Friday, September 28, 2012

September 28, 2012

Collagen Mask Facial Treatment

Last Monday evening I had a horrible facial problem. Some tiny red dots suddenly sprouted in my face for reasons I could not understand. 

I've no clue where it came from since I've no allergies on foods, as a matter of fact I can gorge anything I want without worries, and for the past 48 hours I didn't eat anything strange other than the Chicken meal we ordered from KFC during the post wedding photo shoot of Juvy and Roy at the Ritz hotel, Garden Oases. 

But Jesus!I've been eating KFC chicken for the past 10 years why suddenly I would develop allergies? Or maybe my skin reacted to the fresh milk and mashed banana with honey that I put on my skin, but I've been doing this natural facial scrub for the past decades.

Unable to figure out why all of a sudden my face developed a very strange allergy, I thought of visiting a facial center on weekend to scrape out the dried red spots on my face.

So after spending lunch at the UIC Bajada gymnasium (where the university is celebrating the installation and investiture of the new president), I went to G.Mall immediately without changing clothes and had a facial treatment at Wally Facial Center.

I chose the Collagen Mask treatment because it relaxes  and renew tired and dull skin, even out skin tone and tightens pores. It is also an anti-aging treatment because the mixture has antioxidants elements, so I settled on this.

I loved the gentle application, the facial toner used was honey while the facial wash applied was a therapeutic tea. So relaxing!

And for three hours, my mind was at peace, listening to the soothing music  while my face undergo a soothing treatment and massage. I was able to relax and had a short nap while the Collagen Mask had put on.

The service was good I should say. I loved the way my skin was pampered, toned and firmed, a skin firming laser and a skin tightening galvanic toning gadgets were applied. 

There was a free facial and shoulder massage that accompanied the treatment so the whole thing was a bit gratifying.

Soothing Collagen Facial Mask
Taking a short nap while the mask hardened
Due to some red patches around my face brought by allergies, I immediately head on to Wally Facial Center still wearing my office uniform and undergone a collagen facial mask treatment. Nice feeling afterwards, my face seemed invigorated and tightened.

The steps of the treatment:
  • Facial cleansing using a healing tea facial wash.
  • Facial toning applying a honey toner.
  • Steamed deep cleansing while dead skin cells, white and blackheads were gently removed using a facial equipment.
  • Application of Collagen Mask which will be stayed for about 30 minutes or until it hardens.
  • Dark spot eliminating cream application
  • Moisturising and Whitening cream application
  • Skin Firming Laser
  • Skin Tightening Galvanic Toning
  • Relaxing Facial and Shoulder Massage
I paid P1,000.00 for this treatment but I've no regrets because the collagen mask, the massage and the process itself were fantastically great!I felt my skin was thoroughly renewed and invigorated.

Wally Facial Center has two branches in Davao City: Victoria Plaza and Gaisano Mall. The facial treatment only cost P300.00 but if you want to undergo a Collagen Mask treatment then the rate would go up to P1,000.00 including facial massage.

September 28, 2012

Last Week of September

It feels like only yesterday, cramming with my case presentation of MGM Mirage (MGM Resorts International) for my Strategic Management subject ^_____^

Now September is about to end!

Why time flew so fast?Seems like the earth has doubled its rotation that the ticking of the clock is as fast as the blinking of the eyes!

September 22, Saturday, after attending our class in Business Research, I and my two classmates went to G.Mall to spend lunch at Dimsum. We'd agreed on September 17 (while dining at Mandarin SM shortly after asking copies from the Securities and Exchange Commission office of the financial statements of the companies we will be working on for our Strategic Management paper) that we would visit Dimsum sometime this month to find out if the food is as good as at Mandarin hehe!

Sorry no close up shots for us at Dimsum because my classmates are camera shy hehe
At Dimsum, we ordered Beef Brisquet and Chop suey
...and Melon Shake

September 23, Sunday, we'd a post-wedding photo shoot for Roy and Juvy at the Ritz Hotel of Garden Oases, we're supposed to take some shots at the garden and swimming pool areas but towards 3:00 pm the weather turned awful and did not cooperate, the rain shower ruined our plans, so we stayed at the hotel room and did the photo shoot there. We ordered food at KFC for our dinner at 7:00 pm then went home at 10:00 in the evening. Still waiting for Kathy to share our photos ^_____^

September 24, Monday, was a smooth one, but towards the end of the day, I was slightly irritated with my red uniform, it was a torture wearing this fabric, the size around my bodice seems shrinking and to wear this for another day or another week is a total punishment on my part so maybe I should stop wearing this.

September 25, Tuesday,  is a bit hell. Some tiny red spots sprouted around my face!it's a bit itchy and felt like my face tightened with rashes! 

September 26, Wednesday, I went to the clinic and the nurse gave me an anti-itchy tablet, then I went home with a tired body and mind agonizing over with my ugly face thinking hard what had I eaten the past days why I suffered such terrible skin itchiness.

September 27, Thursday, after a heavy application of an exfoliating cream from Beauche the other night, the itchiness subsided but the horrible scars remained! 

September 28, Friday, we've no work today, I joined colleagues at the UIC Bajada Campus for the installation of Sister Marissa Viri, the university's fifth president. Still annoyed with my face because of the reddish spots so I put on substantial amount of BB cream to cover the ugly blemishes and my face appeared like a heavy pancake hehe.
Picture taking after the mass ^_____^

Sister Ma.Marissa Viri, RVM taking her oath as UIC's fifth president with Atty. Sabino Padilla, the legal counsel of the University

Still wearing my office uniform when I undergo a Collagen Mask Facial Treatment at Wally Facial Center!
After lunch, I went to Gaisano Mall to undergo a Collagen Mask Facial Treatment at Wally Facial Center because I cannot stand another day with ugliness hehehe!So frustrated with blemishes, blackheads and red dots around my face. The facial treatment was good and I loved the way the process applied.


September 28, 2012

Foreign Exchange Trading

Still on intelligent investing topic...

Aside from investing on stock market and mutual funds, another highly recommended investment option is the foreign exchange trading or the Forex Trading. This option becomes very popular in recent decades because of the highest investment returns it yields.

Foreign Exchange market is the largest capital market in the world with a daily trading volume of over $1.9 trillion dollars, it attracted many investors around the world because of its high liquidity and low transaction cost and low entry barrier.

Forex trading refers to the trading of currencies from different countries and normally done through a market trader, physical or Online. But the common trend is through online because it is easier and very convenient. Just look for a trusted name in the forex online trading. Do a research and decide on several options.

In great contrast to mutual fund and stock market, forex trading involves only currencies and the more the currency you buy losses its value the more your investment yields a high return. But it is very risky since the currency pair losses its value overtime, acquiring enough knowledge about foreign exchange market before jumping on the trading is a always the safest thing to do.

How does it work?

Forex trading starts on the currency pairing. A forex trader will choose what kind of currency pair to invest, the most popular pair being widely traded is the Dollar-Euro where you buy US Dollars, sell Euros meaning you could trade Dollars for Euros. The pair goes up when the value of Euro rises or becomes worth more money in dollars but when it becomes the other way around, the pair drops in value. 

Everyone can do forex trading through online. The great advantage of today's high technology age is that anyone can do forex trading online without going to a physical trading venue, the trade can be held anywhere in front of the computer.

To make a head start for your forex trading endeavor, you want to look for a forex broker first and choose the one that you feel comfortable to deal with. According to experts, it is very important to understand that foreign exchange markets are not exactly a friendly place for beginners, experts recommend to understand the forex leverage to avoid incurring heavy damages on investment. 

Forex leverage is the ability to control large amount of money in the foreign exchange markets with a smaller deposit. For better understanding, read the explanation here

How does the pricing is determined?

Foreign exchange trading is conducted through a forex brokerage which follows a smooth line of network--receives prices from various banks over private networks -- commonly known as "interbank". Prices between these banks vary overtime depending on the economic conditions of the global community and the country where the trader resides.

Key to Success in Forex Trading

One simple reason why people do forex trading is to make money but it's not as simple as everybody thinks, just like other forms of investment, forex trading is also risky and it takes a good amount of patience and enough knowledge on the foreign exchange market to achieve success.

Putting your hard-earned money on investment is a long process of conscience investigation, first you have to visualize what kind of future you want to live, second you have to ponder what you would like to become, third you will decide how would you expand your savings to materialize the kind of life you want to live in the future, the dreams you want to achieve and the retirement you want to have.

Before deciding where to go for your investment strategy, research the option first and study the background of each strategy where your vision for the future is best suited.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September 26, 2012

Stock Market and Mutual Funds

Confuse where to put your hard-earned money for a sound retirement plan?

In today's world of highly diversified way of life, no one cannot afford to just sit in one corner and wait for the sunset to come, everyone must do something to insure the future is well taken care of without becoming financially incapacitated and dependent to others. It's a horrifying vision to become so helpless when retirement age comes without anything to spend on with personal needs. Not so much about living in luxury and comfort but more on basic needs, something that could augment the defining moment of survival, this is where intelligent investing comes in.

For many decades, economy experts had been telling us that the best way to expand financial portfolio and grow money is through investment, stock market is very famous, but in recent years, this intelligent investing strategy evolved into different options, mutual funds is one.

The difference between investing in the Mutual Fund and Stock Market

Mutual Fund comprises of stocks, bonds, short-term money market instruments and other securities and usually operated by private companies and banks. It is a collective investment strategy and the fund is being managed by a money manager. The investment is diversified. This is ideal for people who have no knowledge how to read the trend of stocks. Fund managers know the intricate process of the stock trading, thus it is more safe to choose the mutual fund.

Stock Market is a trading organization and normally you will pass to a stock broker who will provide a sound advise what stocks to buy and when to sell it. Individuals can purchase a stock independently however, it is not for everyone, stock market fluctuates overtime and if you have no knowledge how to read a trend then you will lose the large part of your investment.

With the above description of each investment option, we can conclude that stock market is a lot riskier than mutual fund. 

The scenario of stock market and mutual fund is this:

In the stock market, it's like putting all the eggs in one basket, if that basket will drop, all your eggs will be cracked. While in the mutual fund, the eggs are put in different baskets, so if one basket will drop, you still have many baskets to look on.

How to decide where to go?

No matter how wise you are in making decisions where to put your money, considering the volatile conditions of the global economy, you will eventually lose some, losses are common for both investment strategies but you can spare the headache of losing large part of your hard-earned money by acquiring enough knowledge first what are the advantages and disadvantages of investing through stocks or mutual funds.
  • Make/do a research first before you decide what investment option to make.
  • Study the financial risk analysis of both options.
  • Consider the amount you want to set aside for investment if it is for a long-term investment or short-term.
  • Weigh the advantages of both options.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

September 22, 2012

CC Earrings!

If one day, Santa Claus would come to ask "What can I give you this Christmas?", I  would really blurt "a pair of double C earrings! hehe...

Yeah!To own a pair of CC drop earrings is always part of my wishes at Christmastime. Love it so much!

But the truth is, I am not really into jewelry and never dreamed to waste my hard-earned money on it. The only time I had a pair of gold earrings was back in college courtesy of my mother, it was a pure gold studded wheel design, unfortunately I lost it a year later (sigh!) and my mother was slightly disappointed :-)

The only piece of jewelry I fancied to wear is a pair of earrings and my obsession is more on monogram designs that's why I love the double C studs.

In fact if ever I could still get married in the future, this will be the only pair of jewelry I would wear in the wedding ceremony, I would choose the metallic stud because as tradition dictates, pearl is inappropriate to be worn as an accessory for weddings because it symbolizes tears and sadness.

I am not so much into necklace, it is so itchy hehe! So I would settle for earrings.

(Trivia: according to world renowned wedding gown designers, brides should not wear a necklace when wearing a gown with details around the bodice and sleeves because it will destruct the beauty of the design).  

These are my favorite CC designs!

Simple white gold drop design

Double C dangling Heart-shaped with diamond studs. 
I want to wear this on my wedding day!haha!

Or this...which ever is available

If someday, I could still get married (hehe), I want to wear either the heart-shaped design or the sunshine edition (picture above) of CC on my wedding day. I want the blue sapphire rock to be replaced with a ruby stone ^____^

Doube C with drop white pearl design

Double C is a trademark of the fashion house Coco Chanel, a French brand with worldwide coverage of distribution. The concept was created by its former creative director, German fashion expert, Karl Lagerfield. He experimented several designs before he settled on interlocking monograms.

Friday, September 21, 2012

September 21, 2012

Clumsy Duchess

Amidst the joy and happiness felt by the Queen for reaching another milestone of her reign, the establishment she is trying to uphold with dignity and prestige is again heaved on the limelight with controversies, worst, it happens on the final three months of her jubilee celebration.

Prince Harry's nude photos taken at his hotel room in Paradise, Nevada, Las Vegas were leaked to the press. Buckingham Palace desperately defended the Prince by making several attempts to block the publication on magazines and newspapers.

Still reeling in embarrassment, the monarchy however wasn't able to get back from its feet when two weeks later, Harry's sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, unwisely took off her top at the balcony of a French villa while spending a short holiday trip with Prince William. Unfortunately for her, paparazzi was not far from the villa.

France is one country in the world that British royals should suppose to be careful. The country  is home to aggressive paparazzi, who could forget the fatal car crash of Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997? And the controversial beach getaway in 1994 of Sarah, Duchess of York, former wife of Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, with her two young daughters and her financial adviser when she was photographed topless while sunbathing?

With the lessons from the past, the latest "outsider" to join the royal family should have been more careful with her actions in order to protect the British monarchy from international humiliation, but why she was so careless?

So it was her fault as what Donald Trump, a controversial American billionaire who is famous of giving unsolicited opinions on many things, had tweeted.

Why on earth she goes topless in a balcony where there could be a possibility that paparazzi is not far from their location?

Closer, a French magazine that published the topless photos of Kate Middleton

She is so clumsy and uninspiring.

In many of her outings most of the time she was so careless with her action. During their Canadian and yes, South Pacific tours, she unwittingly wore flowing dresses on their way to the airport. Why she was not wise enough to choose an appropriate dress? She could have at least wear something fitting because common sense dictates that airport area is very windy and there would be  a possibility that a flowing dress would be blown up.

During their tour in Canada, July 2011
At the Brisbane airport last September 18, 2012
Same story of clumsiness, why she did not learn a lesson?

Does she have a little common sense?

Now, the British monarchy is put again in a very uncomfortable situation. Kate Middleton's topless photos are the first embarrassing shots taken from the wife of a senior male member of the royal family since the topless photos of Sarah, Duchess of York, made headlines in 1994.

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