Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 29, 2012

Prince Guillaume's Engagement

So here's the good news from European monarchy.
Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg and Countess Stephanie de Lannoy
Finally the "curse" have been lifted for future European crown heads marrying commoners. The Ducal palace of Luxembourg announced last April 27, 2012, the official engagement of Prince Guillaume, eldest son and successor of Grand duke Henri, to Countess Stephanie de Lannoy, the very pretty and well-educated granddaughter of Princess Beatrice of Ligne in Belgium.

The Prince and the Countess have been dating for almost two years and the announcement of their upcoming wedding, which will happen on the 20th of October, 2012, gave much relief to my annoyance towards non-aristocrats joining the royalty.

Countess Stephanie is 28 years old and an accomplished linguist. She earned her languages degree at the University of Lovaina and had a master's degree. She also spent a year in Russia studying its literary heritage and very fluent in German, English, French, Dutch and Russian.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 24, 2012

Tea break!

Sipping a cup of hot green tea is always a wonderful comfort and since I am painstakingly craving for yummy foods these past weeks, I've decided to prepare something very scrumptious--Tea sandwiches and Scones.

Got so addicted with Afternoon Tea Break lately and maybe I would make this a habit every 4:00 in the afternoon because it's so relaxing and can remove clutters from my horizon. I love cucumber tea sandwich too!

I am planning to prepare my own Scones, another Afternoon Tea food and learning the procedure of Frosted Cream Cheese Walnut Scone!

Click here to read the Afternoon Tea Party as an ideal wedding reception idea

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 23, 2012

A lesson from Zucks!

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, tied the knot with long time girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, last May 19, 2012, a day after Facebook made its IPO

So inspired with life!

I was right, I only need enough space and time to relax --- and a little change in diet--- to combat stress and tensions. I also tried to discard anxieties, disappointments and frustrations out from my system --- something I've been moping for the past years --- it will come to pass I know and that's part of being human so I learn to live with it and darted my attention to things that matter most in life. 

Yesterday, May 22, 2012, I just stayed in the house and seated in front of television after taking lunch, waiting for Chief Justice Renato Corona to appear and testify before the impeachment court in the senate to answer all the allegations that had been thrown to him.

At 2:30 pm, I began to fidget in my chair, exasperated with Corona's  long opening statement, I thought it would finish before 3:00 pm as he kept on saying "sandali na lang to". But to my irritation, his monologue lasted for more than three hours!And the worst part is, he was not cross-examined because he left the senate hall abruptly, I was extremely pissed off with his arrogance!

Okay, so today, I finally resumed to my boring work and catch up with my blogs. And wow!Found out that the 28 year-old Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, wed his longtime girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, last May 19, 2012. What surprises me most is on how the billionaire organized his wedding. It was a very low-key affair only, imagine despite his billions?

The wedding took place at the backyard of his Palo Alto home with less than 100 guests invited. The reception was only a cocktail party reception just like my favorite wedding reception idea AFTERNOON TEA PARTY!. Read the wedding news of Zuckerberg HERE.

I was inspired with his frugality. See?He is a billionaire, he could have a million-dollar wedding affair, but he chose to organize an exclusive, intimate gathering. I agree with his planning and decision, why we should have a big wedding when we can have a practical ceremony with less stress, burden and cost? Read the creative idea of having an AFTERNOON TEA RECEPTION HERE.


May 23, 2012

Zuckerberg marries his longtime girlfriend


Most of the time, planning a wedding pounces tons of worries and headaches to couples due to the escalating cost of wedding essentials, thus, they think marriage as a burden and not a blessing, well especially men,who thought marriage is nothing but a trap!

But wait...did you know that you can actually have a beautiful and memorable wedding without spending a fortune? That's exactly what's in the mind of the 35th richest person in the world when he tied the knot last Saturday, May 19, 2012.

Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of the largest social networking site in the world--Facebook, wed his longtime Chinese girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, in an event that looks like an Afternoon Tea Party  (although pronounced "cocktail party" in American culture) at the backyard of his mansion in Palo Alto, California.

The wedding took place a day after Facebook made its IPO (initial public offering), making it a public company now. Zuckerberg and Chan had been in a relationship for 9 years now since meeting at Harvard campus in 2003. She moved in with Zuckerberg in his Palo Alto home sometime in 2009.

Priscilla Chan revealed years before in an interview that she met Zuckerberg while on a line going to the bathroom at Harvard campus in 2003. She graduated with a degree in Biology at Harvard while Zuckerberg dropped out when Facebook was launched in 2004. Priscilla pursued Medicine at the University of California in San Francisco where she graduated this summer 2012.
Following their wedding on May 19, 2012, Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, changed his Facebook status from single to "married Priscilla Chan".

The Facebook big boss, well despite his billions, is very famous with his frugality and often compared to the 3rd richest person in the world, Warren Buffet, so his wedding last May 19, 2012 was only a very simple and exclusive family affair attended only by their closest friends and relatives. The guests said they were not even alerted it was a wedding they would be attending, most of them thought Zuckerberg invited them to a graduation party of Priscilla Chan.

The affair had less than 100 guests only and held at the backyard of Zuckerberg's mansion in Palo Alto, California. Priscilla wore a simple column sheath gown created for her by a little known designer, Claire Pettibone. The ivory gown featured a laser cut with floral lace overlay and adorned with matte sequins lined in silk, the gown is only worth $4,700.00, a suprising tag price considering the financial status of the groom. But of course Mark Zuckerberg is known with his frugal lifestyle, his mansion is even below the status of a billionaire.

The mansion of Mark Zuckerberg in Palo Alto, California where the simple wedding took place

Their wedding implies simplicity and the reception is even a cocktail party and not a full meal or a sit-down reception. The menu at their reception includes: Sushi and Chocolates from the budget-friendly restaurants in Palo Alto. The low-key nuptials epitomized the personalities of the newlyweds--they are both frugal who maintained a simple lifestyle.

According to Hello!Magazine, it only took four months to plan their wedding quietly without any glitches and away from the prying eye of the public, Zuckerberg kept it a secret and did not reveal the plan to anybody, not even to his closest friends. See?Even the Facebook founder did not put details of his plans on his wall. LOL! 

This very intimate wedding affair will teach us a lesson that staging a wedding extravaganza is not a practical idea anymore. You can have a memorable and exciting wedding without spending a fortune. Look, if Mark Zuckerberg, a highly successful inventor and currently the 35th richest person in the planet with $17.5 billion net worth of assets, refused to splurge and spend extravagantly on his wedding how much more the ordinary people living only on meager salary?

It's no surprise why Mark Zuckerberg easily made billions (just take note how he managed to live in a very simple lifestyle) but planning your wedding without anybody in your circle detecting, is truly genius! And what a wise-spender man, he could have stage a carnival affair on his wedding day, but he opted to keep it low-key and very simple, a good example, considering all people in the planet wanted to organize a grand wedding affair.

According to Forbes magazine, the very low-key ceremony of Zuckerberg and Chan would surely set a new trend and style in wedding --- a backyard cocktail reception, simple yet stylish and memorable.

Practicality wise, a wedding should only be an intimate affair and not a broadway show attended by all people in the surrounding. I salute you Mr. billionaire! Now, I am more convinced and inspired to have an Afternoon Tea Reception when I get married---less burden, less clutters, less expenses. hehehe! Congratulations and Best Wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Mark Zuckerberg!

Get tips on how to organize a simple and yet stylish wedding in my PRACTICAL WEDDING GUIDE blog

Forbes Magazine

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 16, 2012

Ten Richest People in the Philippines

Source: Forbes Magazine

The shopping mall magnate, Henry Sy, is the Philippine richest person for four straight years now

Compared to the richest people in the world in Forbes magazine's listing of billionaires, the Philippines' richest people are the poorest. There are several factors affecting their wealth, first is the slow economic growth in the Philippines because of a drop in trade and lower infrastructures spending, second is the small market capitalization.

But there's a surprising twist when Forbes magazine tracked the global wealth of these billionaires in the middle part of 2011. Due to the sudden boom of Philippine Stock Market, the fortunes of 34 Filipino tycoons increased dramatically. Henry Sy, stays in the number one spot for four straight years. There's a slight change in the 2011 listing of Philippine billionaires compared to the listing of Forbes magazine in 2010

Despite increasing his wealth by almost 50% from 2010, Tony Tan Caktiong, founder and CEO of Jollibee Food Corporation, is down from 7th in 2010 to number 11 in 2011, he is now worth $1.0 billion. Tan Caktiong's fast food empire includes Greenwich, Chowking, Red Ribbon and Mang Inasal.

Here's the top ten list based on their 2011 June net worth asset:

Age: 87
Net worth: $7.2 billion
Industry: Malls, Real Estate, Banking
Flagships: SM Investment Corporation, SM Prime Holdings
List of controlled companies:
SM Malls
SM Land Development
Banco De Oro (BDO)
Belle Corporation
Highlands Prime

Age: 77
Net worth: $2.8 billion
Industry: Diversified
Flagship: Lucio Tan Group of Companies
List of controlled companies:
Asia Brewery
Fortune Tobacco
Allied Bank
Philippine Airlines (PAL)
Air Philippines/ Air Express
Tanduay Distillers
University of the East
Pan Asia Securities
Macro Asia Corporation
Himmel Industries

Age: 85
Net worth: $2.4 billion
Industry: Diversified
Flagship: JG Summit Holdings
List of controlled companies:
Digital Telecomm
Sun Cellular
Cebu Pacific
Robinsons malls
Robinsons Land
Universal Robina Food Corporation

Age: 58
Net worth: $2.0 billion
Industry: Real Estate, Liquors, Franchising
Flagship: Alliance Global World, Inc.
List of controlled companies:
Megaworld Corporation
Emperador Distillers
Mcdonald Franchise in the Philippines

Age: 90
Net worth: $1.9 billion
Industry: Construction
Flagship: DMCI Holdings
List of controlled companies:
DMCI Group of Companies
Semirara Mining Corporation
Atlantic Gulf and Pacific Company

Age: 77
Net worth: $1.7 billion
Industry: Real Estate, IT, Banking
Flagship: Ayala Holdings
List of controlled companies:
Ayala Land Corporation
Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
Abreeza Mall in Davao
Globe Telecomm
Hacienda Makati
Insular Life

Net worth: $1.6 billion
Industry: Harbor, Port management services
Flagship: International Container Terminal Services
List of controlled companies
International Container Terminal Services
Manila International Container Terminal
Baltic Container Terminal

Age: 76
Net worth: $1.4 billion
Industry: Food, beverage
Flagship: San Miguel Corporation
List of controlled companies:
San Miguel
San Miguel Packaging Products
San Miguel Properties

Net worth: $1.3 billion
Industry: Mining, Real Estate, IT
Flagship: AIA Capital
List of controlled companies:
Philweb Corporation
Philex Mining Corporation
South Seas Oil
ISM Communication
Atok Big Wedged Company
Macondray Plastic Incorporated

Net worth: $1.1 billion
Industry: Banking, Investment
Flagship: Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company
List of controlled companies:
Philippine Savings Bank
G.T International Tower in Makati

Rounding the Top 20:

NAME                            Business                      Net Worth in $
11. Tony Tan Caktiong    Jollibee, Chowking, etc    1.0 billion
12. Iñigo Zobel               Ayala Land                         980 million
13. Emilio Yap                Manila Bulletin                    930 million
14. Andrew Gotianun      Filinvest, Eastwest bank      795 million
15. Jon Ramon Aboitiz    Aboitiz Group                     760 million
16. Beatrice Campos       United Laboratories           685 million
17. Manny Villar              Vista Land, Camilla            620 million
18. Vivian Que Azcona     Mercury Drug                   555 million
19. Robert Coyiuto Jr.      Philweb                             400 million
20. Mariano Tan               Diversified                        375 million

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May 15, 2012

My Afternoon Tea Break

Yeah!Taking a daily Afternoon Tea break ^____^

Quite relax and more compose to go on with life now. Maybe bad eating habit was the culprit of my spiky moods the past weeks so I've decided to change my eating style and adopted this very British thing, regularly practice by the royal family especially Queen Elizabeth II. Hmmm, maybe this is the reason why the Queen at 86 and her husband, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh at 91, are still spritely active and healthy, so I thought of adopting their healthy eating habit through Afternoon Tea style.

Incorporating this habit to my MEDITERRANEAN DIET is so fantastic, this will save me from going to a derma clinic hehe. Afternoon Tea break varies in foods depending on your choices, but traditionally this break serves hot cup of green tea and tea sandwiches and scones. 

Tea sandwiches are not food on the run but rather prepared delicately in tasty morsels with high flavoured ingredients such as watercress, anchovies, mustard and smoked salmon. But because I am making simple tea sandwiches, I just stuffed it with simple ingredients.
Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

CUCUMBER TEA SANDWICH - This is my starter Afternoon Tea food. Composed of soft, crustless white bread (my boardmate once asked me why I removed the crust of the bread hehe) stuffed with thin slices of cucumber, hardboiled eggs, lettuce, tomato and low fat butter.

FETA TEA SANDWICH - I used a whole wheat bread for this tea sandwich stuffed with feta cheese, lettuce and julienne strip carrots.
Green Tea

GREEN TEA WITH HONEY - The beverage I habitually drink for the past ten years now. It is a very effective cleansing and detoxifying agent. It contains a very powerful antioxidant called catechin which protects women from breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Study shows that Green tea helps remove toxins from the body and fights free radical damages, the main causes of premature ageing and chronic diseases.

In the succeeding weeks, I will try to experiment on scones and other types of morsels for my Afternoon Tea break!

Monday, May 14, 2012

May 14, 2012

Afternoon Tea Party

Longing to escape to a sunny garden with a breathtaking landscape of flowers and plants!

I dreamed to go to a beautiful and quiet countryside to loosen up and unwind and breath the fresh air from the mountain and wild flowers.

Since going somewhere is quite impossible, I just want to take a day break from work maybe and spend life alone and enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon. 

Fourteen years ago, I thought I could find and live a kind of life I was dreaming of in the city but I was wrong. It was terrible, the battle of survival and the struggle to find a room for myself buried me more in the basement of frustrations and disappointments. So deep that contentment is no where to be found.

Now, I want to go back to an environment where harmony and peace of mind are abundant. I am more interested in settling with home life in the countryside than taking a tremendous career in the city because life there is more relax and calm. I want to live a quiet, simple life in a green environment. But right now, I have no enough savings to start a new life in a different place so I will have to endure the struggles and heartaches first.

While waiting for my destiny to take me to wherever God wants me to be, I am trying hard to dart my mind away from despair and annoyance by doing something that amuses me like---researching more about monarchy and entrepreneurship.

I am  also researching stylish country living to keep myself busy...then I thought of changing my eating pattern so I turned on finding more about this very elegant and delicate traditional English habit -- Afternoon Tea Party.

When I get married (hope it will be soon ^____^), I want an Afternoon Tea Garden Party reception in a Springtime theme, I don't mind if my guests will not like it, hahaha! (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE)

So what's this Afternoon Tea Party thing?

Well, this tradition is very British and started during the Victorian Era in England. Lady Anna, the Duchess of Bedford, one of the Ladies-in-Waiting of Queen Victoria created the idea of the first Afternoon Tea Party. According to the amazing-green-tea site:

"Because the noon meal had become skimpier, the Duchess suffered from "a sinking feeling" at about four o'clock in the afternoon. At first the Duchess had her servants sneak her a pot of tea and a few breadstuffs into her dressing room.
Later, she invited friends to join her for an additional afternoon meal at five o'clock in her rooms. The menu centered around small cakes, bread and butter sandwiches, assorted sweets, and, of course, tea.
The practice of inviting friends to come for tea in the afternoon was quickly picked up by other social hostesses, including Queen Victoria".
Well, today, this tradition continues in England and Queen Elizabeth II annually hosted an Afternoon Tea Garden Party in Buckingham Palace during the months of June and July.
An afternoon tea Party is a great way to socialize with friends and relatives while enjoying the food and beverages. 
But don't feel inferior or intimidated by the thought of attending a tea party, in fact you don't need to be very formal or cautious as it is only held in the garden.

There are only proper etiquette to be observed at this party.
So how would you behave in an Afternoon  Tea Party?
According to amazing-green-tea.com, there are proper etiquette to be observed when attending an afternoon tea party:
  • Sip tea slowly instead of gulping like softdrinks or water.
  • Lift the saucer of the tea cup when going around the garden.
  • Don't stir the tea in a circular motion vigorously, it is highly improper, instead, place your spoon in the 6:00 o'clock position then add the milk and gently fold it in by gently moving the spoon towards the 12:00 o'clock position, after stirring, place the spoon on the right side of the saucer.
  • Place the jam and cream on your plate first before spreading it in the scones.
So here's some suggestions in organizing a perfect Afternoon Tea party in the Garden and feel the lifestyle of aristocrats:
Cucumber Tea Sandwich - This traditional recipe is composed of paper-thin slices of cucumber placed between two thin slices of crustless, lightly buttered white bread. Cucumber sandwiches contain little protein and so are generally not considered sustaining enough to take a place at a full meal.
Toasted Tea cake - A light, sweet, yeast-based bun containing dried fruits such as currants, sultanas or peel.
Scone - A small quick bread made of wheat, barley or oatmeal, usually with baking powder as a leavening agent. There are different kinds of scones: Apple biscuit scones, Lemon buttermilk scones, Frosted cream cheese scones, etc.
Canapes - Delicious pastries cut quarterly with additional attractive toppings and decorations.
Asparagaus Boursin Tea Sandwich - Crustless bread stuffed with cooked asparagus and boursin cheese.
Don't ever think that because this is a tea party, you will never see other beverages in the party other than "tea"! This kind of party also serves fruit juice or punch.
Springtime Punch - Mixed a wine of your choice (make sure it is 5% or below ABV to avoid a drunken guest incident) with any fresh fruit juice of your choice then garnish it with slices of apples or oranges.
Honeydew Juice - The green colour of honeydew reflects freshness and vitality and it perfectly matches the beautiful earthly environment of the garden.
Green Tea - Tea is always great!Choose the green tea variety because it is more healthy than other teas. Allow your guests to make a choice of mix either milk or honey.
 Ok, now, my stomach is rumbling in hunger and I want to go home now and prepare my own Cucumber tea sandwich!
This is what we call a real taste of class and elegance, I cannot wait to organize my own Afternoon Tea Garden Party! ^_____^
May 14, 2012


I am so irritable these past days...so many annoyance, disappointments and frustrations. My mood is swinging high and I am on the verge of quitting my not-so-appealing job. I hate this environment, so irritated that I want to eat and eat whole day. No, I am not in bad trouble of course, I just felt extremely exhausted with so many things.

Why I felt really bad?It seems there's an evil spirit lurking behind my back. The breakouts in my face maybe have something to do with my tantrums. For heaven's sake why these annoying pimples kept returning in my skin?? I felt very ugly even more, so ugly that I am not in a good condition to fix myself.

Negative emotions keep haunting me. I felt I am ugly, I felt I am not needed, not loved nor liked. I felt people in my surroundings rejected me every minute of the day. I hate this feeling, I want to escape temporarily. If I had only the money, I would really take a break to a foreign land and just stroll around the park and momentarily forget everything...!!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 13, 2012

2012 Ten Richest People in the World

Here is the list of the latest richest people in the world according to Forbes Magazine. The standing of each billionaire in the listing is quite surprising, compared to the 2011 ranking, two Indians (Lakshmi Mittal and Mukesh Ambani) are no longer in the top ten list.

Contrary to the prediction of Forbes magazine that Mukesh Ambani (the 4th richest person in 2011) would become world's richest man in later years, his assets had decreased by $6.5 billion plummeting his place to 19th this year. Mittal, the 5th richest man in 2011, now placed 21st.

Li Ka Shing of Hongkong, the 9th richest person in the world. His life story is a classic"rags-to-riches". A poor immigrant from China, he was forced to drop out from school at the age of 12 when his father died. He started selling goods in the street at a young age to help his mother raised his younger siblings. His patience, endurance and sacrifices paid off eventually...

One of my personal favorites in the listing since 2005 is Li Ka Shing of Hongkong due to his very inspiring rags-to-riches story. In 2004 to 2007 he was world's 9th richest person but in 2008 to 2011 he was removed from the top ten list due to Asia's difficult economic situation, but this year, 2012, Li moves back to the top ten and now he is Asia's richest person. He is one of the world's great empire builders, he is also one of Asia's most generous individuals, donating $1.6 billion to his foundation.

Li Ka Shing has this very classic rags-to-riches story. A poor immigrant from China (his family fled to Hongkong during Japanese occupation in China). At the age of 12, he was forced to drop out from school when his father died to help his mother raised his younger siblings, he began selling goods in the street. Later on, due to the economic boom in Hongkong, Li started forming his own plastic company, Cheung Kong, manufacturing high quality plastic toys and flowers at lower prices.

The rest is history....

Today, Li Ka Shing is the world's largest operator of container terminals and the world's largest health and beauty retailer. He has an investment in Facebook too.In 2001, he was named "Asia's Most Powerful Man". At 83, Li Ka Shing is still active in his business empire and still the chairman of the board of his flagship companies--Cheung Kong and Hutchison. Just like Warren Buffet, he is also known with his frugality. He wears simple attire and inexpensive wristwatch--Seiko. He lives in Deep Water Bay, Hongkong.


1. Carlos Slim Helu
Age: 72
Country:  Mexico 
Net worth: $69 billion
Industry: Telecommunication
Flagship: Telmex America Movil

2. Bill Gates
Age: 56
Country: USA
Net worth: $61 billion
Industry: Information Technology
Flagship: Microsoft

3. Warren Buffet
Age: 81
Country: USA
Net worth: $44 billion
Industry: Investment
Flagship: Berkshire Hathaway

4. Bernard Arnault
Age: 63
Country: France
Net worth: $41 billion
Industry: Fashion, Apparel
Flagship: LVMH (Luxury goods)

5. Amancio Ortega
Age: 75
Country: Spain
Net worth: $37.5 billion
Industry: Fashion, Apparel
Flagship: Zara (High street fashion goods)

6. Larry Ellison
Age: 67
Country: USA
Net worth: $36 billion
Industry: Information Technology
Flagship: Oracle

7. Eike Batista
Age: 55
Country: Brazil
Net worth: $30 billion
Industry: Mining, Oil
Flagship: OGX Petroleo Gas

8. Stefan Persson
Age: 64
Country: Sweden
Net worth: $26 billion
Industry: Fashion, Apparel
Flagship: H&M (Luxury goods)

9. Li Ka Shing
Age: 83
Country: Hongkong, Republic of China
Net worth: $25.5 billion
Industry: Investment, Real Estate
Flagships: Hutchison Whampoa, Cheung Kong Holdings

10. Karl Albrecht
Age: 93
Country: Germany
Net worth: $25.4 billion
Industry: Goods
Flagship: Aldi

See the 2011 World's Richest People listing of FORBES MAGAZINE HERE


Friday, May 4, 2012

May 04, 2012

Annoying People

I am extremely irritated and disappointed towards something and someone right now and my irritation progresses to anger every minute. I am simply tired elaborating and enumerating my exasperation so I choose not to talk about it anymore.

Why do I keep on insisting myself when I am not needed?

Well, the bottom line of this is, in life, let's admit it, there are really people in our surrounding that we don't like to be associated or to be with, we simply detested them and the mere sight of them made our stomach lurked in rage. 

This natural reaction is somewhat part of our intuition and we cannot control it and there's nothing we can do about it, forcing to appreciate that person is a total madness. 

I'm no exemption.

There are also people in this world that I really detested and no matter what others say, I cannot force myself to appreciate them or like them, it is simply ridiculous. 

Here are the top five annoying people in my list.

If I would be given a chance to throw people to another planet and close the earth so that they can never return, then these are the people:

1. Lady Gaga - as stupid and as creepy as her intention to become famous, this artist from hell is simply one of the worst choices of the public to be admired. She is such an idiot human being who regularly lambasted Catholics and everything about Catholicism in her garbage songs.  I am wondering why she ever got so many fans? Are people gone extremely mad? Why they appreciate such crap music? You know, our likes and interests are reflection of who we are, so be careful with who you admired with, you might be trapped by devils dressing humans.

2. Kate Middleton - The commoner from the basement of the social class system of Britain who did everything she could to be the wife of the future British King is one of the most annoying people to hit the world. For non royalists, her inclusion to one of the oldest monarchies in the world is no issue, but for conservative royalists, her "sudden" transformation into royalty is so artificial. Well, she wanted to be come a royal ever since she was a kid so let that dream embrace her and let's see how long she can endure the scrutiny of the public. In the future, British royals are no longer "genuine royals" their bloodline is already contaminated with Kate's commoner DNA. Due to my irritation for Prince William's decision to take a commoner wife, I silently uttered the famous line blurted by King George V about his eldest son, Prince David who became Edward VIII and abdicated to marry his commoner lover: "I pray to God that David (William) would never produce heirs so that nothing could come between Bertie (Harry) and the throne"

3. Kim Kardashian - Oh, well, this woman needs no further introduction because everybody knows she is annoying and repulsive, a major show off.

4. Camilla Parker Bowles - Up to now I cannot bring myself to call her "HRH" just like her fake stepdaughter-in-law whose eyeliner made her look like the estranged wife of Dracula. At least Camilla is not fan of wearing dark eyeliner, good for her. Still, I considered her as one of the disastrous commoners welcomed by the British royal family. 

5.  Angelina Jolie- I am praying to high heaven that yahoo news would never feature a single article in two months related to this woman. I hate her. I don't find her lips gorgeous, heaven! Why people's definition of sexiness suddenly changed from swaying butt to pouting lips? I don't find it appealing, I find it very awful and disgusting and excuse me, she is not pretty hellooo! Her appearance at the Oscar 2012 ceremony where she donned a black dress with a long slit that revealed her skinny thigh was so cheap that became the most mocked appearance at Oscars, it only proved her mild insanity.

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