Saturday, July 27, 2013

July 27, 2013

Taking Risks

The morning is so calm, the soft breeze rustles above the trees, my spirit is so peaceful and relaxed. I rarely felt this calmness deep with in. But today, I am so contented with life. Moving here in Manila provided me with enough space to breathe and to figure out what's best for my life. I've no regrets, giving up a life of comfort in Davao. I know I am destined for something.

Life in the metropolis is so stressful and fast-paced but I don't mind thrusting myself into chaos, someday, if things won't go well as I always wanted I know I won't look back feeling remorseful why I did not try when I have a chance.

This is the chance I've been waiting for all I have to do is keep my focus, condition my mindset and take risks.

Friday, July 26, 2013

July 26, 2013

Here I go again!!

Haaay!!Here I go again....feeling something I won't suppose to feel, Heyyyy what's that!!!You never learn your lesson girl, but kidding aside, why is it that sometimes we become sooooooo emotionally pathetic and naive and silly and God-knows-what-else? And to some degree we tend to forget the complications that might follow.

One of my weaknesses in life is that, I am toooo easily smitten, gosh! I bet nobody knows that, but yeahhh I am really like that, very transparent, very delicate, but one good thing is that I know where to draw a line, I know when to put a red flag sign to stay away from "troubles". I am already emotionally secure and mature so I know how to handle things fairly. 

It's too ridiculous to entertain such idea, my God!I don't want to land in a hot water of gossip, I just want to dismiss it as nothing but another story of fascination, I know it will just die a natural death.

So I am keeping myself busy now, forget about the little thudding deep inside, discard it as a hopeless longing for something I could never get. It's too outrageous to entertain such thoughts. What's happening with me? Why suddenly I become so frivolous??

I am already traumatized with assuming things wrongly, gone through with it and I don't want to pass on that difficult road again. One painful journey is enough.

I am ready to take risks, of course, but I'll make it sure, it is for good and no one's gonna hurt, no one's left wondering what comes to my senses for deciding such thing and as long as I won't be stepping into someone's shoes.

Enjoying dinner with Anelyn and my sister at Mr. Choi Kitchen resto
 at Robinsons Faura, finally got my earnest wish to chill out with a glass of Carrot Shake!!
I looooove Carrot Shake, so yummy!!!

Last night I went out with Anelyn and my sister, originally, I wanted to pay at GCash for my application of NBI Clearance online but I was not able to bring a valid ID so we ended up just going around the area then doing some grocery errands. We spent dinner at Mr. Choi Kitchen Restaurant, enjoying the food while poking each other as usual hehe!Yeah it was great, the food was good and I loved the Carrot Shake we ordered. I always love Vegetable shake it's very refreshing and soothing.

When we got back home my mind flung elsewhere again haaaay!Please give me a break, what's with those longing for someone?Wahhhhh! Then I heard something from the neighbor's component...

BEAUTIFUL IN MY EYES is really my favourite song ever since I was in college. Now, each time I hear that song, it made me go back to the days of longing and dreaming and wishing someone would sing it for me before I go to sleep, ekkkkkkk! I am easily attracted to guys with amazing voice who could really sing and a little bit sporty with lurking eyes haha! Oh c'mon girl dream on!!!

Anyway, it's raining outside and the cold weather seemed pushing me to hide beneath the blanket, maybe I am deprived with enough sleep that's why my thoughts became so wild and nasty hahaha!Gotta sleep now...

Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013

So Giddy and Happy!!

My online journal is at last flooded with happy entries, cheerful thoughts and beautiful sharing, a different level of excitement sprung from my system lately maybe because I am finally free from torment and feeling of rejection. My self-confidence is fully developed.

Back in Davao, I wrote nothing but loneliness, pain, hidden remorse, rejection, humiliation and discontentment. Now, it seems I finally found what I am looking for. Yeah!!I've never been so happy in my life, what a fresh start!

You know the feeling when you get so excited and can't help but be thrilled with everything in your environment? Prospect of a new career, meeting new people, creating new associates, building new friendships, anticipation of a great life ahead. Like you're genuinely enthusiastic and so happy because of that "something"?Yaaaay

And that something made me to bounce in thrill every now and then haha! What a fantastic existence. So inspired!!

But the road to happiness and contentment is not easy, you have to invest extra effort to achieve it, remove every clutter and accept the fact that everything in life comes with a specific purpose.

In my journey, I encountered many depressing situations and learned the hard way before I truly figured out how to live beautifully and how to deal with life fairly. Here are some learning lessons worthy to share:

  • Pray hard, ask guidance and enlightenment from God.
  • Set priorities and specific goal and work hard to achieve it.
  • Learn to bend.
  • Learn to forgive. Kept the good memories and forget the unnecessary.
  • Accept the fact that not all we wanted in life can be given.
  • Don't fall in love with love, you will die with its complexities.
  • Love is a choice it's not merely feelings and emotions.
  • God prepares something and someone better for us.
  • Stop moping. Everything happens for a reason.
So that's it. Whatever challenge and risk I may encounter in the coming days, I am ready for it and I am fully equip with necessary tools to wind off obstacles. Life is absolutely wonderful!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 17, 2013

One of the best Halo-Halo I tried!

Yummy dessert folks!!!

Very thankful to Jerome and Anelyn for treating us to Razon's, a fine food chain along McKinley Hill in Taguig, I was able to try this delectable, oh-so-delicious halo-halo. An ultra different variety of halo-halo: finely crashed ice that looked like almost white sugar granules, very smooth!

I must admit, I am not an avid fan of this refreshment because I hate the annoying coarse ice pieces stuffed along with the ingredients, not to mention the different kinds of beans I find very messy in my tongue, but the one at Razon's McKinley was totally different, quite an impression!

I love the taste not too sweet nor creamy, just right with no exaggerated ingredients. This halo-halo has no blob of ice cream only leche flan but you've got to love it because of its distinct taste and appearance. For more info, read my review here 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 14, 2013

Razon's scrumptious halo-halo and sizzling bulalo

I am not choosy when it comes to food. It’s one of my stress relievers in life, Food provides me comfort and thrill. Back in Davao, My good friend, Kathy Dacanay, and I used to go cafe hopping. We've visited quite a number of cafe houses in Davao City,  Chicco de Caffe, Cafe France, Cafe Demitasse, Annie Pie, Kangaroo to name a few, and the night before I left for Manila, Kathy and I once again spent few hours at Chicco.

My favorites include Carbonara,  Blueberry Cheesecake and Brazo de mercedes, Japanese food is another special craving, Maki for instance :-) The best California Maki I tried was at Sangkai Restaurant, an authentic Japanese resto in front of Central Bank in Davao.

But when I left Davao and relocated in Metro Manila, this weekly food adventure halted, I've not yet visited a cafe house here so my craving for pasta and all sorts of yummy desserts was put on hold, not sure also where to go, I am not yet familiar with the place.

Until one day, Jerome Abendan brought us to Razon's, a fine food chain along McKinley Hill in Taguig offering delectable dishes including yummy desserts. He told us about the scrumptious halo-halo that is so utterly different from other varieties, so I was thrilled to try this refreshment. According to him, there are lots of branches of Razon's in the metropolis but the one that offers the best halo-halo is the outlet along McKinley Hill.

Ultra delectable Halo-halo at Razon's!
Razon's along McKinley Hill, Taguig City

True enough, when we had lunch there and had halo-halo as our dessert I felt the hype of the taste perfectly authentic! So yummy and smooth, very gratifying, I did not feel any roughness effect on my tongue, you know the usual stuff in halo-halo with annoying coarse ice granules. At Razon's that was so different, the sweetener was just right too and there were no excessive beans mixed in the ingredients.

Razons is a quiet place to hang out with friends, very relaxing with a cool atmosphere, perfect to enjoy the food and the refreshment! Jerome introduced us to another unique cuisine: Sizzling Bulalo. My God totally appetizing!!Something that should never missed out!I was used to the idea of bulalo in stew but at Razon's it was completely different, an extraordinary lip-smacking recipe.

 Luscious lunch treats from Anelyn and Jerome, thank you guys!
Sizzling bulalo, sisig and boneless bangus, soooooo delightful!
Halo-halo at Razon's along McKinley Hill utterly refreshing with a finely crashed ice that almost feel like powdery granules in your tongue, no extra effort of pounding to make, a little stir is enough. This halo-halo however has no blob of ice cream topping only Leche flan. Don't miss this out when you come to Taguig. Other food offerings are equally delightful, love to go back there some other time! 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

July 13, 2013

What life may bring

Just got home from our road trip to Calamba, Laguna, thanks to Jerome and Anelyn, such a beautiful bonding moment. I had the best time with you guys!

How I love this kind of leisure! It felt so good, as if I don't want to go home, I don't want to end the journey, I just love being on the road hehe! I had a full trust with Jerome when he is on the steering wheel, so even if he would increase the speed, I don't mind, I know I am safe in his hands.

Why I love this little escapade? It's because I don't have to think much about life's complexities, about worries of what's coming ahead, I am living one day at a time, it's completely liberating! 

But I know life in reality is not to be like this all the time that's why I am making the most of my freedom, enjoying every minute of it while waiting the progress of my job application. I want to savour every moment before immersing myself into the corporate life.

This is what I love about going out with the people I know because I can talk freely, I can laugh on top of my lungs, I can express my crankiest thoughts on everything without hesitations. I can blurt whatever views I have at the moment. I am totally happy and contented!

Oh how I wish we have another road trip, uhmmm, maybe far from Manila hehehe, Batangas or La Union perhaps, but it might not be possible because the cost of the gasoline is punishing and I have nothing to share yet haha! Haaay the cost really leaves everyone's wallet bleeding, the ridiculous toll fees add to misery. Every time I see those "toll pay ahead" sign board I would growl in disgust. why the government privatized the national road when it is the country's job to provide the public with a safe and highly modernized road infrastructure?Grrrr...

Anyway let's go back to our road adventure. In this trip, we're only four (including my sister) so I enjoyed ultimately the journey and the moment, we just kept on laughing, sharing stories that only the four of us understood hehe! I love talking so much, in fact if you wanna ask me what's my ideal type of date it's gonna be "long conversation!" I love to ask questions, I am curious about many things, topics beyond my station and knowledge. I am eager to learn something new.

Actually I am not an evening person, I mean I don't like night life you know the stuff of going to the bar or staying late at night, I hate it, I prefer long conversation over food!

I love to read, I always does, because it's one way of gaining additional knowledge and wisdom. I am into writing, I maintained a journal ever since I was a teenager. I created tons of blogs because I want to share whatever comes in my mind, love it so much, it is very relaxing, a great escape during dull moment. I want to write as much as I can, it frees me from stress and anxiety. I write stories that are hard to tell. I collected books from monarchy to wars to biographies of famous people like Steve Jobs, Queen Elizabeth II, her husband, Prince Philip and the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

I love talking about hardcore subjects. One of my favourite books I repeatedly read is the BATTLE OF BRITAIN (click the highlighted link to read my full review about the book) by Matthew Parker, because it tells how the Operation Dynamo successfully carried out and how the Royal Airforce fought fearlessly to protect England from the German forces. I love the technical terms used there, it arises interest!

While in the car, we poked fun with each other, we laughed hardly, it felt like we owned the world! We talked many things but the highlight of the conversation was how to snag a guy hahaha!

The truth is, I am already annoyed with my fate. Oh God do I have to wait for eternity before I could find someone?

In 2010, I decided to go back to school to get what I wanted in life including, uhmmm, a significant other, but three years later, until I graduated from masteral, I realized my little quest was a total failure. Is there someone really meant for me or just continue watching time passes me by, goshhh! I hate this!!!

I am such a crap and begin to feel seriously silly. Every time I watch couple tucking on the street I wondered where they found each other and what made them fall in love, I wondered how it felt to be loved. I longed for that special affection and attention showered by someone, I never experienced that before. While the rest of the people change someone as fast as they changed underwears, I am yet to discover the magic of romance. So I am a little bit frustrated with my destiny.

While we're talking about falling in love, my thoughts flew elsewhere, scenes jumbled on my mind,  where in the heck of the world would I find that elusive Mr. Right? But I am already tired complaining to the world, releasing the same sentiments of disgust and disappointment of why I have to wait forever so I stop entertaining the idea of defeat and self-pity, I've had enough of it, I'll just accept whatever comes my way, what life may bring in the coming days.

A million thanks to Anelyn and Jerome, I had the best time of my life in the metropolis, thank you guys, I'm looking forward for our next bonding moment hehe!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

July 11, 2013

Thanks Roumel for the good times and friendship

Barely recovered from the death of my former boss, Engr. Reynaldo Deypalubos, another shocking news of death of one of my closest friends in the university hit my horizon again.

Oh God why all these sad news just won't end??But then of course I have no right to ask God why. Everything happens for a reason and in His perfect time and maybe this is the perfect time for Roumel to join the Lord. 

At first, I would not believe it even if the news came from Cromwell's post in FB, it's simply inconceivable. I needed a concrete confirmation directly from his family, so I attempted to call Bels, his wife, there was no answer, so I sent her a text message, later she called me back and confirmed the agonizing news. I felt my stomach twisted into knots. I cried with her and asked how it happened.

Actually while talking over the phone I did not know how to comfort Bels how to ease the pain she felt at this moment of sorrow, it's always devastating to lose a significant other. They're married for only 4 years and a half, too early to be separated physically, but then we'd no right to question God's plan.

Roumel was so young and had a promising career, at 33, he had plenty of opportunities to explore the world. I knew him as an energetic and bubbly fellow who had lived his life to the fullest.

I met Roumel while he was still in college, that was 1999 when he transferred from USEP to UIC. He graduated in 2002. When I came back to work in the engineering program of UIC in 2006, Roumel was already a faculty member. Due to his very friendly nature, sense of humour and generous heart, I became closed to him. We talked almost everyday, different topic he could think about, sharing life stories and advising me about my personal life.

Whenever I got a problem towards my PC, it's him I always approached because I knew he would not refuse, he was so helpful, very accommodating and considerate. Back then, he would often check me at the office if there's anything I needed or if my gone-with-the-ages computer is working well. Everything was so great then, I would laugh at his corniest, greenest jokes. He was so full of life and loved to tease me during my cranky moods.

At the time of his death, he was the chairperson of the ECE program of Holy Cross of Davao College. His wife, Bels, is also a college professor at the Ateneo de Davao University. They're also active in business, having co-owned So Proud Maternity and Baby Shop at NCCC Mall Davao and Let's Dish restaurant along Jacinto Street infront of Ateneo.

This is really unthinkable, can't imagine this is happening. He had two very young kids. Brea, his eldest, is only 3 and half years old while the second daughter is only 5 months old. I hope Bels can carry on without breaking while slowly accepting her husband's untimely demise for the sake of the children. This is so distressing!

December 20, 2009 during Roumel and Bel's first wedding anniversary 
and Brea's christening where I stood as one of the godmothers

Roumel loved to talk and most often than not his sharing always accompanied by funny anecdotes. He would tell me wonderful sharing about love life and how I would deal with it when it's time for me to have one, it was him who always reminded me that my biological clock is already ticking fast and that I should not allow time to pass me by, he frequently urged me to settle down to which I often responded with chuckle. Now, if ever I have a love life in the months, years to come, sad to say, he was not there anymore to listen to my sharing.

Attending a thanksgiving dinner at Gardena Fresca (September 2010) for the civil wedding
of Michael and Cathy Obenque
At the time of his death, Roumel was only 33 years old, too young to die but God has His own reasons why it happened.

I attended his wedding to Bels in December 2008 and became a godmother to their eldest child, Brea, on the following year. Since then we often communicate. I always attended Brea's birthday celebrations and while attending the party Roumel would make many side comments, you know, hilarious comments about his experience as a father. In January 2010, he invited me to have lunch at their house so I silently sneaked from UIC and went with him to Buhangin where they lived. There, I poured my heart in, sharing one painful story about my life, he bombarded me with soooo many advises, reminders, lessons to be learned and how I should handle it. I was so touched with his concern.

The last time I saw him was in January 2013 when he attended the OBE presentation of the engineering program at UIC. We had a good talk, he told me about his new car and how he worked hard for it.

Roumel was so full of life, he was a good provider, a devoted family man. It's just very distressing to know it ended soon. No exact amount of words can ever describe the sadness I felt. For someone who had been a friend for many years, hearing him passed away is always agonizing, the fact that I could not attend the wake and funeral added to my despair.

I hope Bels can endure the feeling of losing a husband at such a young age. In this time of sorrow, may she finds comfort in God's consoling embrace. 

May Roumel find eternal peace and happiness in the after life. Goodbye and thanks for the good times and beautiful memories of friendship. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 06, 2013

Out and About :-)

Before things get really serious with my new life path I want to make the best out of my free time first, enjoying the view in the metropolis, visiting beautiful places and going out with friends :-)

Since our arrival in Manila last June 29, I rarely sleep early. We frequently went out at night and never got home until early dawn, my gosh I never did this stuff in my life before so this is some kind of a change routine, but love it so much, exploring the other side of life is always fascinating anyway.
@ BGC felt like we're in another country hehe, stunning architectural design of the buildings and highly modernized place

I'm lucky to be surrounded with very good friends and generous people, very supportive, sparing their free time to allow us (me and Evan) to enjoy the metropolis. I was able to see the beautiful landmarks in the city.

Last June 30, Jerome took us to Global City then to Villamor Airbase where he worked as member of the PAF, I was able to see the vicinity of the airbase and got some photos with the PAF's facilities not sure if it was a major offense hehehe!Hmmm, I should be very careful next time not to take some shots of those delicate facilities otherwise I would be charged with whatever criminal offense they could think about ^___^

On July 1, we visited some kababayans in Katipunan and went as far as Montalban!Hmmm not sure if it was really Montalban or just part of Quezon City I forgot to ask them, the travel was so exhausting so I asked Anelyn if she could request Jerome again to fetch us hehe. He came to give us a ride later that night, oh thank God!!

On the following day, we woke up early to prepare for our Boracay trip. Exciting holiday getaway!!Yeyyyy...Read more here about our BORACAY GETAWAY

And barely 10 hours after arriving from Boracay we're on the road again for another leisure trip, this time to the cold place of Tagaytay, we visited Sister Rachel of the Charles Borromeo sisters, we almost lost!
At the Charles Borromeo congregation house in Tagaytay with Sister Rachel

I loved our midnight road trip in Tagaytay, that was totally amazing, imagine the thrill of roaming around the city at the wee hours marveling at the twinkling colourful lights and overseeing the romantic skyline, completely liberating! We saw the Sky Eye (tallest Ferris Wheel in the Philippines) from a distance, on our way to the Mushroom Burger junction.

I never heard this variety of burger before so I was kinda excited. I am not a burger person in fact I hate it, I don't like starchy food except pasta of course, but because Jerome told us the hype of the burger's taste and because I was very hungry already, I gave it a try and ordered the cheapest one haha! I don't drink softdrinks actually so every time we go out and dine I just simply chose water, I am contented with it.

After the Mushroom Burger experience we went to a place where we could get a panoramic view of the entire city, then went to Starbucks. Soooo cold!!!But totally exciting, we had a good laugh while recalling our bloopers in Boracay hehehe! Oh how I love this life, entirely different from the way I lived in Davao. We got back to Manila at 2:00 in the morning, what an adventure!!

 At Mushroom burger 
Midnight coffee break at Starbucks

Yesterday, July 6, we accompanied Evan to Baclaran to shop for goods. Then at lunch time, we went to Razons in McKinley, Taguig. I like the place because it was so high end and very elegant, nakks! We spent lunch there, Anelyn ordered so many foods including the scrumptious Halo-halo, a very unique one, you know the fine stuff crushed ice and the honey-like taste, it was terrific, very smooth! I never tasted such halo-halo variety in my life, I loved it and hope to go back there some other time.

Razon's along McKinley Hill
Lunch time!! Sizzling bulalo at Razon's
Yeyyy uniquely yummy so different from the usual bulalo
Halo-halo @ Razons, so refreshing and delicious!Yummy!!!
Love to go there some other time :-)

After lunch we're back to the apartment. We took few hours of rest then went out again to accompany Evan and Pepoy to the airport. We left NAIA at 6:30pm then went to Jerome's apartment and spent dinner.We went home at 10:00 in the evening, at last I was able to get enough sleep before my trip to Laguna on the following day with Rowie Tagaan.

Thanks everyone!!
July 06, 2013

Boracay Escape!

Yessss finally I was able to fulfill another long-standing wish --- Boracay getaway!!

God is so good!He provided me enough opportunities to make some of my dreams in life come true in just one year: finished my masteral degree in Ateneo, visited Hongkong and Macau and lately at the world-renowned tropical beach Boracay!!

July 1, Monday

I thought we could never visit Boracay because of the stormy weather, we arrived in Manila last June 29 and there was a heavy downpour. We originally planned to travel via ferry at the Batangas port but due to typhoon Gorio we did not push through. On Monday, July 1 the weather finally improved so we immediately checked the airfare of Zest Air, luckily, the airline offered promo ticket prices so we booked right away.

July 2, Tuesday

We arrived at the Kalibo International Airport at 2:00 pm, we did not take lunch because our flight was delayed, we're supposed to take off at 11:00 but we did not get on board until 12:15 noon and left Manila Domestic Terminal at 1:00 pm. 

We hired a van from the airport to Caticlan jetty port, the ride took two hours. There was a man named Sonny who helped us get through the port and to Boracay according to him the assistance he extended is part of the program of the tourism department of the local government.

We did not book a hotel online because we wanted to look around for better choices upon arrival. Evan suggested La Carmela but there was no vacant room when we inquired there so Sonny suggested Villa de Oro which is just beside La Carmela.

It was not peak season so we got a promo rate at Villa de Oro. It was a typical house style with a loft so we're very comfortable. The accommodation included breakfast and dinner.

July 3, Wednesday

We started our day with breakfast then off to the beach side to go island hopping. I felt a little bit woozy because the weather turned gloomy and once we got in to the boat the rain started pouring in, it was soooo cold!!

We hopped in at Crystal Cove at Ilig-iligan beach and took lunch there, gosh the meal was quite expensive! After lunch we went back to the seaside because Anelyn had to withdraw cash from BPI then went back to the beach to go banana boat ride, yeah I enjoyed this activity really, I loved the thrill and the excitement!!
Banana boat ride against the backdrop of Manny pacquiao's resort

Then we decided to go helmet diving, my God!! It was so scary, I was terrified to plunge deep into the sea bed hehe but I endured it because we already paid this activity.

We're back to the shoreline at 4:00 pm.

After dinner we went out and made a leisure stroll around station two and station one. Boracay is so lively at night, lots of activities at bar lounges and along the beach line.

July 4, Thursday

Last day of our stay in Boracay, after breakfast, our companions started packing things but me and Evan decided to go to the beach and enjoyed the warm water for 15 minutes. Our check out time was 11:00 am, we left our things at the Villa's counter then went out to the street and visited the shopping junction of the island. 
Early morning walk at the long coastline

At 4:30 pm we left Boracay and travelled back to Kalibo. Our flight was not until the early morning (July 5) so we stayed at a restaurant first not far from the airport, we spent the whole night there.

Our flight was not delayed this time we're transferred to the earlier flight by Zest Air so we arrived in Manila at 6:00 in the morning.

With Anelyn Arcon at Kalibo International Airport
We looked so relax and fresh  here but actually we'd no sleep all night hehe

Then back to reality hehe! Read the detail of this holiday escapade HERE IN MY TRAVEL BLOG

Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 04, 2013

New Chapter!!

The new wave of excitement of my life has just began :-D Yeah, finally got a courage to push myself a little too far and decided to take risks. I figured, if I continue keeping myself safe and stay in a comfortable environment, I would never experience the true zest of life.

So this is it!!

I left Davao last June 29, it was the feast day of St. Peter and Paul. After accompanying my mother to Ecoland terminal, I passed by at the San Pedro Cathedral and said prayers for my safe flight. Then went home and got some rest.
with Janice and Lucy

with Girlie and Lucy

At 8:30pm, I woke up and started fixing everything. My MBA classmates, Lucy, Janice and Girlie came over and offered to accompany me to the airport. I was so touched with their kindness and devotion to our friendship. Aside from their presence, they also brought send-off gifts!

It was announced that our flight will be delayed for one hour due to bad weather in Manila and my heart began to pound wildly. If there's one thing I detested with air travel it's the "turbulence" announcement on board, goshhhh it really makes me quiver in fear!

By the time we left Davao, Manila was put on signal number one alert by the PAG-ASA. I uttered a repetitive prayer while up on air. It was so scary because the aircraft was rattling and I felt dizzy. When we arrived in Manila, Cebu Pacific did not land right away because the runway was not cleared yet so the plane kept circling above Manila bay, the sight of the dreadful sea made my stomach lurched into knots. It was a little bit terrifying.

I was travelling with two kababayans, Evan and Pepoy. We're fetched at the airport by my sister, Anelyn and Jerome. Then we're off to the city dropping by at the SM Hypermarket to do some grocery.

Manila is so lively at night, it's a little bit intimidating to the people from the province, the energy, the noise, the heat, but when you're on the go with your dreams and career shift, well, this city is a perfect place to plunge in.
Sex bomb dancers
Ethel Booba and Ate Gay at the Klownz comedy bar

After dinner Jerome took us to the city for a sightseeing at night and patiently answered our inquiries about the landmarks we passed on hehe! It was a little bit weird because midnight stroll is something I find very unconventional as it's supposed to be bedtime but this is metropolis where the spirit of fun begins at night so I just gave it a go, I enjoyed the quick tour actually, it was quite different from my conservative lifestyle in Davao City.

We decided to taste the night life, oh me gosh for the first time I entered a comedy bar! My sister suggested the Klownz owned by celebrity comedian, Allan K. I felt like gosh! What's this??? I hate the noise and all those liquors and cigarettes around, I used to go home early and never smell hard liquors in my daily life. So I did not drink, if there's one thing I detested its the liquors and cigarettes, yucks!

Anyway, I enjoyed the show, it was hilarious, I kept on laughing the whole time. The celebrity guests that night were the sex bomb dancers, Ethel Booba and Ate Gay. Though I find it amusing, I never dreamed to make a repeat performance, I would never go to a bar again haha!

We got home at 3:00 am. Thanks to Anelyn Arcon and Jerome Abendan!! :-D

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