Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 31, 2013

Random Questions

Got so scared yesterday when I noticed some red dots suddenly appeared around my legs and arms. Now I am pissed off, it's so annoying!! The rashes seemed getting worst, I already took some medicine. God what's this???  My muscles and joints are also throbbing badly :-(

So to relax my mind and dart my thoughts away from fears and worries, I did some blogwalking, this is not the perfect time to read books, I am not in the right mood to flip pages, I surf the net intensely then came across with random questions post. Since I am desperately looking for something to amuse me, I decided to entertain myself with out-of-nowhere stuff hehe...

Here, I gamely answered some of those questions...

What is your IQ?
120 since the last time I took the IQ test J

Your Religion?
I am a devoted Roman Catholic

Who is your greatest crush? What attracted you most in him?
Rep. Lino Cayetano. His sleepy eyes and being smart and intelligent. 

What part(s) of the body of a guy you are easily attracted?
Eyes. I find it very poetic. It goes to the soul :-D

Signs that show you are attracted to a guy?
Hmmm...I would love talking to him and letting him feel I cared a lot....cheesyyyyyy!!!

You feel "weak" when you see someone
Staring and smiling and the eyes seem lurking. Yaaay!

It's Love when?
The shoe fits perfectly...hehehe!There's some truth about the tale of's Love when everything is just right and comfortable...

Have you ever had your heart broken?
Yes. At least once. But don't get me wrong, we're not in a relationship, not the traditional one, we'd this special kind of friendship, you know that sort of thing. But he chose another girl and it badly broke my heart. I was able to get over with it anyway and moved on with my life. I accepted the fact that I was not his type and could never love me.

Define Love...
Love is a decision, not just feelings. We should not act right away what we feel but find the balance first by weighing the possible effect of our choice and decision. Falling in love with just the idea of being in love is always dangerous :-)

Name something you do that you don't dare doing in front of others.
I sing!! far none of my friends witness me doing such thing, but I really sing privately.hehe!

Your favorite songs to sing?
I love Fra Lippo Lippi songs: Later, Angel and Stitches and Burns. Another favorite song is Robbie William's She's The One.

Do you have any strange phobias?
Rats. Heights. Guns hehehe!I am terrified with the sounds of guns, but I love reading books about wars and military operations haha!So strange!!!

Think of a guy you find extremely attractive and hot? Why?
Prince Harry of Wales. He is a natural charmer and aside from being a royal he is a captain in the British army, an Apache helicopter pilot, he cared a lot about the less fortunate, he is a patron of several charities and very athletic, me gosh, sooooo hot!!!

What was the school you last attended?
Ateneo de Davao University where I obtained my masters degree in business administration.

What do you fear most about death?
Being stab or shoot or hit by a car. I am scared also of being drown and raped waaaah!

Do you like music?
Yes. A lot!!!Listening to music is soooo relieving!

Mention at least 5 songs you'd love to hear
Beautiful in my Eyes, On this Day, When I look into your Eyes, Easy, The Colour of Love

If there’s a song that would best describe your love life what would it be? Why?
The Colour of Love by Billy Ocean. Because I’ve never experienced the true feeling of being loved in a relationship. My favorite line in the song “….so tell me what is the colour of love, how do you see, is it warm, is it tender?...”

You like someone who is?
Sporty and very masculine hehe

You don’t like someone who?
Has tattoos and earrings and who smoke.

Burger or Pizza?
None of the above. I prefer pasta

Coffee or Softdrinks or Tea?
Tea!!!I am a tea drinker.

Ever been in love?
Yes. But not in a relationship. You can love someone without being in a relationship anyway, hehe!

Do you miss someone now? Who?
Yes. My parents back home.

Do you drive?
Hell no! My nerve easily gets on the way. I am easily scared with messy traffic especially along the intersection. 

Your favorite smell.
Fresh cut flowers. Green grass in the countryside.

Screen name or pseudo name you always go with?
Snowprincess or Snowy.

What's your huge complain today?
Severe muscle and joint pains. I have skin rashes too, tiny red spots appeared all over my body since yesterday :-(

Are you taking vitamins/food supplements daily?
Yes. Vitamin E. Vitamin C supplements.

Name your food routine
Milk. Green Tea. Whole Wheat Bread. Yogurt. Rice. Fish. Fruits. Vegetables. Cornflakes

Any Food Cravings?
Brazo de Mercedes, Fettucine Carbonara, all types of Cheesecake and California Maki!

Profession/career you always wanted?
Writer. Researcher. Analyst J

Your obsession at the moment?
To learn French hehe!

How do you alleviate stress?
I blog. Writing helps me relax. 

Your idea of a perfect date with someone?
Walk on a beach, or take a road trip to a countryside, and have a long conversation.

Have you traveled outside your home country?If yes, where?
Yes. Hongkong and Macau last June 2013.

Favorite countries to visit?
Scotland, England, Switzerland, Italy. Sooo romantic!

Dreamed holiday destinations?
French Polynesia and Mustique. Gorgeous beaches, crystal water and sugary sand.

Countryside or City?
Countryside. I love being close to nature! It's more peaceful, more quiet.

Do you drink alcoholic beverages?
No! But I do appreciate wine below 5% abv (alcohol by volume)

Ever had a crush on a teacher?
Yes. Back in my college days hahaha!

Do you like kids?
Yes. Very much. Everything is just so peaceful and fulfilling when I am surrounded with kids, I feel complete!

Ever been married?
No. But I would love to hehe!

How about kids?
I've none. But I am hoping I can still have one hehe!

What’s your favorite color?
Pink!! It reflects innocence, peace, serenity and beauty. So relaxing to the eyes.

Most precious gifts you received?
Steve Jobs’ biography and two bags (burberry and egg)

Who gave it?
Biography: My former boss. 
Bags: my male friend in the university.

Do you like to use post-it notes?
Yes in fact I collected post-it notes in different colors and sizes. I find it cute hehe!

On which side is the bed in your room?
No bed in the house I lived now. I slept on the floor hehe!

What do you wear in bed?
Shorts when the atmosphere is warm, pajamas when it is cold.

Are you stubborn?
Yes. Sometimes haha!I did things on my own. I am very independent. I hate parties. I always stand on what is believe is right. I always take side and defend my principles.

Lipstick or Lipgloss?
Lip gloss. I find the lipstick too heavy in my lips

You felt extremely pretty when you wear?
BB cream. I like its smooth, soft finish on my skin.

Name a movie/TV series you want to watch over and over again? Why?
The Cutting Edge, Roswell and Legend of the Seeker. Simply cute and romantic!!

Your favorite soap opera/Teleserye?
I don’t watch soaps, I prefer reality shows like sports, news and trivia.

Love at first sight: Possible?
Sure, just like winning the lottery Lol!

Favorite time of the day?
Mid-afternoon. Around 4:00 J

Perfect moment of the day?
Taking an afternoon tea break with scones!

Describe mathematics in a single word

Dinosaurs are...?

What's your meaning in life? Born?Live?Die?
Live. It’s nice to see the beauty of the environment and meet amazing people J

Do you participate in Hanukkah?
What the hell is that?

Define Rap in two words.
Hate It!

If you could sit down to dinner with 11 interesting people, dead or alive, who would they be? Why?

1. Blessed John Paul II - He was a great inspiration. 
2. Pope Francis - I love his deep humility and simplicity, he is an amazing man.
3. Steve Jobs - I want to learn more about his marketing styles and his visionary skills.
4. Prince Harry of Wales - He is gorgeous and hot!
5. Diana, Princess of Wales - I always admired her beauty, charm and compassion.
6. Ninoy Aquino - I admired his courage and devotion to democracy and freedom.
7. Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh - His gaffe humor always fascinates me.
8. Warren Buffet - I want to learn something about intelligent investing.
9. Stephen Hawking - Want to ask him how he carry on despite disabilities.
10. Mark Zuckerberg - His smile is intriguing hehe!
11. Li Ka Shing - Want to meet a person who made a big difference despite poverty.

Friday, August 30, 2013

August 30, 2013

Skin Allergy!!

Not sure if this is skin allergy or measles or what but I felt very uncomfortable with the itchiness all over my skin!It gave me so much anxiety!!Huhu...

 Red spots in some parts of my legs and arms!

The rashes started appearing last night but I did not mind it because I thought it was just mosquito bites but just this afternoon, so many red spots showed in every part of my body. I got so scared because of my constant fear of catching bacteria that trigger a life threatening disease!!

I told my sister to accompany me to the clinic for check up but her usual behavior of hostility and her cynical answer disappointed me so I pulled a mat instead and dosed to sleep.

I took medicine--anti-skin allergy--a while ago, hope the rashes will subside, I don't want to see my skin ravaged by red spots tomorrow Lord please help me!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 25, 2013

Party Weekend!hehe...

Attended two birthday celebrations in two straight nights!Yaaay...So amusing because this rarely happens hehe...

Last Saturday, August 24, the post birthday celebration of Jelaine Abendan, the charming eight-year-old daughter of Jerome, was held at their house somewhere in Makati. Her actual birthday was last August 21 but due to bad weather, Jerome decided to postpone it on weekend. We went there at half past 5:00 in the afternoon, there was a slight downpour, the environment went gloomy again.

Jelaine Abendan celebrated her 8th birthday last August 21 but the actual party 
was held  three days later due to bad weather

Actually it was my first time to be with some kababayans I did not see in recent years so I was a little bit apprehensive, you know the feeling when you're in a gathering and you came in very late and met some guests not quite familiar, you felt like a dead meat hehehe! But after settling myself and find comfort in one corner, I became at ease.

Everyone was busy, either drinking or singing, so I left with no one to mingle, wrapped up in my own thoughts, I darted my gaze at the four corners of the house and at the TV screen.  When Jelaine went downstairs, I grabbed the opportunity and dashed towards her, she's so smart and charming! Read more here 

I have a slight reservation when attending a party because I don't drink liquor, beer or softdrinks and I don't eat Pork and junk foods, so I became so out-of-place that the only thing I gained is boredom, people might think I am killjoy, an alien who had just fallen from Jupiter, but I could not simply pretend that I am amused. I don't enjoy much with videoke when I am in a party because I don't sing in public hehe! I just loved long conversation, so I always look around for someone to talk. 

Then yesterday, we went out again for another birthday celebration, not sure where's the exact location of that place hehe! It was the natal day of Gloria Soco. We've been acquaintance since high school, we used to be members of DBC, the guests were the same as the other night at Jelaine's birthday so I felt okay . We arrived there at around 7:00 in the evening, thanks to Aldrin Banas for his generosity of allowing us to ride in his van.

Another boredom attack haha!Gosh, what do I do to make myself so comfortable with this kind of event?Felt like I've a different wavelength. I am not really like this back in Davao. I also frequently went out with friends attending parties and I enjoyed much...hmmm...maybe it has something to do with the set-up and the atmosphere.

So last night, I made tons of effort to entertain myself, so I joined Gloria's daughters in their own little childish world, talking to them, laughing, giggling, playing at the foyer of the house, it made my night less stressful anyway.

We went home past 12:00 midnight...

Friday, August 23, 2013

August 23, 2013

Another Weekend...

Another weekend comes...

Thank God the rain finally subsided and the typhoon at last left the Philippine area of responsibility, sooooo relieving!!!

I don't know but I only felt this thing now---I missed Davao City :-( my peaceful and quiet life, the environment, the lifestyle, my weekend routine...everything...
My weekend early morning routine back in Davao: Jogging at People's Park 
and joining Taebo and Latin Dance exercise

 Taebo session at People's Park

During weekend, I would go to People's Park early in the morning, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends, to jog and join aerobics, I loved it because I had the luxury of time to think about my life, the soft breeze of the morning air brought relief to my tired mind and body. I would run as fast as I could then joined folks at the Taebo and Latin Dance session. It was a very simple and yet fulfilling weekend routine.
Jogging at the Park with my colleagues in the university, Sheila and Cindy

But I have a very different life now. Asked me if I regretted my decision to come to Metro Manila? My answer of course is a big NO!!

I know God put me here for something. I am confident He has a bigger and better plan for me, all I have to do is wait for the right moment to come. I know I am getting there. 

Several months ago, when I pondered hard where to go after my masteral graduation, my emotion was in chaos. I was torn between holding back and moving on until one afternoon circumstances forced me to decide.

Now, I cannot help but think...why it happened? 

Well, maybe a very significant message from God is just hidden between those circumstances. 

There's one at least beautiful lesson I got from Rissa Singson-Kawpeng, Editor-in-Chief of Kerygma magazine. She wrote in her "Just Breathe" column, about the value of waiting which she compared to the attitude of the Japanese potters:

"In Japan, potters carefully mold the clay and waited long to release the bubbles before they would put it on the molding jar..."

Rissa concluded the story with...

"God has a purpose for our waiting. He's actually preparing us so that when it's time for us to move on, we won't crack under pressure". Everything that happens in this world happens at the time God chooses. (Ecclesiastes 3:1-11)

"Where we are is where God wants us to be. No "ifs", no "buts". If we believe that there's no ifs in God's world, then we can rest assured that where we are right now and how we got here is where God exactly wants us to be". For I know well the plans I have in mind for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare, not for woe! Plans to give you a future full of hope. (Jeremiah 29:11)

"When God doesn't reveal His plans clearly, maybe He is teaching us something better, something better than clarity".

Here's one beautiful text message I received from a close friend:

"When God know you are ready for the responsibility of commitment, He will reveal the right person for you under the right circumstances, so wait patiently, don't waste your time searching and wishing for someone to come into your life, grow and be ready, and you will see, God will give you a love story far better than what you've been dreaming"

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 21, 2013

Flood in Metro Manila!

Several areas in Luzon are devastated by floods again due to the effects of typhoon, Maring. Most areas in Metro Manila are almost not passable. 

Got so scared with the heavy rainfall! I never witnessed this situation in Davao City. The rain pounded the metropolis non-stop since Saturday afternoon.

The downpour is so fierce especially during night time, felt like snowballs were smashed at the roof of the house, I'm so terrified with the notion of flood so I became very vigilant with the water level of the river near the house we lived, thank God it did not overflow, so we are safe here.

My sympathy, prayer and compassion go to the people who are greatly affected with this latest natural calamity, it's so depressing to hear them struggled in their homes, trying to cope up with the devastation inflicted by flood, the damages were so great it created trauma and distressing experience to most of them, others lost their homes and loved ones. Praying for more strength and early recovery, hope they can bounce back immediately from these sad circumstances.

Right now the rain had subsided, hoping tomorrow a beautiful sunshine will greet our day. I haven't seen it since Friday and I missed the warm spark of daylight :-)

Just this afternoon, I and my sister went out to do a quick grocery in a nearby supermarket, bought one bag of whole wheat bread and milk but forgot to grab a box of Green Tea!Ekkkkkk...Gosh my comforting beverage!!

Today is the 30th death anniversary of one of my favourite political figures, the late Senator Benigno S. Aquino, Jr. may he will be remembered by the present and future generations, his crusade and tireless devotion to democracy and how his death influenced the restoration of freedom and democracy in the Philippines.

Please help pray for the safety and comfort of people who have been experiencing turmoil, trauma, sadness, chaos and distress due to flood, typhoon, war, misunderstanding, conflict and tribulations. Pray for the Philippines, Pray for Egypt and other nations, which, one way or another, suffered a lot.

Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

Weekend Diary: Gloomy Weather

This weekend is pretty bad. Too many concerns crowded in my horizon. Emotional baggage sort of thing, feeling of rejection, feeling of unworthiness. Felt like there was this evil force that tried to nail me down in despair. But I am already mature. Grown up. Emotionally secure to mind those petty stuff that had nothing to do with my life in the long run, so I let it passed.

August 15, 2013, Thursday

Last Thursday my sister went out and left me at the house of our friend in San Andres, Manila, for reasons I could not understand, she did not tell us where she will go. Good thing Nening Abendan went to visit us and we had a talk the whole afternoon, it was fun and I forgot the passing of time (we're supposed to go to Intramuros but due to my sister's other activity we agreed to postpone our leisure plan).

My sister texted me that night that she will no longer come to San Andres and will just go directly to Caloocan where we permanently lived. I was so disappointed because it means I will be travelling alone! But then again I have to stretch my patience and accept the fact that I need to start embracing the intricate life in the city.

Sometimes I want to give up but I know I would be defeated with the cruelty of life if I would yield to frustrations so I kept reminding myself I need to be strong and someday all these misfortunes will be replaced with success.

Luneta Park (Manila, Philippines) at night time. According to one photographer
we met in the park, the national hero's monument has no guards beyond 6:00 pm 
but visitors are not allowed to go nearer the vicinity of the monument

August 16, 2013, Friday

At 3:00 in the afternoon, one of my friends, Bels Faustino, texted me inquiring about the rumoured affair of her late husband, Roumel Faustino, with one colleague in the university, I was so nervous that I texted two male friends in the university asking their opinions about it. I called up Bels right away and told her what I knew about the supposed affair. Later, Neil Capricho called me up and we had a talk about the same thing.

Half past six o'clock, I went out with Anelyn and her mother and visited Intramuros but unfortunately it was already closed, according to the guard, the site is only open up to 6:00 in the evening, so we moved to SM Manila and spent dinner at Classic Savory, we did some grocery too. 

At 9:00, we proceeded to Luneta Park. Yeah it was so breezy! I felt my feet trembled under the cold wind. We could not take nice shots because my cellphone camera has no flash so we ended up just looking around.

Luneta Park is so relaxing at night time, the surrounding is so beautiful, peaceful, quiet. The cold wind coming from Manila Bay helps soothe disgruntled mind. I released a deep sigh of relief. I loved the feeling of being in a cool environment because I momentarily forget the emotional chaos I felt and I don't need to think about why some people suddenly acted as if I am just a piece of a rag, not worthy of their time. And I am tired insisting myself to fit in and be accepted.

We went home at 11:00 in the evening. 

August 17, 2013, Saturday

I woke up early and prepared my things, I'd to go home to Caloocan, it was my first time to travel in the metropolis alone but I was so confident I could endure the terror and agony of locating and finding the direction of going to another place. I have a clear sense of direction, I can easily memorize maps and where to go so I assured myself everything will be alright.

After disembarking from the jeep, I walked to Vito Cruz street and waited for another public utility vehicle. I hopped in to an FX going to SM Fairview, I was the only passenger, later, I noticed the driver took off the signboard and kept it, I was so nervous with his action that I told him to drop me by. I waited for another one and made sure there were other passengers inside the vehicle. Thank God it was a smooth travel and I reached SM Fairview safely. Gosh! I was so scared with that experience, good I have an alert mind hehe!

There was a heavy downpour when I reached Camarin, Caloocan. The gloomy weather continued until today. Haaay!

August 18, 2013, Sunday

Gloomy weather, strong winds, heavy rain! So we stayed in the house and did not go out and failed to attend the Sunday Mass too :-(

During this chilly weather I just love to sing hehe!

Few of my friends know this, yeah but I really love to sing in the videoke haha! And my videoke escapade will never complete without singing HAVE YOU EVER SEE THE RAIN, ANGEL and WHEN I'M GONE, good oldie songs hehe! I just love singing these songs when I want to cheer up my mood. It helps me relax.

At 10:00 in the evening, I watched Miss World Philippines beauty contest in Channel 7 (GMA) and rooted for actress, Megan Young, because it was only her I find elegant, poise and pretty among the 25 candidates. True enough, she won almost all the awards and bagged the crown. I went to bed at 2:00 in the morning of August 19 ^_____^

Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 11, 2013

Iran claimed victory at the 27th FIBA Asia Championship

Gilas Pilipinas failed to win the most coveted crown of the 27th FIBA Asia Championship last night, August 11. 2013, they settled for Silver but without the gold accolade, the Philippine team is still a winner, garnering the top 2 spot in the international sport competition especially with the presence of tough players is not an easy task.

Congratulations national team players for making every Filipino very proud with your strong determination, energy, skill and effort! You are winners in every way and to all of us who rooted for you.

Despite the defeat, Gilas Pilipinas team and all the Filipinos have many reasons to celebrate, aside from garnering the top 2 spot (silver medal is still a win and it's not easy to reach the final 3), the national team is now qualified to play in the FIBA World Cup to be held in Madrid, Spain next year, 2014. A very rare opportunity for Filipino basketball players. The last time that the Philippine basketball team participated in this tournament was in 1978 more than 30 years ago. The Philippine team won the championship in 1985 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and was qualified to join the FIBA world cup in 1986 but due to political tensions (EDSA revolution) in the country at that time, the national team did not participate.

Gilas Pilipinas team with their silver medals

While watching the game on TV last night especially during the third quarter, I had an honest feeling that the national team would end up losing to  Iran, even at the very start, Gilas players were in no match to the robust Iranians.

With towering players from Iran, Gilas team scrambled to get a lead as they cannot penetrate better on the ring, they missed open jumpers and some free throws, the outside shooting was unsuccessful and they had the worst field goals since the game started last week.

Without Marcus Douthit, who was injured during their match with South Korea, Gilas players were in no match in built and height with Iranians, The tallest player of Gilas last night was only Japeth Aguilar who stands 6'9. But he was still dwarfed by Iran's center Hamed Haddadi who stands 7'2 and already played in the NBA. 

Halfway through the second quarter, Gilas surprisingly posted a 9-point lead against Iran but this was quickly eliminated when Iran key players fired successive three-point shots and made offensive rebounds. The Gilas was not able to get back to the lead and the final score at the conclusion of the game showed Iran leading by 14 points 85-71. Iran was the strongest team in this FIBA Asia tournament with zero loss and nine wins record.

Gilas player, Jayson Castro, who led the scoring of the national team that night with 18 points, though visibly disappointed, acknowledged the benefit of playing with Iran saying they were lucky to reach the final and faced Iran which was a good study point for next year's battle at FIBA world championship in Spain.

The recently concluded FIBA Asia showed how Filipinos unite in times of competition, how the spirit of love and support uplift the energy and determination of national players. From ordinary Pinoys to the top politicians in the country to celebrities to PBA star players past and present, everyone really united and rallied behind the national team. VIP's spectators include President Aquino and Vice President Binay, Senators Tito Sotto, Allan Peter Cayetano and JV Ejercito, boxing champ Manny Pacquiao, basketball legends Robert Jaworski, Freddie Webb among others.

It was indeed a wonderful night to every Filipino and for the national team. Congratulations to Iranian players who laboured hard to win the game and to all Asian teams that participated in this tournament.

Below is the list of the final standing of the teams that participated in this season of FIBA Asia (I got this list from Japeth Aguilar's facebook timeline, thank you Japeth!hehehe)

Gold - IRAN*
4th - Chinese Taipei
5th - China
6th - Qatar
7th - Jordan
8th - Kazakhstan
9th - Japan
10th - Hong Kong
11th - India
12th - Bahrain
13th - Saudi Arabia
14th - Thailand
15th - Malaysia

* = qualified for the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain

Most Valuable Player (MVP) - Hamed Haddadi (Iran)

All-Star Team (Mythical Five) - Jayson Castro (PHL), Kim Mingoo (KOR), Lin Chih-Chieh (TPE), Sahakian (Iran), Hamed Hadadi (Iran)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

August 10, 2013

Gilas Pilipinas defeated South Korea in FIBA Asia semi-finals

The curse had been lifted!!! So they say ^______^

After so many years of being unsuccessful in the FIBA Asia Championship round, the Philippine National Team finally made it! Wohohoho congratulations!!

Gilas Pilipinas, the official name of the national team, defeated South Korea posting a 7-point lead on the final buzzer, 86-79. The national team’s victory brought back the Philippines into the basketball limelight in Asia and came after two decades of drought in the world basketball inclusion.

The victory was not an easy one because the Korean basketball players performed well and they were great and tough but the spirit of unity, love and support among Filipinos, especially those who came in the MOA Arena, together with prayers and the team’s energy, coordination and determination, made everything possible.

It was a tough road to victory and at the same time very significant and heartwarming because according to Miko Halili and coach Richard Del Rosario, commentators of TV 5, the Korean team had been upsetting the Philippine team’s chance to be included in the final 3 set in the FIBA Asia for so many years. In 1986, 2002 and 2011, the national team almost entered the final round had not Koreans defeated them. So last night’s victory felt like a payback time.

Gilas Pilipinas national team with coach Chot Reyes (wearing white longsleeve)
My favourite player Japeth Aguilar is wearing jersey #14 hehe!

The Philippines already won 5 times(1960, 1963, 1967, 1973 and 1985) in FIBA Asia Championship, but since the 1970s, the national team's campaign to qualify for FIBA world cup remained elusive.

The FIBA Asia is the Asian qualifying tournament for FIBA World Cup which in turn a qualifying match for the Olympic Basketball Tournament.

Haaay! My heartbeat pounded very fast while watching the game on TV last night because it was really thrilling, there were times that I would not watch the action or look at the score because of the tension, the players could not get in the way due to Koreans’ strong defense, both teams were really good.

There was this very high level of energy, confidence and determination to win the game. I could see how each Gilas player struggled to nab the victory. The contribution of each player was fantastic and spectacular, I almost hold my breath every time the ball rolled on their hands hehe! From Marc Pingris to Japeth Aguilar to Jimmy Alapag, wheew! They really invested every skill and style they had just to make the country very proud. Members of the crowd were ecstatic, giving their all-out support to the team.

I always wanted to watch the game live at Mall of Asia Arena but I had a second thought because it seemed too impractical. Pasay City is very far from Caloocan City where I lived and the ticket price is so expensive hehe! And even if I insisted to come to MOA, I would end up buying only the cheapest rate (general admission) P250.00 which is very far from the court and I might not get a good view of the game so it’s better to remain at home and watch the action on television.

My super favourite player in Gilas Pilipinas is Japeth Aguilar (#14 Jersey), my God he is so gorgeous, amazing and sooooo sexy!hahaha!!I loooooove this guy gosh!! He is only 26 years old, stands 6’9 and a native of Pampanga, he played with Ateneo Blue Eagles in the UAAP during his college days but moved to the US to play for Western Kentucky University at NCAA. He came home in 2009 and played for Burger King then transferred to Talk n’ Text. As of 2013, Japeth, son of former Ginebra player, Peter Aguilar, followed his father’s stint and now included in the line-up of Barangay Ginebra, hmmm, my original favourite PBA team since 1991 so I have now enough reason to continue rooting for Ginebra, yeeeey!!

Now, the Philippine team is gunning for Gold facing one of Asia’s powerhouse teams, Iran, later at MOA Arena. The first round of the game will open at 4:15pm with Chinese-Taipei vying for Bronze against Korea followed by the most-awaited round of Gilas versus Iran at 7:15pm. But whoever wins it doesn’t matter anymore because the Philippine team is already assured its place in the magic 3 set that will participate next year in FIBA world championship in Madrid, Spain. Congratulations Gilas team!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

August 08, 2013

French Lesson and Trivia Machine

bonjour tout le monde!

Yeahhh!Setting up my mood to get back to my French audio tutorials. I discontinued my French lesson when I started attending graduate studies in 2010.

I must admit studying French is a bit challenging because the language is very far from English or German where you have to pronounce the words exactly as you read, in French, words are simply different from the way it appears the moment it will be uttered, gosh! It requires patience and tons of determination to learn a thing and until now I cannot construct a single sentence hehehe!

Why I am fascinated with the French language?Hmmm...maybe because of my interest towards Switzerland. When I was still in my elementary years, I dreamed to live in Switzerland particularly in Geneva after seeing the scenic alps in the glossy calendar about nature, I always thought Switzerland resembles a dreamy fairyland, relaxing, peaceful and carefree. When I attended college I began researching about this spectacular country and learned that it has three official languages: French, Italian and German and Geneva is a French-speaking Swiss City. So goes my obsession about French!Yaaay!

Meanwhile, I kept myself busy with another favourite hobby, answering quizzes in the Trivia Machine, a game I found in my sister's laptop. I adored trivia and quizzes, I even wrote a book about it which I already published online, The Smart Quiz. (click the link)

I love this kind of relaxation because of the additional knowledge I would gain, it opens new doors for wide discoveries about many things and information. Learning is a continuous process and I am hungry for learning every now and then. I read books most of the time.

My favourite categories in trivia quizzes are Geography, History and Culture, Art and Literature, Science and Technology. I like hardcore topics, something beyond my knowledge because it allows me to explore stuff I did not learn in the classroom.

I spent three years completing my trivia book and thought I already knew almost all the information in the world but to my great surprise I almost could not answer correctly some of the questions presented there!Waaaaah so shocking! So I was challenged more to continue the game!!Hahahaha!
Addicted to this game recently haha!

I'd a great time with Trivia Machine and has been my favourite past time for the past five days, I find it very entertaining and amusing, discovering hardcore topics I never encountered for the past decades in my school life hahaha!I like challenges in knowledge it invigorated my brain and made me to think hard which made the whole thing more fun and adventurous.

 Different categories to choose from three levels
The Lightning Round is a bonus that appears at any categories in three different levels
it is composed of 10 questions answerable in 60 seconds, it is awarded when 
the question in that category will be answered correctly.

At Trivia Machine there are three levels to choose: Elementary, Scholar and Genius and each level contains different categories: Geography, History, Art and Literature, Technology, Science, Sports, Music and Movies. I always prefer Geography, History and Science. Every time a category roll, a surprising bonus round will be given, it's either double points or lightning round where the machine will give the player a chance to answer the ten trivia questions within 60 seconds in exchange of a corresponding bonus points.

 I always chose the "Genius" level because the questions 
are very challenging and interesting!hehe

Soooooo entertaining and knowledgeable, I gained additional learning and wisdom while playing with Trivia Machine!

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