Sunday, October 30, 2011

October 30, 2011

Rules for Success

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The late Steve Jobs holding Mac Air. His rules for success: passion + hardwork + intuition

Got some good dose of information last night how to become a very successful entrepreneur from the world's most successful businessmen and popular CEOs--Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg. Before I drifted to sleep, I watched the three video interviews of these world billionaires from Youtube.

Okay, in case you are wondering who are these people, here's a little background:

Steve Jobs --- He died last October 5 at the age of 56 after his long battle of Pancreatic Cancer. But his life was something of a celebration, he was considered as one of the pillars of modern technology as a co-founder of Apple Incorporated and who innovated high tech gadgets like iPod, iPhone, iPad, iMac and iTunes and developed animation technology used by Walt Disney films. Jobs was often called "the messiah of modern electronic gadgets". He was dubbed as the Best Entrepreneur on Earth. Through his leadership, Apple became the world's most admired company.

Warren Buffet - CEO and Chairman of the Board of Berkshire Hathaway, probably the largest investment company in the world. Fortune magazine placed it as the world's fourth most admired company. Buffet is often dubbed as the most brilliant investor in America. His intelligent investing style emerged to be one of the best techniques in managing money.

Bill Gates - Co-founder of Microsoft and since 1997 to 2009, he was listed as the world's richest man until he was edged out by Carlos Slim Helu of Mexico last year and this year. Now, he devoted his time working for his foundation, visiting depressed areas in different parts of the world with his wife, Melinda.

Mark Zuckerberg - founder of Facebook, probably the largest social networking site in the world. Despite his billions, Zuckerberg remained humble and low-key.

Because I was searching some ideas how to create a successful e-business, I listened to every word they uttered and one of the most unforgettable lessons I got, probably wisdom, came from Steve Jobs.

He seated next to Bill Gates and when one of the people in the audience asked him his secret to success, Jobs emphasized the true ingredients: passion, hardwork and the power of intuition, without it, according to him, we will end up nothing. 

Steve Jobs explained:

"You need a lot of passion for what you're doing because it's so hard. Without passion, any rational person would give up. 

So if your'e not having fun doing it, if you dont absolutely love it, youre going to give up.

And thats what happens to most people, actually.

If you look at the ones that ended up being successful in the eyes of society, often times its the ones who love what they do, so they could persevere when it got really tough.

And the ones that didnt love it, quit. Because theyre sane, right? 

Who would put up with this stuff if you dont love it?

So its a lot of hard work and its a lot of worrying constantly.

If you dont love it, youre going to fail.

The former Apple's CEO also gave a very sensible advise to entrepreneurs how to "select" the best people for the company. Bill Gates in a separate interview (the one with Warren Buffet) also said that he agreed that "passion" is really a key to success because when he started establishing Microsoft in 1975 with high school buddy, Paul Allen, he did not think much about money and fame, he only did it because of his "passion" towards computer programming, because that's what he love doing.

So go where your heart is, do what you love doing and work hard for it. 

Listen to Steve Jobs interview (with Bill Gates) talking about passion and hard work.

Jobs compulsively used his powerful intuitive nature too and it was his best guide to achieve what he was dreaming in his life. According to his biographer, Walter Isaacson, when he had an interview with Jobs, whom he really thought was an exceptional genius, Jobs heavily valued experiential wisdom over empirical analysis and appreciate/practice the power of intuition, a habit he got after dropping out from college and wandered around India.

Isaacson recalled Jobs mentioned The people in the Indian countryside don’t use their intellect like we do, they use their intuition instead. Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect, in my opinion. That’s had a big impact on my work.”

Buy this book from Amazon. It reveals the secret of innovative skills of Steve Jobs and his unique techniques how to become highly successful despite the presence of intense competition 

Isaacson continued, Mr. Jobs’s intuition was based not on conventional learning but on experiential wisdom. He also had a lot of imagination and knew how to apply it. As Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” -- Source: The New York Times

There's at least one book that shares a beautiful story of success and how to maximize opportunities available in the environment we lived, and yes how passion and hard work conspire to bring us to success and prosperity, read my review about OUTLIERS in CONSUMER REVIEW site

There you go, passion + hardwork + intuition = success ^___^

Watch the historic interview of two of the world's most celebrated C.E.Os and computer geniuses, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, in the video link below and discover how their companies, Apple and Microsoft respectively, faced the fierce competition in the electronic market through all these years and listen to the best words or compliment they said to each other (Jobs to Gates and vice versa).
2007 interview of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

October 30, 2011

Outliers: a book review

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You can order this book from now at a lower price!Just click the image above

(This is an excerpt of the book review I wrote for our managerial communication subject last semester)

Written by Malcolm Gladwell (author of Tipping Point and Blink), Outliers book narrates the inspiring stories of some of the world billionaires we have known, their fascinating saga to extraordinary success and how ordinary people should learn lessons from the circumstances of their lives. The book presents how the influence of the environment, upbringing and generation contribute massively to the fate of an individual.

Outliers, according to the author, refer to the unusual or remarkable circumstances of the lives of the people “where normal rules did not apply…it refers to men and women "who do things that are out of the ordinary”, people who have been given---and lucky enough to be surrounded---by opportunities, people who make good use of their passion, skills and talent in order to achieve what they are aiming in life.

The book introduces the readers to the remarkable circumstances that impelled Silicon Valley titans and Bill Gates to fame and immense wealth. Silicon Valley titans include the late Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, Bill Joy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems (the company that devised java programming now part of Oracle corporation), William Hewlitt and David Packard, founders of HP. They operated their business empires around the region called "Silicon Valley" (its actual location is in the Southern part of the San Francisco Bay area) where world billionaires had traditionally built their enormous wealth. Silicon Valley was named after the "Silicon chip" because most of the world's high tech businesses are found in this region. Practically, the region earned that name because it was here that the social roots of the information technology revolution had started in 1970s. Aside from Jobs, Hewlitt/Packard and Joy, other high tech titans who had established their companies there are Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook and Lawrence Ellison (currently, the 6th richest man in the world), founder of Oracle.

The opportunities given to them were vast, they did not rise to greatness because of their intellect alone, but they did it through spending time honing their skills, acquiring experience, possessing a unique enthusiasm to work harder on their goals, passionate enough to pursue what they wanted in life plus the influence they got from the environment they belonged. Success and achievement therefore have something to do with the environment we currently lived, understanding the trend and needs of the generation we presently belong and having the passion to do the things we love doing. For instance, the fate of computer geniuses like Bill Gates, Bill Joy (the original author of vi text editor), Steve Jobs, and Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft), and their talents were intensified with the kind of environment they were born---1950s, and when they were approaching their adulthood life, computer revolution was also unfolding, thus, having enormous opportunity to explore the skill and talent they already have.

In a world where society plays a major part in every person’s survival, success sometimes depends on what is necessary in the environment, society therefore influences the way we perceive life and the way we live and strive. For instance the tech wizards: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckeberg, both college drop-out but founded companies that would later left astonishing marks in the people's consciousness through out human history due to its world-changing concepts and innovations, all because these world billionaires had seized the opportunities their generation had given (Jobs and Gates for computer revolution and Zuckerberg for Social Networking revolution).

Gladwell pointed out the influence that we must remember through the 10,000 house-rule, based on a study conducted by Anders Ericsson, here, the author emphasized “vastness and magnitude do not simply happen, it requires huge time and opportunity to achieve what we are looking”. The 10,000 house-rule refers to the time, period and circumstances that individual must endure in order to gain enough experience into the field they would be joining. Success sometimes depends not only on our roots, culture and influences alone but on how time would help us improve and develop our skills and talents, thus, more than 10,000 hours of spending on what we love doing will help a lot.

The book also emphasized that even if we’ve got all the talent and intellect in this world, without having given an opportunity to explore what we already have, without the support of the society we are living and without taking any initiative or without enough passion and hardwork, we will end up nothing, take for example the case of Chris Langan, who touted to be the smartest person in the world today and believed to have an IQ more than that of Albert Einstein, but life and circumstances deprived him with the kind of opportunities that would bring him to where he should be, so he ended up nothing.

Gladwell also illustrated how IQ and success are interrelated, but it doesn’t mean that people who have higher IQ are smarter than those who have an average IQ level. This concept also leads to the belief that not all college graduates are smarter than those who did not earn a diploma, remember that most of the world billionaires and computer geniuses like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg did not even finish college.

The true-to-life stories presented in Outliers book are immensely wonderful. It provides thought-provoking lessons and realizations that there’s an interconnection between culture, environment, success, joy and achievement in our fate. It’s not merely destiny or bad luck that undermines our chances to be successful or live in comfort, sometimes it is the product of effort, passion and opportunity. There are important connections of the decade and generation we were born and raised, the trend of that generation, the social position of our family and our roots, the relationships between intellect and perseverance, success and triumph, opportunities and chances and our determination and enthusiasm to pursue a certain goal. It is very difficult indeed to build a certain goal away from what the present world is asking.

People’s mindset has something to do with success too, if we are too focus on failures and weaknesses, if we refused to move on with our lives after misfortunes, like that of Chris Langan, chances are, fate would never cooperate to the kind of life we always wanted. We should constantly look around for opportunities and explore different possibilities of maximizing its advantages. It is also a must to discover  the needs of the present world  so that we can fit our life’s goal on it.

In order for us to become “Outliers”, we should do extraordinary things beyond imagination or beyond expectations, we should think differently because the world is changing, like Steve Jobs, we should try to  be "crazy" enough to think that what we can do can drastically change the world or the environment we are living, we should try to be visionaries in our own right. We may not be the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates or Warren Buffet or Bill Joy, but at least we can significantly contribute or influence on what our surrounding should be looked like in the next ten years.

Life itself is no magic. There are times that we are very passionate in doing things we suppose to do or things we believe could bring us to greatness but sometimes circumstances refused to cooperate, but having a burning passion to try again and avoid those things that won’t work would surely bring us to where we should be no matter how long it takes. Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs were world's greatest examples that embodied the spirit of this old adage: "failure, more than success, is the beginning of wisdom and greatness". Our fate, depends on ourselves how we view life and how we would spend every hour working on that dream. Then and only then, we would become "Outliers".
Outliers available at at a lower price!Just click the image above to see the details

This book is a must-read, the text and thoughts were presented in a simplest form. You don't need to scratch your head or scramble to look for a dictionary to understand the complicated words. The author is brilliant enough to write a book that can be easily understood by everyone, the great lessons presented were amazing, very comprehensible since the people mentioned and their stories were popular. This is one of the best motivational books in the market today. Read it for yourself.

October 30, 2011

Helen of Troy

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Get an original DVD copy of this epic miniseries about the extraordinary beauty of Helen, Queen of Sparta, who had caused the Trojan War. Available at Amazon as low as $4.87. 

Helen of Troy is a 2003 American TV miniseries starring Sienna Guillory. I just watched it last night on DVD and quite puzzled with the run-up of the story, nevertheless, it spurred my interest to dig more on the classical Greek Tragedy plays.

I've been a passionate reader of European history and Wars and fascinated about Greek mythology and its connection to the classical Greece so every time I stumbled on TV series/Films that have something to do with Europe I wasted no time watching it.

Though I never read the full details of Illiad and Odyssey by Homer, I'd read some portion of these two poems, well, most particularly the fascinating Trojan War, maybe because I was intrigued why Helen was called the most beautiful woman in the world and the face "that could launch a thousand ships".

In Homer's Illiad, the Trojan War ignited when Paris, the second son of King Priam of Troy seduced Helen, who was already married to Melaneus, Prince of Mycenae and who became King of Sparta after Helen's step-father, King Tyndareus, abdicated. Paris and Helen became lovers and eloped to Troy which angered Melaneus and gathered other Kings, including his tyrant brother, Agamemnon who married Helen's sister, Clytemnestra, to launch war against Troy in order to take back Helen to Sparta. 

In this 2003 miniseries, I was confused with how the story presented. Some of the facts, especially on the important characters, were not told accurately. In Homer's Illiad, Helen was said to be a demigoddess as a daughter of Zeus (god of the Heaven in Greek Mythology) and Leda, the wife of Tyndareus. Helen had three half-siblings through her mother: Clytemnestra, Castor and Pollux, but in the miniseries, she had only two siblings: Clytemnestra and Pollux.

In the classical Greek tragedy story, Tyndareus accepted Helen as his own daughter and became very protective of her and was very cautious to accept a suitable princely suitor for her but in the miniseries, the King detested Helen and even condemned her for causing the death of Pollux when he rescued her from the hand of Theseus, leaving no legitimate future King for Sparta. Tyndareus then angrily announced to the visiting Princes and Kings to decide who among them would take Helen as a bride.

Other loopholes: It was not revealed in the series that Helen and Menelaus had children though in Homer's poem, the two had one daughter and two sons, in the series these facts were omitted. Hector, the Prince of Troy and older brother of Paris, was married to Andromache and had a son, he was considered as the best warrior of Troy, leader of the army and the noblest among the sons of King Priam, however, in the series, Hector was single and was depicted as a non-fighter. In Illiad, Paris was killed by Philoctetes while in the series, he was killed by Agamemnon. There was another element in Illiad that was missing, the other son of King Priam--Deiphobus, who, after the death of Paris had married Helen and was killed by Melaneus later.

Nevertheless, Helen of Troy, was an interesting miniseries retelling Homer's Illiad, it was told in a very simple  concept free from complications.

I enjoyed epic fantasy adventure and historical movies, so I watched this film four times --- last night and this morning---to understand better how the modern version of the classic Greek tragedy was presented. If you are into epic films, Helen of Troy (2003) is a good choice, very worthy of your time. 


Saturday, October 22, 2011

October 22, 2011

Up Close and Personal

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Because I really want to update my 12 blogs today, I spent five long hours last night rolling my eyes to the four corners of my room, thinking what entry to post....

And to spare my brain from further stress of digging ideas deeply, I just created this very personal post, well, uhmmm about myself. Sorry to treat you to something not interesting but I really want to update this blog before I would be eaten up by another grueling week of the second semester enrollment. @___@ 

I am afraid I might loss some brain cells if I would force myself to think hardcore topics during the time no worthy news to share ...haha! just endure this not-so-glamorous tattling about myself.

I simply love blobbing you know..

One of my favorite foods, California Maki

Things you didn't hear about me


I stammer a lot!It's very frustrating, but the feeling of nervousness that clouded in my system forced my tongue to stutter, though it's a mild case and sometimes unnoticeable, it gave me so much annoyance because I could not say things and I want to get rid of it. I don't know why I developed this disgusting habit of stammering when I was very exposed to public performances in grade school (delivering a speech, declamation, oration, dancing) at the end of each school year. I also wrote stage plays in high school and performed with my classmates but later in my life, a dreadful stuttering suddenly appeared!

Maybe because I had this less-than perfect self-esteem which affected my self-confidence. But right now, I already made a move to completely eradicate this ugly habit by going back to school. Well, eventually after three semesters in the graduate school, there's some progress, I rarely stutter.

Well, in life, I found out, no one could ever help us transform into a better person except ourselves, no one could actually help us develop our own self except through personal effort.


Yeah!I know how to design and sketch stuff---->structure of the house, landscape, clothes, trendy bags. Just a basic sketching and designing strokes but at least I can do it alone using my vivid imagination. I have a sketch pad in my room and every weekend I would pull it and draw the interior of the house I want to build or sketch wedding gowns or trendy apparel.

Lately, I have several sketches of a house structure. But my favorite design is the simple iced peach house with glass windows and a beautiful kitchen (because I love cooking!), a little pantry (I want to put everything in order within the kitchen vicinity), kitchen utensils organizer, a study room adjacent to the master's bedroom, a cozy bathroom with stand-alone locker of toiletries, and a breathtaking landscape complete with bed of cornflowers, orchids and botanical plants.

Back in high school, I personally designed the dresses I worn, I would bring my designs to the tailor shop whenever my mother bought new fabrics for me. The dress I wore in my senior prom was my own design --- a red silk dress with a plaited skirt, a sweetheart scallop bodice and a black padded belt. It did survive for many years and many girls rented it for their own proms.

Foods and Drinks

I prefer homemade dishes. I made it a point to cook my own foods. My favorite recipes are sauteed broccoli with tomatoes and cubed carrots cooked in olive oil and minced garlic and onions and Tokwa in oyster sauce with asparagus. I prefer fish than meat so every weekend I would go to the wet market to buy danggit, my favorite fish. I am more on seafoods, vegetables and fruits. I am following a Mediterranean diet to stay healthy, that is more seafoods and EFA and less meat.
Green tea from Sangkai Japanese restaurant
One of my favorite desserts, Brazo de Mercedes
Blueberry Cheesecake from Lachi's

I am a Green tea addict! I prefer the Authentic variant of Celestial seasoning brand  because according to a research study, this brand contains the highest concentration of antioxidants. I drink Green tea with honey everyday. I never drink softdrinks, I take coffee in moderation, about once a month. I drink milk (Athena) before going to bed at night, it helps my skin retains its vigor and radiance. Some of my favourite drinks when I am at the cafe house are Passionfruit Iced tea (Kangaroo Coffee shop) and Apple cider tea (G Cafe).
Passionfruit Iced tea from Kangaroo, so refreshing!

I prefer brown rice over white rice. It is more nutritious and healthy because the bran is intact. For food brands, I only stick with Kelloggs and Nestle especially when it comes to cornflakes. Some of my favorite desserts are Brazo de mercedes and blueberry cheesecake. For pasta, I prefer creamy carbonara and baked penne.

Since last year, I only ate rice twice a week at night, I consumed oatmeal and fruits only to maintain my weight and prevent my stomach from bulging.


Oh yeah, I am a huge dreamer!I dreamed big things in life and I know I am getting there. I always believe in myself and my capacity to fulfill my goals. My greatest dream however is to publish books and write screenplays. I wrote several school plays during my high school years. I wanted to study film making and make foreign trips to observe other cultures and hopefully take quality photos of their landscape and landmarks. I am fascinated with French and Italian languages.
The book I self-published in July 2011, online shoppers can order it now through yahoo, but I temporarily suspended the link because I wanted to pull it from the online shop list and move it to a Philippine publication
The great innovator of our time, the late Steve Jobs holding his innovation--Macbook air. I dreamed to own this device ^____^

I dreamed to buy a Macbook air or any products from Apple. You see, I love Steve Jobs and greatly adored his style and innovation, now that he is gone, the least thing I can do to remember his greatest legacy and influence is to buy any Apple products preferably mac air.

I am planning to venture into an e-business for a mail-order catalogue, this is the latest trend in the global market today. Though competition is quite fierce and rigid, I am confident I could create my own niche. I am closely studying the concept created by Party Pieces, a mail-order catalogue online business developed by the family of Kate Middleton. It is a very prosperous business. 

Greatest Fascination
Windsor Castle, dubbed by 15th century diarist, Samuel Pepys as the most romantic castle in the world!

My greatest fascination remains to be a grand European tour. Hope to visit the magnificent landmarks in Europe like Windsor Castle in England, Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, the beautiful Tuscany in Italy, the romantic Versailles ground in France and the countryside of Cornwall and Scotland. I love to travel around Greece too because of its gorgeous beaches and medieval villages.

A Country Girl by Heart

I always love the life in the countryside. If I have enough money I would buy a farm and build a house there with lots of fruit trees and organic plants. I grew up in a farm surrounded by streams and valleys and my longing to live in a laid-back environment once again grew everyday.

I prefer a life in the countryside than in the city it is more peaceful, quiet and clean., I love the mountain landscape because of the serenity it provides. I want a house that is surrounded by lots of flowers, plants and fruit trees.

Or maybe I just missed my home town...hmmm..^___^

October 22, 2011

The fading appeal of Prince William

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Once upon a time...there was a handsome Prince.....but that was long ago ^_____^

Looking at the current photos of Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, I couldn't help but think why his appeal had withered when he is one of the gorgeous royals in Europe before he got married.

...And it seems he did not leave up to the old adage that goes "the more you age the more you become hotter" appears to be an opposite case for the future British King. And I am wondering why? Now, I won't start criticizing here that maybe his "fading" appeal has something to do with his marriage or tension of his future role. I will think it the other way around.

Prince William in January 2010

When Wills was younger, it couldn't be denied that he was more cute and adorable than his younger brother, Prince Harry, well, after all, he inherited most of the features of his mother, the late Princess Diana and that of the Spencers. But it seems those beguiling features quickly vanished as years gone by. But wait, his mother too passed the same "beauty waning" concept.

When the former Lady Diana Spencer was still a young girl, she too looked like a Greek goddess, exceptionally beautiful and stunning, but I noticed when she became older, her once alluring physical look seemed withered. Maybe it had something to do with pressure, stress or emotional troubles underneath.
Prince Harry is now more gorgeous  than his brother

Prince William seems aged fast and his receding hair is more evident, his jaw had dropped and more pronounced and his face looked worn out and haggard and he gained weight! I don't know what causes it, the pressure in his military career or his worries for the future of the throne. His wife looked ugly too, seems like her face is wrinkled already and her freckles now becoming more visible which made her skin looked unhealthy and rough. It seems marriage is not a good idea to them (joke).

Now, Prince Harry is more gorgeous than William. The once way-ward Prince who shocked the world when he wore a Nazi uniform during a costume party looked irresistible and fascinating everyday, even during the time he was overtly drunk and confused. Harry is more cute than his brother in recent years.

Hmmmm...just a personal observation though ^____^

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October 18, 2011

Nature Tripping

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2011 October 18

Yes!!Finally I was able to visit the other side of Surigao del sur!

Against the backdrop of Enchanted River (Sir Asis Abonado at the lower step)

Last Sunday, October 16, we left Davao for one day nature excursion to Enchanted River in Talisay, Hinatuan and Tinuy-an Falls in Borboanan, Bislig. 

I lived in Marihatag, (four hours from Hinatuan), a quiet municipality in the south surrounded with beaches and mountains (we are facing the mighty Pacific Ocean), so visiting another mountain or beach resort is not a fascinating idea to me anymore.

But because I heard lots of good feedbacks about the extraordinary beauty of Enchanted River and Tinuy-an falls, I was excited to visit these spots anyway....when Maam Beth Galindo invited me to join their excursion, I immediately "hop in" hehehe.

yaaaay! (got this expression from Bianca Gonzales in her blog, lol!)

It was terrific...and very amazed to see the stunning countryside of my home province as if it was my first time to travel in the hinterland!hahhaha...But a little bit shock with the never-ending road of Talisay going to Enchanted river with so many signboard pointing to the resort, I thought we were lost in the middle of the forest!

The Time line of our Trip:

1:30 am       -  left Davao
5:30 am       - arrival in Hinatuan
6:00 am       - entered Enchanted Kingdom
6:30 am       - Breakfast at the riverside
7:00 am       - Boat ride around Hinatuan river, fish cage, white sand and ponta cave
9:00 am       - back at Enchanted river
9:30 am       - swimming time!^______^
11:30 am     - Lunch time
12:30 nn      - left Enchanted river for Tinuy-an falls
1:40 pm       - arrival in Borboanan
1:45 pm       - frolicking around the falls
3:30 pm       - mid-afternoon meal near the highest layer of water falls
4:00 pm       - left Bislig
8:30 pm       - back in Davao!

Enjoying the cold water of Enchanted River

Enchanted river has an amazing rock formation, the water is cobalt blue at sunrise and would turn green at midday until early afternoon. Because the river is 30 meters deep, we need to wear a life jacket to enjoy the cool water, surprisingly, the water is salty due to its connection to the sea.

beautiful morning touring around the Hinatuan river

At 7:00 pm we went for a boat ride around Hinatuan river and sea to view the fish cage and the pawikan cage in the middle of the sea, then went to the white sand island and back again to visit the ponta cave nearby, visitors were not allowed to go down to the heart of the cave without a tour guide, we had no plan to go down either so after picture taking we got back to the boat.

We started enjoying the enchanted river swimming at 9:30 am. I was very afraid to take a plunge because of its horrifying rock formation but because I wanted to have a souvenir for this trip, I managed to pluck some courage to dive anyway hehehe. What a stunning blue lagoon!

Stunning blue lagoon!

At 12:30, we left Enchanted River and went to Tinuy-an falls. It was here that I enjoyed our adventure to the max, the cool surrounding was great!We went closer to the raging waterfalls at the second level, the highest layer of the falls. We enjoyed the harsh drops of the water, it felt like someone had massage our back!

The highest layer of waterfalls at Tinuy-an 
 Tinuy-an Falls is the highest waterfalls in the Philippines and its mystic and natural beauty is often compared to the Niagara falls in Canada
Getting closer to the raging waterfalls, visitors cannot go there without riding a "balsa"
Going to the upper level of the falls (picture below)
Resting at the foot of the falls on top of the mountain snowflakes!

Then we climbed at the top of the mountain, 180 feet high, in order to visit the other 3 layers of the waterfalls. We enjoyed the other layers this time because we were able to sit at its foot and enjoyed the water curtain which looked like drops of snowflakes in the picture. We left the area at 4:00pm.

Haaaay! what a day and what an adventure! Thanks to Miss Maribeth Galindo and the social science faculty of UIC for allowing me and elvie to join! so happy....a very relaxing weekend ^____^

Read this adventure HERE IN MY TRAVEL BLOG

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October 12, 2011

Be Inspired!

Nick Vujicic, a 28 year-old Australian who was born without hands and legs but he get on with life and went on to earn two Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Financial Planning. He is also active in sports playing golf, surfing, swimming, springboard diving and fishing. When you look at him you see he’s definitely worse off, yet he has a more positive attitude and outlook on life than most of us.  And now very busy with his career touring around the world and inspiring others

An inspiring man. An excellent motivational speaker in the world!

Sir Deypalubos showed me a video from youtube this morning about this very inspiring man named Nick Vujicic. I was stunned with how he managed to live a normal life despite being totally disabled. He has no arms and legs but he can move comfortably like a normal human being. When I returned to the office, I immediately search stories about this amazing human being.

Nick Vujicic is an Australian, he lived in Brisbane, and he was born without limbs and hands, you could just imagine the inconvenience of moving around without arms and legs, but astonishingly, Vujicic lived a normal life like the rest of us and he is more active in sports! He is into swimming, springboard diving, golfing, surfing and many other sports. He finished a double Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Financial Planning.

He can swim!

What amazes me is the way he accepted his fate and the way he viewed life!God, this man is truly fascinating and inspiring, such an exceptional human being!Imagine his disabilities and the severe difficulty of interacting with other people, moving and going around and taking a bath, eating, writing without hands and limbs? But he is very happy and contented. Though he admitted that at some point he felt so insecure so lonely and down, later he learn to accept his fate.

He slowly build a career as a motivational speaker, touring around the world inspiring others. He founded an organization named Life without Limbs. He has a deep trust in God and always express his gratefulness about his life. Imagine!This man without hands and legs who was deprive with basic mobility, is very thankful with his existence. If Nick can do that why can't we?

Nick says “I am standing before you to encourage you in your perspective, to have courage in your path and be all that you can be.”
“You don’t need hands to hold someone’s heart”
“We have a choice every day. We can either be angry for what we don’t have, feel frustrated for the things we can’t change or do the best we can with what we do have”
Nick told many stories about the miracles he has witnessed and keeps a pair of shoes in his closet just in case God says yes to him.
After reading his story, I got so inspired. God really performed miracles everyday, all we need is to acknowledge it and be happy and contented with what we have and stop aiming things that cannot be ours. BE CONTENTED WITH LIFE AND THANK GOD EVERYDAY, BECAUSE LIFE ITSELF IS A GIFT, WE DON'T NEED TO ASK FOR MORE. Read more about Nick Vujicic HERE

Friday, October 7, 2011

October 07, 2011

The Incredible Legacy of Steve Jobs

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THIS IS A REPOST FROM originally written by MIKE WEHNER

Steve Jobs was a visionary in the world of computing and is largely responsible for the level at which computers are integrated with our everyday lives. There's a very good chance that you're reading this story on a computer, tablet, or smartphone that Jobs either invented or inspired, and that's something that is unique to his legacy. 
Steve Jobs during the launching of iPad in January 2010

How it all started

Jobs — along with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne — founded Apple in 1976. The first computers were simplistic but revolutionary for their time. Then in 1984, the company introduced the Macintosh 128K, the first mainstream computer that abandoned text-only commands in favor of a graphical user interface. Along with it came the mouse, a device which is so crucial to modern computing that it hasn't changed in nearly three decades. 

In 1986, during a brief hiatus from the company he helps created, Jobs snatched up a little-known division of film studio Lucasfilm. He renamed this computer animation company Pixar, after the expensive computer imaging technology that his team created. Shortly thereafter, he negotiated a deal with Disney to produce Pixar's first full-length feature, Toy Story. After a string of record-breaking films, he sold the company to Disney for approximately $7.4 billion. 

Return to Apple

When Jobs eventually returned to Apple, the company was in shambles. Competing manufacturers held Apple software licenses and were making clones of the company's hardware, undermining the brand. Jobs immediately cancelled the program and brought all Apple development back under one roof. 

From there he slowly built up Apple's credibility amongst computer users and eventually oversaw the launch of the iMac and iBook, two of the most iconic Apple products in the company's history. The somewhat unusual look and candy-colored combinations of Apple's hardware began to give the company an edgy appeal, and consumers ate it up. Apple's stock seemed to have no ceiling, as each new product brought new customers into the company's dedicated fan base. 

iPod, iPhone, and iPad

Apple launched the iPod in 2001, and along with the iTunes software, Jobs' company revolutionized the way we listen to music. Digital music players can be found in every corner of the globe, and the iPod line is by far the most popular of them all. Apple made purchasing and listening to music so affordable and easy that over 220 million iPod devices have been sold since its introduction. 

In 2007 Jobs launched what is undoubtedly the best-selling Apple product to date: the iPhone. His vision of a smartphone was far different than what most wireless consumers were used to, but now it's hard to imagine a world without it. As competitors did their best to catch up, Jobs stayed the course, always standing by his promise to create useful products on Apple's terms, and without influence from the rest of the tech world. 

Once the iPhone was firmly a market leader, Jobs took his dream of mobile computing one step further by introducing the iPad — a tablet that didn't try to be a computer. Both the iPhone and iPad product lines have seen massive success and after 4 versions of Apple's smartphone and two iPads, the company is the most valuable brand name in consumer electronics, and has flirted with being the most profitable company on earth. 

We'll never forget

Through it all, Steve Jobs gained millions of fans. His relaxed appearance and style during the frequent Apple keynotes is legendary, and even as new CEO Tim Cook takes over, we can't help but miss the black shirts and blue jeans we were used to seeing for so many years. 

Today, pancreatic cancer claimed his life, a disease which he first announced to the public in 2004. Through various treatments, Jobs continued to perform his duties at Apple, promising only to step down when he felt the time was right. Just a few short months ago, on August 24, Steve Jobs officially walked away from his post as CEO, and today he is no longer with us. 

As the face of Apple for so many years, Jobs became part of the very fabric of the company's products. His legacy will live on with every iPod, iPhone, Mac, and iPad that graces a desk or coffee table around the globe. The next time you power on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, spare a moment for Steve Jobs, one man who made advancing technology his life's work. 

Interview of Steve Jobs in 2010 after launching iPad.
Part I

                                                                            Part II


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October 07, 2011

What will the future hold for APPLE?

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The world still reeling in shock. The outpouring of emotions are still evident through out the world. People from different walks of life expressed sympathy.... sense of grief was heard all over, for the great loss of a man who redefined and reshaped how people should live in the modern world under the wonders and comforts of sleek electronic gadgets.

But the biggest question now is: "Can Apple sustain its spirit and highly defined success without its brilliant CEO and founder, Steve Jobs?"

Everybody knows Apple was Jobs's life, it was this man's spirit and energy that drove Apple to unparalleled greatness and success, his shrewd guidance and management style propelled Apple to become world's most admired company. But can the company sustain the magic that Steve Jobs created?


History tells us that when inventors or founders passed away, their legacy never diminish and their companies continue to thrive and survive, Ford motors for example, flourished after its founder, Henry Ford passed away and so with Walt Disney after Walter Disney died. Apple too can survive and will continue to be the major player in the world of technology, it is too established and now part of the consumers' life. But the question is "how long the company can sustain the pressure of competition? Can Apple continue to be the leader in the industry?"

Apple's success partly relied on the shrewdness and brilliance of Steve Jobs. It's edge has always been based on BEING THE FIRST "by solving problems others thought to be unsolvable", creating products that changed how people worked, played and communicated. Steve Jobs was a tough fellow, what he had done at Apple was a very hard act to follow. Even during his medical leave, Tim Cook, his eventual heir as CEO, relied most of the time for his advises and guidance.


Hopefully history won't repeat itself.

In the past, before Apple vaulted to greatness, there was SONY, the leader of innovation and technology. Just like Apple, Sony also propelled to greatness because of its founders' energetic personalities--AKIO MORITA AND MASARU IBUKA, both Japanese. They were all behind everything what Sony did, much like Steve Jobs to Apple. In a strange twist of fate, Morita and Ibuka were very much like Steve Jobs, they were visionaries with unique talents, bringing technology closer to the masses and established a world-renowned company with unparalleled reputation and success in the industry.

When Sony was acquired by other entities and Morita and Ibuka left the scene, Sony's fame began shrinking. Though it remains one of the biggest players in the electronic industry today, Sony was not able to recover its shining glory during Morita and Ibuka's leaderships, the reputation and "glory" eventually were taken over by APPLE in the middle of 1990s upon Steve Jobs's appointment as its CEO. Since then, Apple shoot unfailing success.

Sony was managed by talented and highly intelligent teams after Morita and Ibuka but the spirit of two founders were not emulated by the successors, eventually, Sony had never been the same again without them. Few more years later, Sony's managers and executives were trying very hard to recapture and revive the Morita-Ibuka  spirits but none of them succeeded. There will never be Morita and Ibuka again for Sony.

Now, it's Apple's turn. Will history repeats itself?

Just like Morita and Ibuka, there was only one Steve Jobs for Apple. Jobs possessed the rare ability to link emerging technologies with consumers' habits and tastes in a way that built powerful corporation and an internationally beloved brand. Only few people in the industry can claim that skill, Steve Jobs was one of these rarest individuals. That's why he was called a visionary leader, a legendary inventor, in our time, it was only him who had that skill, he was probably unrivaled in matching great ideas with unique marketing and management techniques in the finest execution. That's why there's enough reason for Apple to worry for its future.

As what Fred Anderson, former chief financial officer of Apple, had said "There will never be another Steve Jobs, Only he understood the soul of Apple and its innovative roots, and the importance of combining art and science in the creation of truly great products. Only he had the powerful personality, vision and taste to achieve greatness."

Time magazine commented that in order for Apple to sustain its growth and success, the new management should learn something from the fate of Sony, they must grow and act beyond its dynamic founders and find a new future away from the shadow of Steve Jobs, they must learn to grow by themselves, they must stop looking backward to an end that could not recreate.

A very tough road indeed for Apple.
This article was based on the analysis report of Michael Schuman of TIME magazine

Read more about Steve Job's awe inspiring life at FORBES MAGAZINE COVERAGE OF HIS LIFE
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