!

I am thinking of baking cookies or scones, but my sister already prepared her ingredients for Cassava cake when I wake up so I just have to postpone my baking adventure next week. 

The heart cookies I baked a year ago haha!
Squash Muffins! Very healthy. Sometimes I would use Carrots instead of Squash

I truly love weekends because it is only during this period that I can be myself, do the things I want, cook and choose what to eat and spend time in the kitchen. Most of the time I only cook fish in stew with lots of vegetables and tomatoes, to compensate and balance the bad foods I often consumed in weekdays.

Creamy Gelatin
Yummy Gelatin!
My first attempt to bake Scones! Awww
Scone is a buttery-like cookies only that it is softer than the traditional cookies.
Scone is a tea food and very popular in Britain

Hopefully next week I could find enough time to bake cookies and Scones again, perhaps.

You can find the recipe of above foodie in my FOOD AND HOME LIFE BLOG

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