Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30, 2012

London Olympics 2012

Hidilyn Diaz of the Philippine team

I was not able to watch the parade of the athletes during the opening ceremony of the London Olympics 2012, so I made an effort last night to watch, until 1:00 in the morning, the weightlifting event for the women division because Philippines has one entry, Hidilyn Diaz, who was the Philippine flag bearer during the opening ceremony.

She is only 21 years old and the Philippines' strongest hope to bring home a medal for this Olympics. She  had represented the Philippines during the Beijing Olympics in 2008 as a wild card entry on the same event. She was a bronze medalist at the age of 15 during the 2007 SEA games and ranked 9th in the world. I thought she could make it, unfortunately, she was not able to lift the weights when it was set at 133 kgs. Diaz tried and I could see how much she wanted to win. I saw her crying and hugged by her coach as disappointment and frustration registered all over her face when her three attempts failed, but for me it's okay at least she had tried and represented the country with dignity. She has still plenty of time to improve, she is only 21. 

So shocked with the women's strength lifting the heavy metal with a weight equivalent to 5 sacks of rice! Li XuYieng of China was amazing, she was a gold medalist in the Beijing Olympics on the same event and she did it again, this time setting another world record, she was unbeatable at 138 kg weightlifting, a representative from Thailand, Pimsiri Shirikaew (who looked like a complete male hahaha!) attempted to defeat XuYieng at 140 kg but she was not able to do it and just settled for silver with a record lift of 136 kg.

Update from The Telegraph UK (which I am reading right now), the women's 58 kg weightlifting conference was delayed because Pimshiri Shirikaew was speaking to the King of Thailand. Wheew!

Diaz finished 17th with Rivas of Colombia who was endured during her attempt. I don't like weightlifting event of course but this was the only event presented by IBC 13 last night so pinagtiyagaan ko na lang hehehe. My favorite events in the World Olympics are Equestrian, Synchronized Swimming, Gymnastic, Women's Volleyball and Lawn Tennis. 

I am hoping against hope that I could watch the following athletes in action: Zara Phillips, granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, who is part of the UK team for Equestrian, Princess Natalie, niece of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, who is part of the Danish Equestrian theme, Maria Sharapova, a Tennis sensation representing Russia, Francesca Piccinini, an Italian volleyball player and the rest of the Philippine delegates who are not yet eliminated like Mark Anthony Barriga, a boxer from Panabo, Davao del norte, who is now Philippines' lone hope to bring home a medal.

GOLD TALLY AS OF JULY 31, 2012 (12:00 noon)

1. China - 9
2. USA - 5
3. France - 3  
4. North Korea - 3 
5. Italy - 2
6. South Korea - 2
7. Russia - 2
8. Kazakhstan - 2
9. Japan - 1
10. Australia - 1

Host country, Great Britain, has yet to get a gold medal and currently on the 20th rank

Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 26, 2012

Womanhood is a gift!

I am smarter now how to cut people's nonsense prodding (on getting married) with my sharp tongue. Though sometimes I would just smile and made effort to keep my mouth shut and dismiss them as nuisance, their idiot and stupid comments would sometimes provoke me to utter hard-hitting words.

And just like a serpent with a poisonous sting, when provoked and irritated, I could easily hurl not-so-fascinating words.

What's the matter with people in the 21st century? Are their brain being sucked dry? 

Haaaay, people who constantly wag their tongue about getting married are those who are absent when God spreads common sense, so why listen to them? Their views are just confined in the four corners of their bedroom. They are hardly ideal conversation-buddies.     

Aren't they know that the government can even benefit from it?

Aside from the huge withholding tax, singles cannot contribute to population explosion dreaded by officials pushing RH bill. And of course marrying late has great advantages when it comes to economy -- more matured, more stable, more self-assured, focus and determined towards family rearing, responsible enough to handle complexities in life and most of all cannot afford anymore to have half dozen kids. 

Singles have wide purchasing power capability. We can spend our income on anything we want. Purchasing power is one factor of consumption, an item in the calculation of GDP (gross domestic product) which measures the economic situation of a nation.

People have different perception about life. While others believed that their fulfillment and happiness can only be found in married life, others, like me, viewed human existence differently. I have my own priorities and goals and I have a different concept of fulfillment and happiness.

I know why God allow me to remain unhook and still available in the dating world. Maybe because He wants me to experience the real meaning of life and be emotionally secure first so that when time calls it perfect to meet "the one", I know how to balance things and will not break under pressure!

God is good! He only delays things but He never forgets. Celebrate life, celebrate womanhood because it is a gift itself!

July 26, 2012

Beware of Cheaters!

Kristen Stewart issued a public apology. But no amount of repent could repair the damage she had done, now she is pictured as a girl from hell not an innocent human adored by vampires in the Twilight saga. Is her relationship with her co-star, Rob Pattinson, was for real or just another made-to-order Hollywood dish

Recently, I was shocked to read the news that Kristen Stewart, from the Twilight fame, had an illicit affair with her Snow white and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, a 41 year old British film maker.

Shock, because I could not believe she could do such nasty and inconceivable thing since she looked like a dewy angel and appeared very polite.

Why did she do it when Sanders is already married with two young children? 

Rupert Sanders is married to Liberty Ross, a supermodel who appeared in Snow White as young Snow white's wicked step mother, Kristen is in a relationship (so they say) with her Twilight leading man, Robert Pattinson, an international heart throb, whom many are smitten. 

I thought the news was only a publicity stunt. What happened to Kristen? Didn't she knows that men in general detested women who cheat because it is a huge slap to their manhood?

Oh well, now it can be told, it's painstakingly impossible to detect right away who are cheaters and who are not. 

People really are insatiable, difficult to be contented with what they already have. The trouble with them is they kept on looking on the other side of the road to find happiness or gain or get more when they actually already have it in their palm, as the old adage goes "Busy picking stones when what they actually throws are diamonds"

The fact that having them as a boyfriend or girlfriend is downright degrading and disgusting, the least we can do to protect ourselves from trauma and pain these ghastly people would later inflect is to be aware all the time with the dangerous signs of their kind.

Your number one hint is your instinct, this is very true among women. Our intuition often times is very accurate. We know exactly when men cheat when they are hiding something when all is not well, especially if the man we loved is dangerously forming an uncomfortable bond with a flirt girl. 

If you do suspect your partner having an affair, says Good to Know site, that feeling might be accurate. So never ignore your instinct.

In an age of modern technology and distracting lifestyle trends, it's intensely difficult to find a loyal partner that will really stick with you through thick and thin. But what's disappointing in this world is that men and even women look like they are more fascinated with people with strong sex appeal and who have the tendency to cheat. 

Here are the possible signs of cheaters according to various sources online:

Quick to jump to the other side of the fence

If you get what I mean. 

Men and Women who quickly flirt and form a hideous "mutual understanding" relationship with another species even if they are still with somebody is a danger sign that they are capable of cheating. Look, if they did it on their current flame what made you think they will not do it with you? Common sense dictates that someone who cheats with her or his love is utterly stupid and disrespectful so how can you trust that person?

I've a friend who once told me that he and his girlfriend is hiding their relationship first because she has still an unresolved issue with her boyfriend, to make it clear, they formed a relationship even before that girl broke up with her boyfriend! What a disgusting, ghastly situation, was he not aware that he was actually forming a relationship with a cheater?And what made he think she won't repeat that performance? It's not genuine love. Well, he was blinded with infatuation, with a spark, and just like all sparks the intense emotion will die down and won't last. A relationship build in deceit and betrayal will end in deceit and betrayal and even worse! 

He or She gets irritated quickly.

When you ask them questions about what they are up to, they start to act all too defensively and jumpy. They become so irritable with a slight provocation. A simple misunderstanding would result and erupt to a huge argument that no amount of apology can pacify. It might be that they are looking only for an excuse to break the relationship because someone out there is just waiting.

Hard to stick/settle on one thing

People who seem cannot stick in a relationship longer than one year is another danger sign. These people have flimsy emotion that can easily dissuade, very temporary. Focusing on one thing is a huge task, it takes faith, courage and honesty to build a lasting relationship, not just love but trust, you cannot build an eternal relationship alone in love. People who seem cannot settle on one thing has a cluttered mind and this weakness would bring them to hop in to another "nest" because they are unsure what they are looking. They are just blinded with the idea of falling in love.

Impossible Liar

She or he lies too often. What makes it worst is the inconsistency of the statement loaded with too many futile excuses. They become very defensive and insensitive. If your partner is behaving this way, there could be a hidden "monster" beneath the sunny surface. Then later you will discover she or he has three email accounts you never know about,  two phones but you only know one, when the phone rings, he or she starts walking out of the room and tells you it's nothing it's just his or her stalker taking adventure.  If the answer of your inquiry is always "you're crazy", then trust your instinct, your suspension might be true.

Hanging out with friends too frequently at night

The old folks say "people who hang out with friends too often at night with drinks and silly conversation are those who often cheat", their observation is after all true. No men and women in their correct senses would spend every other night with friends in a bar or somewhere else and went home very late at night with an irritable mood.

Sudden changes and you are no longer talking

Suddenly strange changes took place. The old routine is replaced by new, surprising twist. You are no longer talking, not even hi's and hello's. Suddenly he or she is unreachable, could not be found and always busy doing other stuff. If he starts less becoming interested in your conversation, too busy and irritated to listen to your sharing, then it's an indication that he is getting his emotional fix elsewhere.

You are no longer invited to gatherings

Remember the days when you always used to accompany him or her to Christmas parties or Summer outings or just be with him or her in a quiet afternoon in a cafe house? Then suddenly there's been a change of policy, it may be your partner is eyeing someone new and does not want to create an awkward situation when you are both in a group.

Again, trust your instinct. A little investigation will be a great help but intuition is often the key to great discovery.

Sources: Good to Know UK website, Marie Claire website and Yahoo News


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 25, 2012

Yellow Hauz

If you are looking for a comfortable and relaxing cafe house offering good foods that satisfy your cravings of European dishes with a spike of Filipino taste, Coffee @ Yellow Hauz is the perfect place to visit. Apart from the first word that appears in their commercial name, Yellow Hauz is not only offering coffee concoctions but also other delectable food choices.

A home grown Coffee Shop, Yellow Hauz offers comfort for diners with a free wifi zone. What I truly love about this place is the serenity provided and the feeling of being at home. The environment is so relaxing and quiet, no screeching of cars, no noisy crowd. It is very homely, almost residential, surrounded with a beautiful garden of green plants and flowers. 

Customers can choose to stay inside or at the garden. The atmosphere can be compared to a lovely and relaxing private house. It has a function room also that caters 25 people with an accommodation payment of 1,800.00, the 1,300.00 is consumable.

If you think you are already consumed by stress and pressure and life has just been so busy with stressful office works, why not visit Yellow Hauz where you will be treated into a delightful experience of being at home far away from the city. It's a perfect and fantastic place to hang out with friends.

Yellow Hauz welcome diners with a residential feel and homely atmosphere, very ideal for small gathering with a homely theme, that's why I choose this venue for my friend's Bridal Shower (Click the link here to read related story) because it reflects our party theme, Home Sweet Home.
Pica Platter at Yellow Hauz

Aside from the usual concoctions offered by cafe houses, Yellow Hauz offers pica platter consisting of twister fries, chips, potato wedges and garlic bread. A taste of Europe's all- time favorites like milk tea, pasta, pizza, cake and sandwiches.

Yellow Hauz is located along V. Mapa and Mabini Streets, Davao City (besides Mabini complex in Malvar). Telephone number: 2822178.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 18, 2012

I'm tired Chasing Rainbows

Last night, I was a little bit woozy, feeling the same discomfort again, seems like an agonizing idea of dejection, which I thought was lifted years ago, had resurfaced. 

I moved the little chair and squinted on the blurry object pinned against the wall of my room. There's no meaning on it, only a blank space and a senseless ardor of clinging to something I cannot own.

Time stood still and for a moment, it felt like I was standing in the swirl of desolation. Same old story that keeps repeating, like a broken record and the noise of it already tires me. It needs to be buried. It needs to be thrown away. Finally, oh Jesus!How many times I mentioned the word "finally"? How many times I should be humiliated to learn a hard lesson in life?

I wanted to hold on. I wanted to cling to the last strand of hope. I wanted to believe that one day, some day,  this crazy longing will be realized. But life is so tough and time would not just give in. Over and over again the same pattern of antipathy persists. It's so degrading and very sad. What makes the dejection very painful is watching others being treated nicely while I received nothing but hostility. What had I done so wrong to deserve such treatment?

As the brisk cold wind cut through the breezy night shortly before midnight, I whisked my mind away from self-pity determined not to look back again with that horrible road of rejection. I don't want to be mortified anymore. I don't want to be treated by others as if I am an unworthy and useless individual.

Over the decades, I carefully built an unblemished reputation and dignity hoping someday somebody would treat me as a priceless human being worthy to be respected and appreciated. But I'd watched my life revolved into patterns consumed by miseries and trampled by rejection. It should not be that way. I must get up and unwrap the golden value deep inside.

I once read a story of a young woman who, after 10 years of holding on to something she held very precious giving out her selfless devotion, understanding and sacrifices and all she got was humiliation, finally realized her unspoken miseries and decided to move away from that cluttered "box" and rediscovered her true worth.

I'm tired chasing rainbows. I don't want to spend every minute of my existence agonizing over why my sacrifices and patience did not pay off. Maybe God has another plan.

I must try looking at the beautiful sunrise on the other side of the road. It's more promising, more fulfilling.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 12, 2012

Fuming Mad!!!

Dear Blogging,

I am again seeking your comfort because I've no one to turn to. No one to confide my disgust and remorse.

I am extremely pissed off! I am fuming mad! A while ago I encountered a despicable person, an idiot old cave man who rose from the dead of the amphibians who seemed did not know the basic thing of good etiquette, why he kept pushing me with his friend? That friend of his is painfully ugly and ghastly, look yourselves in a mirror to find out where to put yourselves, you fools!!

I am terribly enraged right now that no amount of words can describe the degree of  anger and hatred I felt,  and no amount of repent can pacify my incensed spirit, what makes it worst is that there are people in the environment who are equally ignorant, very insensitive enough to conspire with that idiot, morbid idea! God forbids but I want to drag their faces on the wall and slit their throats! 

They are the kind of people who are absent when God spreads common sense! And they are the same people whom I detested infinitely, the very same people whom I never want to associate myself with not even in my night mare, they are dreadful and ghastly!

I was never humiliated in my whole life. I felt the humiliation terribly disgusting that I blurted words that cannot be swallowed by any animal in this planet.

The trouble with stupid people in this world is that when you seems nice to them, they would abuse and exploit you and cross the parameter of treating you like one of those garbage folks out there, well they are greatly mistaken in double crossing my road! I never give license to anyone to disrespect and humiliate me, not in my sane memory!

One of the things I hated most in this life is when stupid people push me towards something that is so condemning, ghastly and horrible that even I would die a trillion times it still made me vomit with fury, and that’s an insult in its highest form, and that’s one thing I cannot stand. Are they hallucinating? Are they in their correct senses? 

Well, man, here's one thing I can say straight to your disgusting and dreadful face, you are insane and what you are thinking is simply a chillingly morbid idea only boorish person can take. What you need is an antidote of your fantasy. I was not raised by my parents to become the butt of jokes with stupidity from ill-breed people.

So sickening! It made me quiver in disgust!

In my life, I always make sure I never hurt anybody with my actions and words, I am always careful not to step on other people’s shoes, but when provoked with impoliteness, the devil streak in me would really explode up to eternity.

I have a stretch patience but I cannot tolerate any rudeness in my surroundings! In a situation where I am extremely mortified with ludicrous ideas that only idiot and nonsense people can take, the only thing that comes into my mind is that it is not always good to treat everyone nicely, it is always a disadvantage to spread your smile to everyone, now I am keeping my niceties to myself, the hell with them!

Anyway why do I have to stress out myself with unworthy prodding fabricated and invented by individuals whose brain being sucked dry?

This is a great lesson to me -- never ever give your politeness to every person you get acquainted with, not all of them are worthy to be respected. You never know what kind of animal they are.

I would never associate myself again with these people.

I was taught since childhood to be gracious to everyone and to show respect to every human kind but with what they are doing to me, they will see the evil side of me and I don’t give a damn!

What’s more painful with this circumstance is that nobody there seems to listen and no one seems ready to sympathize with my plight, no one is ready to defend and protect me from these morbid, ghastly and idiot people.

But I grew up living alone and maneuvering my life independently, so I must learn to fight my own battle and making sure no one would ever disrespect and humiliate me again. No one!
July 12, 2012

Let's Dish Food Haus and Coffee Shop

There's a newest food destination in Davao City that offers scrumptious food selections from traditional cuisines to desserts and coffee concoctions.

Let's Dish Food Haus and Coffee Shop is located along Jacinto street, Davao city, fronting Ateneo de Davao University, opens from Mondays to Saturdays, 9:00 in the morning to 10:00 in the evening.

In an area where chicken, hotdog and tapsilog are so common, Let's Dish is really a breather. The restaurant provides a distinct menu of delectable dishes and pastries. Its menu choices range from a la carte' to short order meals.

It is a one-stop restaurant where customers are treated into a different experience of dining through its buffet style service and fast food meal choices.

We visited the restaurant during its soft opening last June 8, 2012 and find it very delightful and trendy, hugely different from its neighboring food establishments.

Food prices are very affordable and the service is fantastically satisfying. I and my friends chose to order the traditional dishes and had a dessert of oatcake afterwards.

The ambiance provides relaxation and comfort, away from the maddening crowd of the city. It's a perfect place to spend lunch or dinner with friends because aside from  its quiet environment, the foods are so gratifying.

Its most prized concoction is pancake with a mouthwatering buttery topping that satisfies one's desire of a good and delicious dessert. It is worth trying.

My personal favorites are Fettuccine Carbonara (I am a carbonara person ) and Fresh Lumpia, so yummy!

 Fettuccine Carbonara
Fresh Lumpia with Peanut

Let's Dish also offers catering services on any occasion at affordable rates. It has an air-conditioned function room that can cater 40 people. The management and staff are very accommodating, attentive to the customers' needs, you'll love making a repeat visit/order there.


Dining with friends during the soft opening of the restaurant

Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 05, 2012

Great Finds for Acne and Blemishes

I'm one of the thousand girls out there who had been devastated with acne since the teenage years. I don't know why, obviously it's not genetic because none of my siblings and even my parents had acne in their teens. 

For the past 10 years of my life, I am very vigilant with my food intake and made sure that I have a balanced diet in a week, I religiously followed a Mediterranean Diet (click Mediterranean Diet to read more) and turned down sweets including chocolates. But to no avail.

Oh well, my skin is just so oily. Period. 

Last Summer 2012 with some acne around my chin and nose, oh God, so annoying!
Despite the presence of pimples, I am still smiling :-D

I thought this number one skin enemy would vanish naturally when I reached the pearl age, but to my chagrin the "enemy" lingered until the year 2012 strikes the calendar. One of my consolations amidst the distressing presence of acne is "oh wow, I never aged!My body cells are still in early 20s and maybe biologically I am only 23" ^______^

Despite this consolation, my system is ravaged with frustrations that my confidence seems eroding. I lost interest in meeting people. So I continued with my adventure of finding a magic remedy that could eliminate acne for good.

Every weekend I would visit and check the cosmetics section of the department stores in the city hoping the "magic remedy" made its way to the shelves, I would read endlessly the description of the ingredients of each skincare product but none was convincing. 

Since I had this silly habit of reading all the labels and ingredient compositions of the products I am eyeing to buy, one day, I stumbled this facial wash that really caught my attention. 
To the rescue....
Clean and Clear Acne Clearing Cleanser. It has salicylic acid that fights skin bacteria

I am familiar with Clean and Clear facial care products from Johnson and Johnson company and quite aware of the varieties of this brand so I wasn't surprise to see the different items at the beauty cosmetics section of the mall, what caught my attention is the phrase "Acne Clearing Cleanser" thinking that this item could provide some sort of relief to my sprouting acne that day, I picked one tube. Then tried that night.

The feeling was relaxing. I could feel the smoothness of the liquid gel around my face. It has a menthol effect and has a very mild scent. What I experience that night after washing my face with water was its softness and smoothness all over. It did not dry my face. Then one day, I saw a slow transformation. No more pimples and acne. No more oily skin.
Some scars remain though but I am more confident now 

After three weeks of continued use with this product, my skin had a rebirth. So happy that the "enemy" I'd kept battling for the past 20 years had finally gone. Confidence is back and my mind is at peace.

Another great finds for acne and oily skin remedies is Garnier facial scrub, it has tiny granules that would eliminate dead skin cells while unclogging the pores. I used this at night to scrape out dust and bacteria I encountered outdoor. Facial scrub exfoliates the skin thorougly.
I'm using this at night to unclog pores and prevent acne-causing bacteria from penetrating deeply on my skin. The anti-microbial beads thoroughly exfoliates skin.

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