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Sunday, October 2, 2011

One of These Days

One of my very favourite songs in life is Barry Manilow's "One of These Days", very timely and appropriate.

One of these days
One of these very ordinary days
Your going to call my name
And I won't be there

After the days
After these very,very many days
Your going to see the light
And I won't be there

And on that day
Some how I'll find the strength to stay away
I won't give in
I will not let myself be taken in
Again oh no my friend

One of these days
Out of the blue you'll start remembering
And I won't care
Cause I won't be there

Oh and on that day
I swear I'll find the strength somehow to stay away
I won't give in
I will not let myself be taken in
Again oh no my friend

Thats what I say
Thats what I tell myself I won't give in
So try it someday and you'll see that I won't be there
No you know,you know I won't be there
One of these,one of these,one of these days
I won't be there.....

I love this song because it reminds me of something....

Something that one of these days won't matter anymore....I don't know, maybe another day or another month or year.

One day, we want silence, we want peace of mind, we want to cry out loud, we want to smile and we want to move on.....and if that one day comes and someone will want to sing a song for us....maybe it's too late...

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