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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Songs of the Heart

September is about to end so the tension of working on several requirements for each subject is beginning to surface. But there's one requirement in my managerial communication subject that I love. The songs compilation for six decades where we would write a critique for each song. I love it because I am a music-minded person and I  love analyzing song's lyrics!

But I had a hard time choosing what songs to include in each decade since there are lots of ballad and mellow tunes I love. So I picked songs which represent the depth of my emotions so that it will be easier for me to write a critique.

Some of the songs I selected are The Colours of Love by Billy Ocean, Don't Expect me to be Your Friend by Lobo, Fire and Rain by James Taylor, Why do we always hurt the ones we love by Dan Hill, God Gave me You by Bryan White. 

Songs are melodies of the heart, like sweet-scented flowers spreading its magic of romance, music describes what's beyond those hidden emotions. It helps soothe troubled mind. When I am down and sad and distress, all I need to do is just listen to mellow songs and soft ballad, cry a little bit and figure out why things felt so badly.

I don't want to talk about rejection anymore nor the things that made me so sad lately. I am simply tired blurting words of loneliness, asking questions about life and why people sometimes are unpredictable. I just go on with my life, pursuing my dreams, focusing now on things I need to achieve in the future. I don't want to spend every minute of the day thinking why there's animosity again. That's beyond my control. All I have to do now is just mind my own life. 

I don't want to attract tons of stress. Life is wonderful to be wasted on disappointments, so to minimize tension, I just focus on things that have something to do with my happiness---surfing the net for travel plan tips, writing stories for my short story compilations, writing entries for my 12 blogs, creating another blog, eating good foods and listening to good old songs.

One of my super favorite songs in life is Billy Ocean's The Colors of Love, it perfectly describes what's inside my heart, my longings, my dreams. The questions asked in the song are the same questions I'd been asking for ten years now.

The Colors of Love by Billy Ocean

If I had to paint a picture
To show the world how love can really be
I would use the brightest colours
To create a vision of harmony
It would be a reality
'Cause its only what's inside of my heart
You would see I've always loved you right from the very start

Tell me what is the colour of love?
What do you see?
Is it warm is it tender when you think of me
I see the colour of love when I'm thinking of you
As a picture perfect painting of love forever true

The colours of the rainbow turn grey whenever you're so far away
It changes like the seasons
You're the reason it happens that way
What you see are colours of emotion
Reflecting what I feel deep inside
Now I'd like to take a look at emotions that you hide

Tell me what is the colour of love?
What do you see?
Is it warm is it tender when you thing of me
I see the colour of love when I'm thinking of you
As a picture perfect painting of love forever true

And oh though many may try to keep us apart
Oh the colours that I see in you will shine a light to see us through
No matter what the world will do I'll always love you Ooh ooh ooh

Oh what is the colour of love oh tell me tell me
Oh I wanna know I wanna know - when I'm thinking of you
As a picture perfect paining of love forever true

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