Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 28, 2014

Too Noisy

The environment becomes too noisy and loud nowadays. So I remain secluded in my sacred journaling space, writing what's on my mind and editing my royal books. My "sanctuary" is more quiet, more peaceful and fulfilling.

It's been a while since writing about what happened in my day or my weekend or what things I've gotten into at the moment. I just don't feel simplifying the details of my life anymore, it's a bit too much hehe! 

Sometimes, a little silence about personal life is necessary to experience stillness. After all the noises in the environment, the never-ending political and economic issues, government officials squabbles, criminal and corruption cases, intrigues, controversies and all sorts of scandals, I felt the need of shutting my mouth from sharing something personal to give myself a break. 

I also stop posting updates in my personal account in Facebook because I don't feel the need to. Facebook's newsfeed already flooded with tons of personal issues so I don't want to add one. I detested other members' too obsessive behavior with Facebook.

I cringe every time I read people's too revealing details about their personal life as if the world will break into pieces if they cannot post something about what they do at the moment, what they feel towards someone, what they eat at dinner, who they hate, what troubles they encountered, who they want to send to the moon, etcetera. Can they just keep it with themselves and just share something very newsworthy?

And here's more. Every time there's a certain piece of controversy that hug headlines, people seemed can't stop themselves but to take a little share of "troubles", they are unstoppable updating the world with their analysis towards the issues that made the whole thing more noisy and a little weird.

Hmmm...maybe it's a person's innate characteristic to really blab without limitations but for heaven's sake can we just keep private matters private and just moderate the level of our sharing to retain some degree of mystery in our existence? Would that be more exciting?

Oh God! For once, I want a little privacy and serenity, away from the crowded world of social media. So I decided not to post anything personal in my FB personal account to keep a little mystery of myself hehehe!

Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

We are producing Home Care Products

Reviving the business I neglected a year ago due to other matters ^___^

Since I still need to undergo further training in soap making to produce innovative products and to apply the revolutionary techniques in organic soap manufacturing, I decided to venture into another product line: Household Care

Two weeks ago, I and my sister attended a training in Cubao, Quezon City how to hand-make household care products. I find the techniques very easy, so we immediately bought raw materials to produce the first batch for each of the two home care products: Dishwashing Liquid and Liquid Detergent.

We produced these batches manually and only took less than an hour to finish mixing all the ingredients for each line. It needs to be cured for 24 hours before transferring to containers to thoroughly refine the gel and eradicate the bubbles.
Logo of our business I created. 
The first batches of Liquid Detergent and Dishwashing Liquid we produced 

So now we are selling these batches and we are accepting bulk orders. We are producing only two quantities of each product: 500 ml and 1 Liter.

Just visit the site I created for this small business DEW PRODUCTS

This business is a partnership with our childhood friend, Anelyn Arcon, hopefully we can expand the business soon. I am also constructing an online store for this business. My sister will take care of the day to day operation since I am working and Anelyn is in Germany.

Thank God for all the blessings in life!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January 22, 2014

Once in a Lifetime

Once in a life time, we will find ourselves thrown at many intersections, looking at different directions and go on adventure in search of meaning, we will stand at the crossroad wondering why life is often associated with destiny when it is nothing but a series of events that took place because well, life is just like that, a series of events.

And once in a life time, we believe that somewhere along our journey, we will find someone who can complete the cycle of our existence, we will share plans for the future, dreams that might not come true and hopes that sometime appear vague. We become extremely comfortable and when life turns upside down, we know we can make it through the day because we find strength in knowing there’s someone we can always run to. We will see a beaming sunlight beyond the watery grey sky and we will feel the soft breezy air under the harshest heat of the summer sun. We will open our hearts to experience love and happiness because we believe pain is part of being human.

But as we all know, life never spins that way, sometimes it revolves in a completely bizarre pattern that leaves us no choice but to move on. Eventually, the watery grey sky becomes a pouring rain, the soft breezy air becomes an icy storm and the once-in-a-lifetime-belief of stumbling on someone we thought could complete the missing dot of our existence becomes, well, just a funny thought.

If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away. If he doesn't want you, nothing can make him stay. Stop making excuses for a man and his behavior. You cannot change a man’s character and it is a disaster trying to change one. Allow your intuition to work and listen into it. Don’t ignore the voices of your instinct, remember, a woman’s instinct is always right. Stop trying to change yourself for something that's not meant to be. Never live your life for a man who doesn’t care.  If you feel like he doesn’t want you then probably he is. Don't stay because you think "it will get better" You'll be mad at yourself a year later for staying when things are not better. If you continue hoping for something that could never be given, you will just reap a hell of heartache, and there is nothing cute about heartaches.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

January 18, 2014

An Answered Prayer!

Believe me, God answers prayer in every possible way and that's the truth!

In my life, I had witnessed simple day-to-day miracles that others often forget to acknowledge, reporting to work on time even though I was stuck up in a train station for hours, narrowly escaping disasters, cutting off the line at the train station with just me being the last person to be taken in, waking up everyday with a very good disposition, maintaining that essence of youthfulness despite stress and tension in the environment ^___^. Yes, these are forms of day-to-day miracles we often overlooked!

I am a living witness that God answers prayer no matter how trivial or big it is. He is a loving God. You know, that big dream we thought could never be given, that little hope we thought would just remain a hope, yeah nothing is impossible with the Lord. He designed things for us.

Everything happens in time that God chooses, so continue praying, never lose hope, never lose faith because if something is really meant for you then it will be given. I always relied on prayers ever since in my life, no matter what it takes and no matter how hopeless the circumstances are, I always turned to prayers because somewhere beneath my troubled spirit, I hugely believe God never forsake mankind, that He listens to each longing, He reaches out to those who badly needed help. 

Once I heard this line from a friend: God is so good, He sometimes delays things but He never forget. Yes, that's it! And recently, another prayer came true. Just can't believe it's happening! Felt like God is just living in the neighbourhood, within reach. Oh God! Am I worthy of your Love and Affection? Yeah, I am extremely happy, truly blessed!!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 11, 2014

A Moment of Silence

When every hope we save seems falling apart and we don’t want to be tossed again to the moment of despair, a re-routing is a best recourse. And when everything in our surrounding is a little noisy and messy, a temporary silence becomes a necessity.

Pain is pesky, but rejection is more dangerous. It disintegrates self-esteem. It’s impact is so sickening that we wished it could be avoided. But somewhere along this journey, we would come to realize that it is inevitable to encounter that pesky, dangerous thing. It’s part of the package of being human and anyone who don’t recognize it never actually live at all.

But I’ll be a stupid fool if I would say we must push ourselves into it to experience life to the fullest, that we must enjoy its torturing nature to understand what’s going on in the environment, it’s still one thing in life that we hope can be abated by all means. But if  it is already there, let’s face it courageously and transform its negative impact into positive. Moping won’t help anything.

It is through pain and rejection that we become more acquainted with our real selves, who we are, our strength, our potential, the energy that flows and the effort to overcome the ordeal.

In life, we always have that specific concept of living beautifully, we always have that kind of notion how we would spend the rest of our lives in harmony, who we want to be with, where we want to go, what we want to do. But oftentimes, it never ended the way we want it to be, it’s not that life is hostile or circumstances are cruel, but it is just how life revolved in the planet. Soon, we would come to realize that not everything we dreamed can be given, not every wish we cultivated can be accorded, it’s not a mystery of mankind, it is just how destiny rolled.

So what are we gonna do with it? Obviously, we don’t need to spend the whole afternoon beside the window of our bedroom agonizing over why someone had dump us, why the earth suddenly appeared obscure and why the rotation of the universe seemed misaligned. Of course we must find ways to understand the little phenomenon called hurt that hits our horizon and do something to prevent it from damaging the entire veins in our body system.

Sometimes a little silence is what we needed to sort out everything, process thoroughly that pesky dangerous thing, understand its causes and keep moving on with life. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January 08, 2014

The Royal Madness

Been so busy lately with lots of things. So busy that I rarely have enough sleep!

I'm writing an e-book! Finally I was able to spend enough time to work on it after keeping it for five years inside my mind. Got so inspired finishing the script after realizing I could never get anything from just moping in one corner. Felt like I was continuously struggling for something that's not there, searching for things that never answered what I was looking for.

Now, I am halfway finishing my first e-book project and so eager to publish it and hopefully be available to all e-book stores. I am eyeing four top e-book store retailers: Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Sony and iTunes. Hope God will guide me with this task and reward me with success and fulfillment.

The e-book I am currently working on has something to do with my fascination---Royalty. So I am writing about The Royal Madness hehe!

I had already published a quiz book two years ago but I pulled it out from the online bookstore of yahoo because I want to submit it to a local publishing company, I am working on it now and will concentrate editing as soon as I finish my Royal Madness e-book.

Life is great!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

January 04, 2014

Solemnity of the Epiphany

When will be the feast of the Epiphany celebrated?

Several Catholics are still confused with the celebration of the Epiphany, commonly known as the Three Kings. Tradition dictates that this is normally commemorated on the 6th of January or 12 days after Christmas, but the recent Catholic pastoral practice set by the episcopal conference decrees that Solemnity of the Epiphany should be celebrated on the first Sunday of January or a Sunday between January 2 and January 8.

What is Epiphany?

Epiphany comes from a Greek word meaning "to reveal" or "manifestation" in lay man's term. It signifies the revelation of the Lord to man and a representation of the young Messiah as the light to all nations making Epiphany an affirmation to universal salvation. It originally celebrated four different events in the life of the Christian faith: 
1. Baptism of Jesus
2. The first miracle performed by Jesus at the wedding in Cana
3. The Nativity of Christ
4. The visitation of the three wise men known as Magi.

But recent changes in the doctrine and practices separated these four events from the Feast of the Epiphany. The commemoration of the Baptism of Jesus is now set on Sunday after the Epiphany and the first miracle is commemorated on Sunday after the Baptism of Jesus and the Nativity is celebrated during Christmas. Only the visitation of three wise men retained at the Feast of the Epiphany. Due to these changes, the Sunday of Baptism of our Lord is being considered in the Catholic church as the end of Christmas season.

Feast of the Epiphany is one of the oldest Christian traditions, even older than Christmas, and is widely considered as "the Little Christmas" feast where old Christians celebrated it with gift giving and cake preparation. Other Christian denominations in the west even practice an Epiphany home blessing ceremony where family members gathered, prayed and exchanged gifts to honour Jesus Christ as King. 

The old tradition practice of the Feast of Epiphany as a "little Christmas event" with home celebration of foods and gifts however did not survive in the East and now only commemorated with a holy observance of the Solemnity through Sunday mass celebration. 

Source of information: Catholic Liturgy Guide

Friday, January 3, 2014

January 03, 2014

Everyday We Live in MAGIC

Haven’t you realize it?

Life flickers each day. Magic is everywhere. Miracles happen. Yet we never notice its sparks because we’re too busy looking at the dark space of life. We ask signs, but we ignore the marks because it’s not what we hope for, we refuse to peep at the cracks where sunlight filters because we want big windows to see the whole sunshine.

There is always a connection between meeting-the-eye and the ideas we created in our minds, a connection between the blink of another light and the flickers of emotions we felt, a connection between our desires and the magnetic pulls of circumstances.

So here I am, recognizing the little sunlight that filters through the crack door of hope and believe that magic happens everyday.

I’ve been thinking hard lately about making dreams happen, doing the things I am comfortable with, free from fears, from apprehensions and from the idea of failing. Discerning about the friendship that almost lost with time, with distance. Trying not to confuse emptiness with regrets, sadness with failures, joy with fulfillment.

In life, I am between landmarks, young adult and adult, single and married, conception and children, and in-betweens, is a blank space that needs to fill in, a dash that always makes history. This year, I’ll make things happen, fill the blank space and creates history. The opposite things that might happen along the way, are graces to live by.

When I was a little girl, I was taught to believe life revolves in two directions: right and wrong, black and white. You can’t take both, you’ve got to make a choice and each choice has mixed consequences, terrible and incredible. Whatever you will take, you are responsible to carry the burden of those consequences, some will define your whole being, who you are and what you will become, others will give you lessons to be learned. If you choose wrong or black, you can be either mad or bad and if you choose right and white, you can be either a saint or a pedestal.

When I became of age, I’ve learned that things sometime fall into black and sometime fall into white, that most wrongs are not rights and most rights are not wrongs, they are simply different and unique, strange and extraordinary, that we don’t need to make things appear white to please people, we need to do things that please us.

It’s always difficult to live in a society that almost decreed perfection, clenching a systematic pattern of life’s stages in which people are expected to follow: Be in school, get good grades, finish college, get a job, stack yourself with achievements, plaques, trophies, medals, get married, have kids, build a mansion and live happily ever after. Abracadabra…

But when people notice you are in your 40s or 50s or 60s not rotating in the expected patterns of life, they think you’re insane, lazy, stupid, a total failure and severely struck with a misfortune bolt. But who cares? Is that what life really has to be defined? Is following the patterns guarantee people of a total happiness and contentment? If more than half of the world has faithfully followed the rules and patterns then why millions of the world’s population are plagued with bitterness, discontentment, loneliness and despair?

People always have a piece to say about us, you know love to spot a certain patch in our horizon, the dress we wear, the partner we choose, the odd job we take, the sedentary life we embrace, our mistakes and failures.  If we’re too particular  with their comments and too afraid of their criticism, we will finish the day with split minds and found ourselves in the mental institution.

The thing is, there is no comfort and assurance. Whether we will follow the pattern at such an early age or later in life, whether we are 25 or 30 or 40 or 45 or 50 when we do it or never done at all, doesn’t matter. As long as we define life as we want it to be and never hurt somebody, then our journey will be as meaningful as those people with 20 kids.

2014 will be a fulfilling year for me. A year that will give me another milestone in my journey. A year that will give me a chance to decide what intersection and landmark of life I’ll be choosing. A year where my own definition of happiness and growing gracefully will be tested. Whatever direction I will choose, whether right or wrong, black or white, I know I am ready for it.

I will consider myself as a multi-colored glass window with few patches where a sunlight filters in exciting shades. Staring at these shades and identifying its worth will provide me a good perspective of life in general and find balance: riding the thrill of adventure without losing my grip, catching the trade of contentment without sacrificing faith, dancing with challenges without moaning for displeasure.

Life can just be so charming if we believe in ourselves, believe in our worth and do the things that can make us happy in the long run. Success is just around the corner as soon as we identify our passion and get on with it. We’ve got to believe that we live in a certain form of magic everyday and behold, things flicker surprisingly. 

And who would not love surprises?? ^___^

January 03, 2014

Life's Quest

In life, people have different quests,  everyone is looking and striving to get that little big thing, no one entertains defeats because people expected us to rise above the stars. Society expects us to be more competitive and feisty, courageous and brisk, active and goal-oriented where failures and mistakes are not tolerated.

Everyone is racing with time. A person who will sit comfortably in a foyer waiting for the sun to fade in the horizon considers lazy with no life’s direction and someone who loves to chase butterflies in the backyard categorizes as stupid and idiot. The 21st century gives us a different definition of life.

Technology rustles, making everything instant, walking through a quiet, windy road is no longer relaxing and listening to the whistling of the leaves is no longer melodious. Technology averted it and suggested other ways. 

If you want to hear songs, try Youtube, if you want to relax and play, try Facebook, if you want to stalk famous figures, try Twitter, if you want to compile favorite images, try Pinterest. In fact, people who cannot find you in Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Digg or any social media platform, they will assume you are dead. The modern world pushes us to new and different challenges to overcome, more feisty, more ruthless. 

Are we up to the call of times? Or standing at the crossroad of life and taking the path we love to traverse?

Life can be difficult at times that even glancing at the rainbow with all its spectacular colors is no longer fascinating. Breathing a fresh, cool morning air no longer gives peace because everyone is busy with life, trying to catch the wave of success and happiness by speed. But are we really aiming our target? Or just too eager to arrive in our planned destination.

Consider this scenario:

One day you are standing in the train station, but you’re disappointed because you miss the ride. The station is dark and empty and you hate what you saw, there must be another ride that would take you away from that ugly station. Then you will be impatient but need to stand longer, staring in the empty space, hoping to catch the next ride because you thought everything has to happen perfectly. Then you realize, the ugly station is after all what you needed, but you ignore its presence because that’s not what you originally desire. Then one day the station breaks and the next ride is no longer possible.

Oftentimes, we are fascinated with the things that are not actually there or no longer there and keep ignoring the most precious thing that’s happening in the present because we always assume something has to come perfectly.

So what is really our quest?

It’s time to stop racing with time. It’s time to look around and take a break from the technology to appreciate life in a more basic pattern. It’s also time to recognize the things and people in our present lives who truly provide us inspiration, hope, care and attention, who really value us, than wait for another one to cross our path, chances are, the world might fall into pieces before the next encounter will happen. Do not wait for the next ride to pass by, the station might what you needed after all. It’s there, just waiting to be acknowledged.

“Don’t look and wait for love, look for a person. You may find love in a person, but not have that person. So if you look for love, what you will find is love. But if you want to belong to someone, and you want someone to belong to you, you should look for a person and love just flows. That person might just be around you.” 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 01, 2014

Positive Outlook to face Another Year

I've finally grown up. Emotionally. 

I know it's not a phenomenon to brag on at the start of another year, others might find it completely nonsense and somewhat funny, but it's an assertion with myself that I finally get rid of those petty trepidations.

It's a personal confrontation. Like facing the mirror, looking at my real self, groping where those hazy feelings of burdens, fears, apprehensions and discomforts hid.

I've finally outgrown the fascination towards astrology. Back then, each new year I would scramble to search the internet how the stars and all those ancient symbols of horoscope would influence my fate, I would make frequent trips to the national bookstore to find books on tarot card readings, dreams interpretation and Chinese astrology hoping to get clear explanations why my life gone haywire. It's so stupid to think that I entertained these "little madness" when it's in direct defiance to my Catholic faith.

Positive affirmation. This is what I've come to realize at the start of the year. I don't usually make new year's resolutions, not that I am ineffective in following promises but I just feel it's a bit impractical. The classic tale about making new year's resolutions is that they don't outlast the hangover. So better not to. Life happens everyday and each task we get to accomplish is a work-in-progress.

I am more fascinated with the idea of a new beginning, a fresh start, another opportunity to hold a certain rope of hope and another chance to accomplish the things I neglected in the past year. This is the best time to make things happen with a correct attitude and focus. Oh God! How many times I uttered this line? Hahaha! But yeah, I've learned lessons in a hard way, hard enough to knock my senses out of the cocoon and pick my fortitude and passion to realize the things I've long been putting on hold.

This is the year I will see my star rises to the apex of my aspirations and no astrological predictions and charms and bracelets of fortune tellers can thwart my own visions. ^___^

For the past months I had mope over failed goals, regretted many things and embraced the succeeding weeks with so much compunction. But life do happens, sometimes in a way we never imagined or planned, in a way we thought a bit odd. But it happens and the only way to accept it completely is to stand up, figure out how to revamp the flop and trust God.

Why often times I felt things just swerve into different directions of my life?Maybe because I am always clutching this huge baggage of fears of what's-coming-ahead and too sluggish to pick up the energy of my determination, then there's the issue of the never-ending game of what-might-have-been.

This year I want to make a re-route. Hope the motivation I got somewhere and my disdain towards bully employers will stimulate my desire to make things happen. 

Got my hands full with several realistic goals. I am no longer afraid with failures. Life happens remember? And the only way to get out from it victoriously is to remove fears and establish a strong relationship with God.

...Of course, I will not take life too seriously. I'll find time to have fun, to enjoy the day, to do something silly and go into adventure and just be myself. And pray, pray and pray. 

I'll end up this post with a beautiful paragraph from Ricardo Williams's blog I read while blogwalking, here's what he said:

 "We spend so much time wondering about the unknown, delaying our decisions for the best available time or the better time.  Refraining from choice because the situation is not “perfect”.  Struggling and fighting a battle between our desires and our society; between what we want and what others think.  Between how we feel and how we “should” feel. 

Avoiding that so desirable moment because the timing is a bit off, or the planets are not aligned.  Because it is not “exactly” what you want; or should I say, is not the “perfect” situation you are longing for.  We seem to delay all for that future better time, when all will “magically” come together.

Don’t get stuck in those moments of life ineptitude that can last for days, weeks or even months. Find your passion, hobby, niche, look for the beauty in the most common things.  Embrace it and enjoy it.  Don’t  wait until the “perfect” time to talk to that person you are interested in or to say the “I’m sorry” that is long overdue.  Don’t take those times when the going gets tough, to lay down and dwell in misery, as each moment has a lesson to embrace and a purpose for your life.  Believe in yourself!
Nobody can guarantee that a future moment will come, where all timing will be perfect and everything will be smooth. At least not on this earthly life. So make the most of what you have now as you don’t know what will happen in the blink of an eye"
A blessed 2014 everyone! May peace, love and joy reign forever in our hearts to make this world a better place to live in. Cheers!!
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