Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 30, 2013

Reducing My Blogs

So far, I have 12 active blogs around the net. I love writing, it's my way of life, my favorite hang out. But now I feel guilty because I cannot update all the sites I created due to limited time in the net. Besides, I just want to write some personal kinks, concerns, experience and just about anything that happens in my day now so I am concentrating more here than researching topics for my other sites.

I normally do some research and lots of readings everyday to update my "serious" blogsites like GLOBAL AFFAIRS, WEDDING GUIDE, ROYAL WORLD, CASTLES OF EUROPE. Since I cannot do it on a daily basis anymore because I am busy working on other things I am planning to delete some of these sites.

The main reason why I created so many blogs is that I don't want to mess up my personal blog with so many entries with different, unrelated topics so I segregated it based on niche. 

Now I want to just concentrate on four niches: TRAVEL, ROYALTY, WEDDING and this personal blog. Whatever topic that will come up in my head at the moment I just put it anywhere around these four blogs. I have two other well-loved blogs: DEW OF NATURE and PARTY ESSENTIALS, but these sites are related to business I want to put up in the future so maybe I'll let it stay.

Sometimes I become so very dissatisfied with the template I chose or the banner I created so there were moments of the day that it felt like frustration was all over my system and I wanted to just delete the entire blog and create another. Then I will search and search for other blogs to get some inspiration on template and banners but then again I don't feel the idea of imitating their chosen designs haaaay!

Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013

Graduation Day at Ateneo de Davao

Another great milestone!


December 2009

After encountering an agonizing episode of humiliation, I began looking at my life  seriously.

Why I allowed myself to be hurt and why I hopelessly clung to that rope of hope when everything was just a shadow of my illusion? So I decided to  create another plan for my journey. At that moment, I realized I don't need anyone to "uplift" my spirit, I don't need any anchor to make my life complete and happy, I must do it  alone. That's when I decided to go back to school to get what I wanted in life.

March 2010

I decided not to quit my job in the university until I obtain a masteral degree. It's too complicated to start a new job in another company while pursuing graduate studies.

June 2010

I spent hours in a day contemplating where to enrol for MBA, so I asked several people for some enlightenment. One of them advised me to think hard about myself and the future and my purpose of going back to school. If my purpose is just to get a degree, then choose UIC but if I plan to join  the corporate world and boost my career choose Ateneo. Since I am already thinking of venturing into another field/join industry, I decided to enrol at Ateneo. I took the qualifying exam on the 10th of June and got the result five days later. On the following day, I found myself officially enrolled in Ateneo graduate school!

For the next two years, I enjoyed my life there, doing assignments, integration papers, projects and meeting new friends. It was a fascinating experience. I learned so many things in life, I gained additional knowledge towards management, business, investment and leadership. I was able to develop my interpersonal relationships and my faltering self-confidence. It was a remarkable life indeed!

March 2013

I took our comprehensive examinations. It was a gruelling exam! I literally suffered!I endured several sleepless nights, pounds of worries and concerns just to get a passing grade on each subject. Luckily, I managed to pass hehe!

April 2013

I and my classmates went to Ateneo on the 8th day and filed our application for graduation, oh Jesus I was shocked with the amount we paid for our graduation alone Php3,472.00! Excluding the toga rent that costs Php550 arggggghh!!What's with those skyrocketing expenses??

On the 24th we had a practice in the morning and pictorial session with our professors in the afternoon. There was a heavy downpour so our pictorial was transferred to the lobby.

at the Gazebo area after the graduation ceremony.
While resting for a while, I asked my mother to take me a shot hehehe
With good friends, Lucy, Janice and Karen at the 7th floor lobby
with classmates. Freah, Christian, Janice, Lucy and Karen
With Lucy. Got a shocking surprise in my life when Lucy appeared and noticed 
we wore the same white dress!hahaha!

Graduation day was on the 25th. It started with a mass at 8:00 in the morning followed by the commencement exercise at 9:30. There was a different surge of emotions swarming inside my system. I felt a part of me was lifted from torment because finally I could embark into a new career and move into a new place. It was truly liberating.

With my mother
April 27

And because we had almost no nice shots (you know the good angle, nice background, proper positions) at the graduation ceremony, we decided to have a studio shot at CHIAW studio just within the City Triangle fronting Ateneo at 1:00 pm.

Studio shot with Janice, Dory and Gerlie

April 29, 2013


This is our graduation song. So nice and meaningful. It describes my personal intention of "soaring high" with my dreams and aspirations in life :-P

Now is the time, to follow the wind, to walk alone
And a star will show the way, above the clouds, beyond the sea.

And now is the time, and now and farewell, and as we part
You taught me well, you gave me strength, you showed the way, I'll not forget you.

Like an eagle I will soar above the clouds
I will spread my wings and fly into the sun
Like an eagle I will race above the stars
I will fly to places yet unseen, go beyond my wildest dreams
Know that you are watching over me .

And all alone, I will follow the stars above, as my guide
As my guide, I trust in you, to show the way to me, beyond the sea.

Repeat II and Chorus

Alone, I can fly with the eagle to the mountain high
Race with the eagle so far beyond my dreams
Like an eagle I will fly.

Repeat Chorus

Like an eagle I will race above the stars
Like an eagle I will fly
Like an eagle I will fly

I'm gonna fly to the highest mountain (fly)
Like an eagle I will fly
Like an eagle I will fly

Sunday, April 28, 2013

April 28, 2013

Sweltering Summer Sun

An incredibly hot Sunday!!

The overtly warm temperature, sweltering heat of the summer sun annoyingly penetrated my skin that even beyond 5:00 in the afternoon my body seemed in convulsion. The weather is getting worst everyday felt like I am being roasted alive in my room.

As the sun rises, my mind is in great agony again where to spend my noon and afternoon time especially if there's no work because I cannot tolerate any longer the rising temperature in my room. 

I wanted to curse those people who were responsible in cutting the two trees near our boarding house fronting my room window. Why they cut it when it was the only shed that could protect us from this awful hot condition?Haaaay climate change is really a man-made catastrophe.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

April 27, 2013

Artificial People

It's just so appalling to think how some people become so self-centered nowadays. Bitterly complaining publicly that they've been hurt, insulted, criticized, maligned and God knows what else. Are they trying to say they are the innocent party? Why they felt such things when they too are doing it to others and even worst?

I've been hurt many times, bullied, humiliated, rejected, received insult, exploited, used, belittled, damaging my self-esteem and self-confidence in the process, but I never harbour bad feelings even if the humiliation was injurious. I learned to forgive and forget because I wanted to save what is left for the friendship, I counted the good times and the niceties. I never look on the rough side because I know people by nature are good. So I got up and discard life's unfairness.

I don't usually washed dirty linen in public, I never made my disgust very public, as much as possible I want to keep things privately, with just myself. I try to lift it to God because that's the best thing to do.

But why others felt as if they are the victim in the story, as if they're the one who was hurt and insulted? Why they find it hard to accept that they are the one who first threw vicious words and personal insults. 

Maybe pride. Their pride is as large as Great Britain and could not accept the fact that there's someone who confronted them directly or maybe they are used to be admired and followed and could not accept the fact that there's someone who defied them, who challenged them.

These people are very dangerous to become leaders because they only listen to themselves, they refused to welcome one's opinions and refused to accept criticism. They don't know how to balance things. These people lack humility. Difficult to handle. Very artificial. Not real. Maybe they're hiding their true selves, who they really are. 

It quivers me to hear that they're brooding with something they defined as insulting when they're the one who inflicted it. Then buried the other person as repulsive. So what they think of themselves, heroes?Victims?Saints?

When you believe on something worth saving, you will count the good things shown to you and not marvel solely on the dark facade of life.

I've been through with it. Many times in the past. Everytime I engage into arguments, I never judge the person unfairly. I always think the good times and look on the bright side of life because not everyday is going to be like this. Tomorrow might be very different than today.

But I am tired doing it over and over again. I did not receive the same accord anyway, what I gained is always humiliation. So why continue acting like a martyr?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 23, 2013

The Hobbit - unexpectedly boring

I must admit, I was extremely disappointed last year (December 2012 to be exact) when I was not able to catch up "The Hobbit" in cinema. I've been waiting it for years to arrive in the big screen so just imagine the exasperation I felt when it was finally shown and no one to go with.

Fast forward April 2013, after doing some DVD marathon and became greatly enchanted with Legend of the Seeker series, I tried to go back to the Lord of the Rings finest days by re-watching the three installments because it has something to do with my fascination towards Legend.

Legend and Lord have so many things in common. They shared the same genre - fantasy adventure. Both were filmed in the breathtaking valleys and wilderness of New Zealand, in fact when you watched it successively, you will notice the identical location of each scene. They had almost the same concept --- quest and wizardry. But the similarities ended up there.

While Lord of the Rings executed some of the finest sound and visual effects the world cinema had ever known, there's one important ingredient missing -- the magical quest of romance. Everyone loves fantasy but it is more appealing and spellbinding if two people moving on the big screen, fighting enemies, riding the thrill of spell and magic have at least some personal issues to battle on --- affairs of the heart.

You know amidst the terrible hurdles of saving the world and mankind in the fantasy world, fulfilling the mission, defeating evils and tyrants, viewers are still looking for that pang of magic sprung from the human heart -- that is to see the heroes and heroines fall in love. It makes the movie experience more exciting and memorable. 

It is what makes us relate. We cannot be like Frodo or Gandalf or Arwen or Legolas but we can at least felt love amidst the chaos in our surroundings. This important ingredient of romance in an epic adventure is what makes Legend of the Seeker different. We cannot be like Richard the seeker or Kahlan Amnell the confessor or Darken Rahl the tyrant or Cara Mason the Mord-Sith but we can at least felt love, fall in love just like them.

So after doing marathon on both shows, I remember what I had missed last December 2012 and since I am currently in the spell of magic and could not get over with the fantasy and tricks, I've decided to finally buy a copy of "The Hobbit". Its significance to my latest obsession is massive, aside from being the prequel of Lord of the Rings, the film is also shot in New Zealand.

So one lazy evening, I started watching it.

I don't know if it's for my senses, my mood at the moment, the DVD copy I bought or my obsession towards Legend of the Seeker, but after one hour I began to take a deep long breath, releasing fits of sigh and yawn, clear signal that I am slowly entering the parameter of extreme boredom.

Thirty minutes later I began hitting the "forward" button of my laptop. At first, I thought the trouble was in the DVD copy I bought so I stopped forwarding and patiently followed each scene, I even went back to the beginning of the film. But I could not really take it, not that I didn't understand the sequences of the film or scarcely grasped the adventure-of-the-elves plot but the entire thing is really tedious and awfully exasperating. 

I just can't believe it! The Hobbit, with all its glory and fantasy, is painfully boring and dull! Now I am very thankful I did not waste my money catching it in cinema.

what the story is trying to prove? It was just a simple journey of a wizard and elves in the barren mountain to reclaim a Dwarf Kingdom with dragons and goblins as nemeses, a story that can only be told in 30 minutes but stretched to almost three hours. If I am the student of that storytelling class I would be scrambling at my feet and left the room instantly.

The point of the story is just to lay a framework for Lord of the Rings so Bilbo Baggins was put into the center of the story and thrust to the scene where he must fell into the dark cave and encounter this ghastly creature named Gollum and take the ring and plunged the world into darkness, that's it no more no less.

And as if to add a little spike of history, the plot incorporated the concept where Bilbo prepared a book that chronicled his journey with the elves and obviously in finding the ring of power. His intention is to leave the book to Frodo, his nephew, so that well, maybe, when he is gone, his quest will be remembered sort of thing.

But I don't know, maybe I am too idealistic when it comes to fantasy adventure genre and I am looking for some elements which could not be provided with The Hobbit. But personally, well, I just realized there's no need to film The Hobbit to understand Lord of the Rings.

And to my shocking glory I read that the unexpected journey is just the first installment of the three film series of The Hobbit, oh my God! Please do not make it a series! What a catastrophe. One installment is enough! 

Reviews from film critics are unflattering and it scored 66% in rotten tomatoes which means The Hobbit did not live to the hype of fantasy, it did not meet expectations of a memorable film.

Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22, 2013

The Hobbit and its uninteresting journey

I am literally drawn with Legend of the Seeker!:-P

For the past two weeks I did not watch anything, not even television shows, other than Legend of the Seeker on DVD. This series was cancelled in 2010 after two seasons and 46 episodes so it's a bit frustrating. I am surprised why it was discontinued when it generated millions of followers around the world and  lots of fans were begging for the renewal of the series! But still I am not losing hope, I am confident one day, Legend will be resurrected if not on television maybe on the big screen!!

I loved each character the fantasy, the magic, the wizardry stuff, the rolling hills of New Zealand where the series was shot, the scenic valleys and wild forest and yes the love story of Richard and Kahlan. Zed and Cara were equally wonderful and the boy listener was so incredibly great and talented, I truly adored that boy!

Haaaay!Whenever I am into something I threw my attention into it as if it is the most precious thing in the world that makes me happy. I need to relax and loosen up and since I can't go anywhere yet because I still have to wait for Helen and Rowie to arrive, I am combating boredom through DVD marathon.

Speaking of DVD marathon, I finally bought one copy of "The Hobbit". You see, I was disappointed last year when I did not catch this movie in a theater because there was no one to go with. I had high expectation of this movie because it was based on the book of J.R.R Tolkien and a prequel of Lord of the Rings, I am such a fantasy adventure fanatic.

But when I watched it last night, I was so frustrated that I found myself hitting the "forward" button of the screen. At first I thought there's something wrong with the DVD copy I bought so I went back to the beginning of the film (to be more fair with my judgment) but few minutes later I kept on yawning and taking a deep breath indicating that I was entering the red zone of boredom.

It was painfully boring thank God I did not waste my money in cinema hehe! I was so shocked with its very dull story, not that the script is bad or the screenplay is slow-pacing but the whole thing is really uninteresting and downright lifeless. Other than the usual cinematography of rolling hills and wilderness there was no excitement to behold in The Hobbit!

The main point of the story is just to lay a foundation of Lord of the Rings so Bilbo Baggins will have to join Gandalf and dwarfs into a long journey and while battling goblins he must fell into the cave to meet Gollum and take the ring and that's it. 

Looking back, I realized The Hobbit is totally unnecessary to be shown, there's no need to be told what's the story is all about it felt like we already knew it, we just duped to believe the hype that it was fantastic when it was boring. Even without it, the public understood the whole stuff about Lord of the Rings.

So if Peter Jackson is planning to do more series about this uninteresting film, oh no please!!Just give us another amusement, say, Legend of the Seeker, it is more spellbinding and interesting than drowse to sleep at the dullness of The Hobbit.

Friday, April 19, 2013

April 19, 2013

Brown Butterfly

What a beautiful day! 

I haven't uttered this phrase for such a long time, but today I feel great, yes, life has never been so wonderful and exciting! I don't know what it is, but right now I am inspired and very grateful with all the blessings I received, deep inside, I am truly happy no doubt about it.

Next week will be our graduation day and from then on, I will be soaring high realizing my dreams and desires for a fulfilling life ahead to a new place where I know I would be reaching a new milestone. 

Today, I am so amazed with this little creature, a brown butterfly. It hovers around me when I entered the office at first I am a little nervous because back in the province some folks acknowledged a butterfly as a symbol of death or sickness and all the morbid stuff they can think about. For a moment, I stood at the door glancing at the butterfly hoping it would go away. To my complete surprise it followed me inside, gosh so scary!!

Until this afternoon, this butterfly continued to hover freely inside the office so I hit the computer and searched for its meaning hehe!

Then I landed at the site that answers "What is the symbolic meaning of butterfly?

It says:

Chinese and Japanese myth -  Butterfly is a symbol of a long life and a marital bliss, ohhhhh really??? But I am not getting married soon in fact I have no boyfriend and never notice anybody "hovered" in my horizon and expressed interest with me.

German myth: Butterfly symbolizes a witch because it often hovers at butter churns or milk.

Greek, Russian and Irish myths: Butterfly symbolizes "soul" so when a butterfly enters the house it means a dead person's soul is visiting nyaaaah!

Other culture: Butterfly symbolizes change or luck. It is a reminder to make changes when the opportunity arises.

Whatever it is, butterfly, despite its symbolic meaning on mythology across cultures, is beautiful in its form and colors but has nothing to do with someone's destiny.

Still, I believe its message of luck and transformation holds true in my life and I am looking forward for a wonderful life ahead.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 16, 2013

Breaking the Spell

Maybe I am too engrossed watching Legend of the Seeker series on DVD and could not get over with the magic and charm of adventure and fantasy but right now it seemed there's a part of me that has been released from the "spell" that incarcerated my system for the past years, a spell that almost destroy my self confidence and my self-worth and now finally it is lifted.

It's just so funny to think but "spell", "magic", "tricks" we only heard from fantasy adventure stories can be so real at times. It seems we are bounded by a certain form of "spell" that made us to live as if somebody is controlling us, somebody is manipulating us and during those times that we are under this state we are unable to separate reasons from sentiments because we're so stupid to believe that what we currently see or feel is real but when that spell is lifted everything becomes very clear.

But of course life is a journey and with this, comes many obstacles along the way, each hurdle has a significant contribution to our growth and personal development making our journey meaningful, without it we may never realize our life's purpose and mission.

I've lived a beautiful life I should say and traveled a very meaningful journey, you see, I did not take a short cut instead walked on the long route thus suffered several mishaps along the way, humiliation, rejection, silent heartaches, failures, you name it, I endured it all, but these circumstances made me what today---emotionally strong and steadfast, efficient and mature.

In my journey, I made several stop overs, I did not rush into anything, I looked around and I enjoyed the scenery. This "long-route" somehow allowed me to spend plenty of time alone with myself, meeting new people, building association with others. Some provided me with great experiences in friendship, some helped me see the ugly  result of being too trustful.   

But what happened along the way should never be regretted because each circumstance is part of self-development and growing up, part of who we are, part of sorting out important things in life and assessing valuable decisions to make. So I have no regrets for whatever rift and bad experience I encountered, it made me get through with life. I learned so many lessons.
I remember this beautiful quote of wisdom uttered by Richard Cypher the seeker when he was trapped in the palace of the prophets in the second season of the series: Wizard's second rule: "The greatest harm can result from the best intentions". At times when we are too concerned with the welfare of others we are often misunderstood.

Now, I am ready to move forward and continue my journey. I am certain there are lots of challenges I would be facing, the road ahead is very tough and requires enormous amount of courage and determination but I am confident now to face the world.  

Friday, April 12, 2013

April 12, 2013

Legend of the Seeker

This TV series was cancelled in 2010 after only two seasons and 46 episodes, reports had it that the company that produced the show went bankrupt and no network was able to pick up the series when it ended.

I just got a DVD copy of Legend of the Seeker so I am quite late joining the "Save Our Seeker" campaign in the web organized by fans all over the world calling for the series renewal. As of April 2013, no words heard from the production whether Legend of the Seeker will come to life again.

But as a fantasy adventure genre fanatic, I am hoping the series will be renewed soon and relived the magic and fun once more, it is the only extreme adventure series I ever got interested with maybe because I find the story very enchanting and beautiful.

I did not read the book of Terry Goodkind (to which Legend of the Seeker was based) before watching the series  so I'm kinda enjoying it because if I did maybe I will be disappointed too just like other people who had read the book long before the series started.

When I watched the two seasons of Legend on DVD I was so captivated with its enormous production value, the magic, the spell, the fighting sequences and the fascinating love story of Richard and Kahlan, the seeker and the confessor respectively destined to join forces to undertake the delicate mission of seeking the truth, but in order for the seeker to be triumphant in his quest, he must pay a high prize of not falling inlove with his confessor.

According to an ancient belief, the seeker and the confessor could never consummate their romance because it would enslave the seeker and become dependent to the confessor making him ineffective in his quest. In the series, Richard and Kahlan fought hard to resist their feelings. But to my surprise when I read the synopsis of Sword of Truth of Goodkind in the net, I found out Richard and Kahlan got married!Ohh how it happened??

So now, I am more excited and eager than ever to see the series renewed to find out other big surprises unfolded in the book. In the season two finale, there was an interesting hint mentioned that after the seeker  successfully sealed the rift that divided the underworld and the world of the living, he will face another powerful enemy. The "hint" sounds very interesting.

For the meantime while waiting for its "resurrection", here are some interesting "look-back" of the series:

Legend of the Seeker, produced by Sam Raimi (Spiderman fame) is a fantasy adventure series in the tradition of Lord of the Rings with breathtaking fight scenes, visual effects, stunning production design and shot against the backdrop of New Zealand's natural wonders of rolling hills, picturesque mountain, scenic streams and valleys. It is loosely based on the book written by Terry Goodkind "Sword of Truth" and just like Lord of the Rings, Legend is entirely shot in New Zealand.

The story  follows a young and hunky woodsman, Richard Cypher, who was bound to fulfill the ancient prophecy to become the seeker of truth and restore peace and harmony in the new world. His quest brought him to many places and villages conquering obstacles and wars along the way. His mission was guided by the beautiful confessor, Kahlan Amnell and the Wizard of the First Order, Zed Zorander, who was also his grandfather.

Craig Horner and Bridget Regan played Richer Cypher, the seeker, and Kahlan Amnell, the mother confessor respectively in the Legend of the Seeker series. 

Main Characters:

Richard Cypher - played by Australian actor, Craig Horner. A simple woodsman and expert tracker of the trail, his life revolved around his father, George Cypher and brother, Michael Cypher, the head of the Hartland until one day a mysterious beautiful woman, Kahlan Amnell, came to their place in search of a seeker. One accident prompted him to go to Zed Zorander uncovering the truth of his existence that he is the child of prophecy destined to carry the sword of truth and defeat the evil tyrant, Darken Rahl. Richard traveled with Kahlan and Zed to the Midlands to fulfill this prophecy.

Kahlan Amnell - played by Bridget Regan. She belongs to an ancient order of gifted women known as confessors sworn to find the truth by unleashing magical powers through confession. Her mission was to find the seeker and protect him  to fulfill the quest, the journey brought her to Hartland. Unfortunately, her confession gift made her unable to fall in love with the seeker because this will enslave him.

Zed Zu'l Zorander - played by Bruce Spence. One of the much-loved characters in the series, Zed is the wizard of the first order who is bound to protect the seeker of truth. He often unleashed his magical power through a wizard's blaze of fire and transforming things into another. He is also a grandfather of Richard Cypher.

Cara Mason - played by Tabrett Bethell. She is a mord-sith, a deadly order of women trained to protect Darken Rahl, therefore sworn to kill the seeker, the wizard and the confessor but when the boxes of orden exploded she traveled to the future with Richard and the sorceress, Shota, told her to cooperate with Richard in defeating the master Rahl to return to the present day. Cara then joined Richard, Zed and Kahlan in their journey to find the stone of tears. As a mord-sith she is immune to magic, she can also give a breath of life to a dead person. She appeared on the last episode of the first season and went on to join the team of Richard in the second season.

Darken Lord Rahl - played by New Zealander actor, Craig Parker who also appeared in the Lord of the Rings as Haldir of Lorien (Fellowship of the Rings and Two Towers). He performed dark magic and tricked people to bend on his will, an evil leader of the House of Rahl who killed his father, he raised powerful soldiers to capture villages and vanished enemies. A prophecy was told that he will be defeated by his half-brother, Richard the seeker, his ultimate hope to conquer the whole world and enslave people is to get the three boxes of orden.

The first and second seasons were based from the first two series of Sword of Truth book: Wizard's First Rule and Stone of Tears. In season one, Richard's mission was to defeat Darken Rahl and in season two, he will have to find the stone of tears to close the rift that suddenly opened when the box of orden exploded. The rift threatened to conquer the world of the living by the keeper of the underworld sending lost souls called banelings to the earth to kill mankind.

Lots of surprises revealed and more exciting and gripping episodes were shown but when I read the synopsis of the Sword of Truth book of Terry Goodkind I was a little bit surprise with some of the diversions of the story.

In the book, Darken Rahl was the father of Richard but in the series he was Richard's half brother. In the book, Panis Rahl was the father of Darken Rahl who was killed by Zed's blaze of wizard's fire but in the series he was the father of both Darken Rahl and Richard and was killed first by Darken Rahl and second by the sisters of the dark. In the book, Cara Mason, a mord-sith who joined Richard in his quest, was a straight woman who eventually falls in love with a general in the D'Haran army and married but in the series, she was a lesbian and had a relationship with her fellow mord-sith, Dahlia and seemed stoic with emotions. In the book, Richard and Kahlan got married but in the series, it seemed they could not, due to Kahlan's power that would be unleashed the moment they will consummate their feelings.

But despite these differences, I still love to continue the series and still hoping for its renewal soon, I am not really particular of the story diversion as long as it is beautifully made into a motion picture with lots of entertainment value, surprises and magical scenes, the "unfaithfulness" of the series would be quickly forgiven. 

Well, Legend of the Seeker is a kind of series I would love to waste my precious two hours in a day because there's no boring moment! The splendid scenes are just so gratifying, in fact I could not postpone watching the succeeding episodes due to its thrilling sequences. Lots of efforts were put in every episode and I could see how the stars labored hard to do their part to make the scenes very real and convincing. The boy listener  was so cute and adorable!Bruce Spence was so perfect in his role as a wizard of the first order, Zed.

Though I was fed up with the series' inconsistency and immaterial script in the second season (for example why Richard had to be killed only to revive later? It has no significant connection to the whole episode and why they named a new seeker when the story itself revealed that Richard is the only true seeker born in over a thousand years? Totally unnecessary script) but in general it was really enchanting worthy of my time. When you watched it, you could not believe it's just a TV series due to its enormous production cost on costumes and visual effects. It was really beautiful and stunning, it's like watching a full length movie in a theater.

What I love about this series is its ability to offer total entertainment, fascination and thrills to the viewers, every scene is very exciting you could never guess what's next. It is a mix of humor, drama, surprises, displays of magic and sorcery, wisdom and discoveries about the wonders of fairytale and fantasy and of course romance.
The Legend of the Seeker team. From left, Kahlan Amnell the confessor (Bridget Regan), Richard Cypher the seeker (Craig Horner), Cara Mason (Tabett the mord-sith who sided with the seeker after she was betrayed by her fellow 
mord-sith sisters and Zed Zorander the Wizard of the First Order and Richard's grandfather 

Unlike Lord of the Rings, Legend of the Seeker presented the human side not only magic and wizardry things. A dash of romance, humor and compassion made Legend more interesting and fun, it has a balance of both worlds.

Although there were noticeable loopholes (I don't understand why a new seeker will be named and why Darken Rahl must be resurrected) and other critics said the show was not faithful to the book of Goodkind, it was nevertheless spellbinding and mesmerizing and yes, the wisdom I gained was enormous.

Wizard's first rule as mentioned by Zed Zorander: 
"People are stupid. They will believe a lie because they are afraid it might be true"

"Sometimes making the wrong choice is better than making no choice. You have the courage to go forward, that is rare. A person who stands at the fork, unable to pick, will never get anywhere".

Wizard's second rule as mentioned by Richard when he was trapped in the Palace of the Prophets: 
"The greatest harm can result from the best intentions"

I am hoping this series will be renewed soon or at least made into a movie. For the mean time while waiting for a "miracle", I'll keep my self busy re-watching the 46 episodes on DVD hehe!

April 12, 2013

Legend of the Seeker

Promotional Poster of Legend of the Seeker

My mind is at peace now, thank God! I passed my comprehensive exam and filed an application for graduation last April 8. 

Now, I am sorting things out, contemplating, pondering with my fate, mapping plans, making up my mind where to go after graduation. I am eager to explore the world and ready to give up my comfort zone to take more challenging things in life.

After the toxic weeks of taking comprehensive exam, finally I can rest my tired brain and body with nothing to think about except where to go this summer hehe!

Last April 9 (since it was a holiday), I checked my DVD collection and noticed the first season of the Legend of the Seeker. This is quite funny because I had this DVD two years ago but had no time to watch it. So after taking my lunch, I immediately pulled my laptop and started my series marathon :-D

Legend of the Seeker is a fantasy adventure genre and loosely based on the Sword of Truth book written by Terry Goodkind. The story revolves around the quest of the seeker which guided by the confessor and the wizard. It involves lots of magic, sorcery, wizardry and all those fantasy stuff I adored :-D

I always love this type of genre because it compels my brain to work harder  analyzing the intricacy of the story, it makes me so very excited to wait for the next scene, next sequence, it invigorates my mind so there's no dull moment. 

Fantasy adventure lets my mind travel to another land, another dimension of life beyond contemporary times which is very liberating and mesmerizing, it allows my senses to relax.

protagonists of the Legend of the Seeker,
Kahlan Amnell (Bridget Regan), the confessor, Richard Cypher (Craig Horner), the seeker, Cara Mason (Tabrett Bethell), the mord-sith and Zed Zorander (Bruce Spence), the wizard of the first order and Richard's grandfather

Legend of the Seeker is a hardcore fantasy film in the tradition of Lord of the Rings, it demonstrates the wonders of fairytales in the land of magic and charm and just like LOTR, Legend of the Seeker is entirely shot in New Zealand against the country's breathtaking backdrop of rolling hills, wilderness and scenic valleys and streams. 

But in great contrast of LOTR, Legend of the Seeker has a touch of romance and the human side thing, the idea of being in love, the compassion, wisdom and justice. There are plenty of humors injected in every scene which made the series very interesting and spellbinding.

The hunky actor, Craig Horner (Richard Cypher, the Seeker), and the gorgeous Bridget Regan (Kahlan Amnell, the Confessor). 

For those who wonder what's behind seeker and confessor stuff, here are some explanations:

Seeker - refers to a man who has been chosen to protect mankind  from evil and tyranny, someone who rises among heroes to respond to troubles in the land using the sword of truth as his weapon to defeat enemies.

Confessor - Traditionally belongs to an ancient order of women  who swear to seek for the truth. A confessor also serves as a protector to the seeker in fulfilling his mission. According to the legend, the seeker and the confessor should never fall in love or get married to each other because as soon as they consummate their relationship the power of the confessor will be unleashed making the seeker her slave, thus, become ineffective on his quest.

Legend of the Seeker is very delightful and entertaining. I love the thrill of adventure, the fantasy of magic, the prancing horses, the scenic view of the wilderness, mountains and valleys and the mysterious characters that possess powers, sooooooo fascinating!!!

After watching the 24 episodes (with lots of sleepless nights hehe!) of the first season, I went out to buy the complete second season the next day :-D

I am quite surprise why it was discontinued after season 2 when lots of viewers are asking for the return of the series, in fact there's a campaign in the internet called "save our seeker" begging for the resumption of the series.

I am hoping producers of Legend of the Seeker will listen to the demand of the viewers and let the series continue for more seasons!

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 10, 2013

Another Birthday

Last April 3, Wednesday, was my birthday. Well, it's not really a grand thing to me, everytime my birthday comes, I just treat it as a very ordinary day just like the rest of the days in a year. I hate throwing a celebration or treating people to a meal because it's too stressful and costly, I prefer to celebrate it privately.  

But one thing I truly treasured during my birthday is the shower of affection from the people in my circle. Birthday greeting is one. I find it very touching and sweet. I am so grateful some of my friends always remember my birthday even without reminding them hehe! It's an indication that they valued and loved me unconditionally.

One of my sweetest and closest friends in life who is like a sister to me is Helen Montero. she is so wonderful, a true friend in the real sense of the word. I am always touch with her unique kindness. She is now working in United Arab Emirates  but every year when my birthday comes, she never fail to give me a call. She is one of the people I know in this world who has the kindest heart. Thank you Helen for your warm greetings and for being a wonderful friend as always :-)

This year the people who greeted me, aside from Helen, are those who are really really close to me, who knew the real me and who accepted me as I am.

My mother - The first text greeting I received was from my mother, of course hehe! She is so sweet and thoughtful as always.

Nening Cancio Guillen- She is a cousin and a classmate back in high school, despite our distance, she never fail to greet me every time my birthday arrives :-)

Evan Bajan - She is a distant relative and a childhood friend, like Nening, she always makes it a point to send me a birthday greeting each year. We rarely text each other but when my birthday arrives she never forget to send a greeting.

Junna Bacalso - A former boardmate and a close friend. Junna gave me a call in the morning and greeted me. We had a good laugh together, despite not seeing each other for more than a year now, we remained very close.

My other two boardmates, Rose and Hope -- Yeah!They are my closest board mates now, we laughed together, sometimes spent dinner together and shared beautiful stories in life :-P

So what's the greatest birthday gift I'd ever received this year? Well, something from God, something that cannot be compensated by any amount. Wisdom, knowledge and peace of mind.

Friday, April 5, 2013

April 05, 2013

Life is absolutely fantastic

I'd never felt such heavy emotions in my life only these past few weeks. Lots of emotional encounter happened, from my frustrating comprehensive exams to a bickering showdown with a friend who never valued me "pala" as a friend, well, at least I knew it finally.

But life is absolutely fantastic and wonderful to be wasted on crap things. One thing I love about my personality is the way I handled stress and agonizing situations. Ever since in my life I never let ugly things intervene my happy dispositions.

I just treated every bad encounter as part of personal growth, part of being human. Pain and sufferings are normal, it makes life worth living, it makes me able to sort out things logically. I am quite used to pain and sufferings so I have this very balanced view about my existence and my environment and I hope I could use it to my best advantage.

I am tough enough to face tribulations in the future. Whatever happens, I know God is always there for me to guide my way.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 04, 2013


It's the first week of April!

Things did not go as I planned but that's God's well and I have no right to protest or complain but I am confident everything happens for a reason and whatever reason it is I know it's for my own good, no one can go against God's wishes, He knows what's best for us :-)

But I am soaring high, full of hope and inspired more to dream big things in life. I am super excited with what's coming in the next few months and praying hard I can finally get what I want in life.

Yesterday, while updating my diary entries in my laptop, I was surprised how I'd undergone several mishaps in the last few weeks, how I'd bounced back from humiliation and realized important things I need to accomplish. I finally made up my mind to explore the other side of the universe. I know I am capable of doing it.

Tomorrow is another day, life is great to be wasted on useless things.

God is so good all the time!
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