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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Good Laugh

Okay, I must admit, the past days were hell of troubles everything went wrong and it felt like I brought some bad, black magic wand in my hand that everything---person, thing--I encounter or touch turned horribly wrong, I mean Jesus!what's with these chaos around????

Misfortune after misfortune, rejection after rejection, rain after rain, storm, lightening, assignments, cases, project papers, headaches, heartaches everything!I was able to catch them all, wow! I am on my way to make it to the book of world records of having the greatest misfortune in life in just four months....

But I should try to remain calm and under control or else!

So while trying every possible way to whisk my mind away from distress, frustration and tension, I surfed every site I could find in the net that offers funny and hilarious articles and heaven! I landed at Damn LOL and what a site! I ended up rolling in laughter hahaha...


World Economic Model. Unit: Cows


Coke Cat

The Life Of Steve JLioLife of Steve Jobs

A Clean House Is The Sign Of..

Cheesy thing..


Bill Gates Tale..

Beware of what???

COVISITDAMNLOL.COM for more funny pictures and messages

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