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Thursday, April 4, 2013


It's the first week of April!

Things did not go as I planned but that's God's well and I have no right to protest or complain but I am confident everything happens for a reason and whatever reason it is I know it's for my own good, no one can go against God's wishes, He knows what's best for us :-)

But I am soaring high, full of hope and inspired more to dream big things in life. I am super excited with what's coming in the next few months and praying hard I can finally get what I want in life.

Yesterday, while updating my diary entries in my laptop, I was surprised how I'd undergone several mishaps in the last few weeks, how I'd bounced back from humiliation and realized important things I need to accomplish. I finally made up my mind to explore the other side of the universe. I know I am capable of doing it.

Tomorrow is another day, life is great to be wasted on useless things.

God is so good all the time!

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