Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 31, 2011

Weekend with my Mother

Oh my!

Time really flew so it's Western countries, this is the start of the Autumn season and in the Philippines, the start of the Christmas season (though in the Catholic calendar it's not actually Christmas season yet).

With soothing Christmas songs started playing in the air, my mind transported back again to the most wonderful moment of my life in the province. This is my happiest season of the year!I always love Christmas because it reminds me of my  uncomplicated and joyful childhood, so many good memories and heart-warming thoughts.
My mama is camera shy hehehe
My Mama
Quiet lunch with mama at Rai rai Ken Abreeza

I'm just so happy despite terrible events that happened lately. I just try to ignore those ugly events and encounter with some ugly and ignorant people in the environment, I am looking forward for a wonderful holiday in the province.
Chicken Teriyaki
One of my favorite Japanese Foods, California Maki!

Last Friday, August 26, my mother came to Davao to be with me for just three days and it felt so great. A mother's love is always unconditional, having a mother in my side is one of the most important things in this world. She gave me a warm massage all over my body, we talked so many things in life. We went to Abreeza mall and spent lunch at Rai Rai Ken because I wanted her to taste some Japanese foods like California Maki and Chicken Teriyaki. We went jogging at People's Park on Sunday morning, August 28. We attended Mass at San Pedro Cathedral at 12:00 noon and spent lunch at Chowking then went to Pizza hut and ordered lots of foods hahaha!

My mother will turn 65 this October 16 but her strength, energy and humor did not diminish, she still moves as if she is 40 years old. Her skin did not yield any sign of ageing beyond 60 and she argued that establishments should set the retirement standard at 65 because a 60-year-old woman according to her is still physically and mentally strong, haha!We still laughed terribly just like when I was still in high school, talked things that sometimes did not matter in the world.

When we were at the Park, she jogged and did brisk walking then we went around and checked every plant we found there haha! My mother, just like my father, has a great fascination towards plant (well, maybe because we grew up with green plants in the province), then my mother compared every plant she saw in the province, we also checked the falls, the garden and the drainage around People's Park, so funny, then we both ended up laughing while resting at the nearby bench.

Such a terrific feeling having a mother on my side. She went home last Monday and when she left I began to cry. hehe..I just missed my mother so terribly. So this Christmas I will be going home.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 24, 2011

Apple CEO tenders resignation

The messiah of modern gadgets tenders his irrevocable resignation as CEO today. And the world breathlessly watched...

Apple will face the grueling competition in the world of technology without its legendary founder, Steve Jobs (his brilliant inventions made Apple the undisputed leader in the world of electronic gadgets for more than a decade now). 

Jobs, who envisioned Apple as the frontrunner of information technology, founded the company  in 1976 with Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak, it was incorporated in 1977 without Wayne (he sold his shares to Jobs and Wozniak) and for the past 14 years, Jobs acted as the company's flamboyant CEO and chieft software architect, and due to his creative approach and shrewd management style, Apple became a high profile multinational company reaping extraordinary success. Apple is named by Fortune Magazine as the World's Most Admired Company for four straight years now.

But just today, the iconic master inventor of Macintosh, iPod, iPhone and iPad series decided to relinquish his position to Timothy Cook for health reasons. Jobs is suffering a terminal illness called neuroendocrine cancer since 2004 which forced him to go on medical leave four times since 2005. He had undergone a sensitive medical surgery in 2010. He briefly made an appearance in February this year to unveil iCloud, Apple's synching service and people noticed how much his illness took his energy, he was not the same man who cracked jokes in public every time he introduced his new invention, his humor was gone and he could not endure the long hours of standing, he looked very frail. But despite his resignation, Jobs expressed his intention to remain Apple's Chairman of the Board. His resignation, according to some industry analysts, might sacrifice the magical and fabled dominance of Apple products in the technology market.

True enough, according to yahoo news, after Jobs announced his decision, Apple shares plummeted in the world trading. Analysts, for so long, had predicted Apple's loss if Jobs will resign as CEO. There were talks that his resignation might withheld the launching of iPhone 5 in September this year (2011) and the third iteration of iPad tablet because investors might not accept the idea of "Apple without Jobs" and stakeholders might need enough time to recover from this shocking turn of event.

Jobs on the other hand wanted everything to place in order, as he could no longer oversee the activities of Apple's operation in a day-to-day basis because of his illness, thus, it is wise to turn over the management to Tim Cook. Jobs brief letter to Apple regarding his decision:

"I hereby resign as CEO of Apple. I would like to serve, if the Board sees fit, as Chairman of the Board, director and Apple employee.
As far as my successor goes, I strongly recommend that we execute our succession plan and name Tim Cook as CEO of Apple.
I believe Apple’s brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it. And I look forward to watching and contributing to its success in a new role.
I have made some of the best friends of my life at Apple, and I thank you all for the many years of being able to work alongside you"

Read more:
Experts plead to investors and consumers to remain calm and don't panic afterall Jobs will remain Apple's Chairman just like Bill Gates to Microsoft (Gates also resigned as CEO of Microsoft in 2009 to devote more time to his foundation and made Steve Ballmer, his long time friend and co-founder, as the new CEO, Gates however remained the company's Chairman of the Board).

For the past years, speculations on Jobs real health condition sparked controversies that industry analysts predicted the weakening of Apple products in the world market. It is an open book that Jobs is the leading cast in Apple's sleek and stylish innovations and without his creativity, brilliant inventions and shrewd management principles, the company might not be too  magical and successful.

His command over gadgets is fascinating, when he launched the iPhone in 2007, several consumers lined up the street around Apple stores and slept in sidewalk just to buy this new product and in 2010 when he unveiled his latest invention, iPad, people thronged again to be the first to acquire this latest technology wonder. No other products in the market attracted the same fascination.

Due to this phenomena, Jobs was hailed as the messiah of technology and brought him many awards. In 2007, Fortune Magazine named Jobs as the Most Powerful Person in the world of business and the Most Admired Entrepreneur in 2009, he was also honoured as CEO of the Decade by several magazines, he ranked as one of the Most Powerful People in the world in the Forbes magazine listing. The Financial Times named him Person of the Year in 2010.

Tim Cook became Apple's acting CEO when Jobs took a medical leave several times and analysts noticed that Cook can handle really well, though not as magical as Jobs, Cook can still do some tricks for Apple, the company played extremely good, but most analysts admitted that life will going to be more difficult and very challenging for Apple without the legendary Steve Jobs.

Right now, the business world is greatly upset and seems to be in mourning with this shocking revelation. Read it here why

Yahoo finance enumerated several reasons what Apple losses if Jobs doesn't come back as its CEO, READ IT HERE

Source: Yahoo news!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 21, 2011

Pure Love

Where in the heck of the universe can we find pure love?
Does it still exist?

Lately, I became hooked with this new Korean soap opera aired at the Kapamilya network entitled Pure Love (its original title is 49 days). The plot is unique, far from the worn-out and boring telenovelas shown in Philippine televisions with its irritating forte of rehashing old movies and soap operas.

With Pure Love, everything is different, my fascination towards drama is revitalized once again. It is a simple story about falling in love...about coping with the lost love...about finding a genuine affection...about friendship. 

Pure Love narrates the story of a beautiful and wealthy girl named Ji Hyun (Dianne Shin in Philippine version) whose almost-perfect life was shattered when she gets into a car accident leaving her body in a coma, it seemed she lived a life of perfection: lots of money, a company to inherit and a guy-next-door boyfriend she is about to marry. She was unaware with the deception and betrayal that slowly crashing her down, until she became clinically dead. There, the painful truth slowly revealed how her fiance deceived her and how her best friend betrayed her, but the accident had helped her identify the person who truly cared and loved her---her friend, Han Kang (Dave Han in Pure Love version).

When  Ji Hyun dangled between life and death, a scheduler came to her and told her how she could go back to life--- find three authentic tears within 49 days to be given a second chance to live --- but this mission is almost impossible to accomplish as it excludes the tears from direct family members whose love and affection are unconditional. So she used the body of the melancholy woman, Song Yi Kyung (renamed Ysabelle Song in Pure Love), to interact with humans.

While watching each scene, I could not help but think also how to find Pure Love. How can we gauge the true intention of a person? How can we know if it is real or just some sort of exploitation? do we need to die first and let our souls wander in order to search the people who truly love us? Sometimes it is very difficult to identify True Love because we kept on looking to other directions, we kept focusing our attention to someone whose attention is darted elsewhere---or to someone else.

More than a fiction, Pure Love tells us how difficult it is to find an enduring love in the world of make-believe, how painful it is to find out that the person we truly care is in love with someone else. It also tells us that true love, rare as it is, should not be feared off, once it is there, try to be yourself and fight for it because it only comes once in a life time. The most painful thing is to just let it pass when it is really there...never mind the is better to get hurt, after all, that's what life is all about.  

Though this Korean teleserye has many flaws and I did not like the ending (I just finished watching it on DVD because I couldn't wait the story to end in Channel 2), there were so many "kilig moments", the character of Dave Han (Only You) is just so amazing, I am wondering if there are still guys out there who resemble his affectionate character, it's just so fascinating to find out that there's really someone somewhere in this world who cared so much, whose love goes beyond eternity.

With Pure Love, I was able to discern important things in my life. Loving is one of the most human things to do and feel and should not be ashamed of...if it is not reciprocated, then just be glad that you'd given it away rather than kept it inside. Pain and suffering will teach people how to survive the game of life....and that's the very essence of Pure Love.

August 21, 2011

Carbonara and Brazo


My cravings grew intensely I sad?Hmmm..well, I think no...maybe I just want to eat and a cafe house, surfing the net, do some blogging and eat creamy carbonara and brazo de mercedes while sipping green tea or apple cider tea or Passionfruit iced tea...whatever is  remove some clutters in my mind...

Just so severely tired mentally....and escaping to a cafe house I think is a practical alternative (since going to Europe is incredibly impossible)....I love carbonara and brazo..I am not really into sweets because I cannot endure the sugary taste. Carbonara is just right. Brazo is not really super sweet because it is primarily made from white eggs.

I just felt losing my grip...and felt very tired undergoing the same scheme all over again. Why am I so submissive and gullible?Why I didn't learn my lessons? Maybe I should disconnect temporarily to allow some breathing space in my sort out things smartly.

I made myself believed once again...a trillion times maybe...that everything is rosy and mutual...that sort of "things" really exist...but as time goes by, it feels as though I am grasping stuff that were not really there in the first place...and yet I refused to listen to several warnings...but now I slowly realized...when you are being turned down repeatedly...

Well, there are really things in life that cannot be twisted...

Creamy Carbonara, one of my favorites!
Last night, I read this beautiful section in a magazine...about relationships, friendships maybe or something in-betweens...

You know when a person badly detested you, choosing other groups to be with or joining them at leisure time...say, treating them to a dinner or going somewhere, instead of giving you a piece of's a warning sign that they are not into you. so just keep a distance for heaven's sake!

Well, others are kept on longing to connect the missing dot of that someone they already lost by being with the people they used to be with when they are still an item....that's when you should be aware that you are traversing a dangerous road of rejection once again...that you are courting disaster....that everything is just a product of wild illusion...and there's no magical trick you can perform, not even a million sympathy and compassion, to resolve everything...that when you are undesirable, you really are, and there's nothing you can do about it. 

I am afraid of attracting another round of emotional maybe I should dart my mind to another direction...I am tired being tired thinking of what ifs and buts and all the wrong assumptions...

Feelings cannot be bartered and that's the truth. Sometimes our mind refused to cooperate, you know when it is still occupied with that someone we already lost, struggling hard how to put everything back again and wishing life plays magic to get back what we'd lost.

After reading that section in a magazine...I stop for a while then went on doing my assignments...I want to forget the messy things in my surroundings....I want to escape momentarily from all the bad thoughts of is simply tormenting....

Maybe eating carbonara and brazo can do some tricks....tomorrow, I'll try to find time to sit in a cafe shop and devour these foods...

August 21, 2011

A Great Escape

Dreaming Europe! ^______^

With the never-ending case assignments in the graduate school and boring life in the office, I am contemplating to escape temporarily to a far away place. I'm feeling exhausted and worn-out that dreaming to be in a quiet, magnificent and tranquil surrounding seems to be a perfect idea to remove the clutters in my mind.

I struggled hard to make my day in the office lively and vibrant to save what is left for my energy but towards the end of the day, weariness was all over my system, so tired that my stomach grumbled terribly at midnight. I did not eat much for the past weeks, my appetite seemed shut and my thoughts flown somewhere.

So many worries, concern and disappointments lodged inside my brain. Worries about what's coming-ahead, fear of acquiring dreaded disease and certain frustrations felt like blaring machines deep inside. So to avoid burying myself deeper into emptiness, I made an effort to dream wonderful things beyond definition----going to some of my favourite places in the world!

Tuscany in Italy, St. Kilda and Isle of Skye in Scotland, Cornwall and Grasmere in England, Klosters in Switzerland, Santorini in Greece, French Polynesia in the South Pacific and Mustique in the West Indies are just some of the most terrific places in the world I would love to visit to relax.

Hmmm maybe I am greatly bored because I felt so sleepy every now and then, but couldn't sleep when I am at home...I want to eat something but couldn't figure exactly what food to devour, want to cry but no tears to shed, maybe my eyelid runs dry, or maybe there's no more reasons to cry. So I just dreamed big things in life, because it feels like I am protected, dreaming big things is just a soothing ritual, a great escape...

Friday, August 12, 2011

August 12, 2011

The Spanish Royals

Is the wife of Prince Felipe of Spain, Princess Letizia, is not on speaking terms with her sisters-in-law, Infanta Elena and Infanta Cristina? Infanta by the way is the term used for a Spanish Princess. According to News Summary--there's somewhat estrangement between Letizia and the two older sisters of her husband a year ago and made sure they won't be spotted together in one place. (left photo: the Spanish royal family family photo taken sometimes in 2008 or 2009)

The Spanish royal family has a traditional family reunion during summer to a spectacular island of Mallorca, not far from the glamorous Spanish town, Ibiza and last year, gossip regarding the estrangement persisted when the royals did not release a family photo, so this year, the royal family matriarch, Queen Sophia, made effort to dismiss family discord by bringing her children together to Mallorca--and a family photo shoot was taken but Letizia's position (between Prince Felipe and Queen Sophia) seemed too far from the two Spanish Infantas to notice if they are really in good terms already.

King Juan Carlos is too busy to deal with this petty family misunderstanding, I guess, because he was just released from the hospital where he had a knee surgery. Hmmm...Just wondering why they had a misunderstanding...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 10, 2011

Personality Test

Last night, after doing my usual nightly routines---writing reminders in my small notebook ("things to do" list for the next day activitiy), listing down the expenses I incurred in a day and reading notes---I spotted an old file about the Personality Test/PhD Certified Premium Test I took four years ago, so I pulled the report and re-read the contents and very amused---!

IQ Score: 120

Just could not believe it and not quite sure what it meant, it was just generated anyway after I took the 40 minute-test, I don't know how it happened and how I answered the questions but I really hit this score, yaaay. haha! According to the report, this IQ score is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions I answered correctly. Ever since I was a kid, I love trivias and quizzes. 

So based on this score my intellectual type is INSIGHTFUL LINGUIST! Which means I've the natural fluency of a writer and the visual spatial strengths of an artist and that I could easily process informations through creative imaginations and give logical reasoning afterwards.Hmmmm... 

Personality Sub-Type: Critic

The report also includes my personality sub-type. Primarily, my personality sub-type is a Critic which means I am very complex, independent thinker and never content to skate on the surface, but on the other side, I have a very perceptive, gentle spirit.

Intelligence Scales: Logical and Visual-Spatial

My dominant Intelligence Scales are logical and visual-spatial which means that my left-brain and right brain mental facilities are balanced, logical is a left-brain function while visual-spatial is a right-brain function. My IS score measures my ability to extract a visual pattern and envision what should come next and use reasoning and logic to determine the best solutions to problems.

Innate Character: Intuitive

This one is not surprising anymore because I was told several times that my 6th sense is somewhat active hehehe! I mean my ESP and intuition abilities are well-developed, actually I can sense it too, but wait, I cannot see dead people you know, I have no capacity also to predict the next winning combination numbers in Lotto, but I can easily sense how a certain thing would lead me, and how a certain pattern of event would push me to danger, I mean I know definitely when to go with my gut and it had helped me about trillion times already in decision-making.

Intuition, according to my PT report, is often just a matter of keeping calm enough to listen to my inner feelings---it's far too different from "Clairvoyancy" or a psyche ability to see the future, but I can manipulate/dictate my vision and how the things should run, I already used this capacity several times and the results seemed accurate. Manipulating a vision is just too tiring and stressful, it requires a hell of concentration and trust in instinct.The first time I was aware with my intuitive nature, I was not afraid because I was told my ability was far from having a "third eye" which enable people to see "the others".

Seems Accurate

When I took that personality test about four years ago, I did not pay attention and even laughed at the result because I thought it was just a passing occurence, I mean there are lots of factors that influenced the result, maybe I was too conditioned--mentally, emotionally and physically---when I took the test. But I was just surprised when I took another test about a year ago, this time in a Test IQ book of Dr. Alfred Munzert composed of 60 questions good for 45 minutes, I finished it in 43 minutes and the result was just too similar with that Personality Test. My IQ score is still 120 hehehe, thank God my brain did not deteriorate haha! My left-brain and right-brain functions are still balanced and my Intuitive character still prevailed!

The IQ book I bought a year ago

I love taking personality test or even general quizzes in books, magazines or through online because I want to find out something about my character, about my personality and how I would carry myself well in public, how to deal with other people, sometimes these factors cannot be explained by circumstances and experiences. It's good to take this type of test because it brings excitement and additional knowledge and wisdom, it's good to find out our weaknesses, our strengths, our capabilities and potentials, it will also help us to understand ourselves better and how to handle complexities in life.

I am obsessed with research and reading! In college whenever I had a free time, I would go to the library not to study but to read several books about Geography and World History, when I graduated, I'd memorized 100 capital cities in the world hahahaha! I'd learned complicated details also about the lives of European royals and its ancestries and the terrible battles in human history--Hundred years of War, Thirty Years War, WW I and II.

I created several lists of just anything and made compilations about the winners of MISS UNIVERSE and MISS WORLD, the US PRESIDENTS, BRITISH MONARCHS, PHYSICISTS (because I love reading stuff about Galileo, Stephen Hawking and Michael Faraday hehe), ROMAN PONTIFF, OSCAR WINNERS, WORLD'S BILLIONAIRES, RICHEST/POOREST COUNTRIES, LARGEST/SMALLEST COUNTRIES, WORLD'S MOST ADMIRED COMPANIES, among others.

Because of my fascination on trivias and quizzes, I created a book "The Smart Quiz" to satisfy my curiosity ^___^

Monday, August 8, 2011

August 08, 2011

G Cafe

Located along Quimpo Boulevard, not far from SM Davao, G cafe is another place where you can comfortably relax with friends while surfing the net. The place is wifi ready. I love their Apple Cider Tea, very delicious and soothing! You can order foods--burger and fries-- from nearby Brothers' burger store just beside G Cafe.

Last weekend I and Kathy went there to discuss things about blogging and I was pleased with its wonderful and relaxing interior, European style setting. We bought Garlic Fries sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese and some herbs. Then just sipped Apple Cider Tea. The feeling was great and we had a wonderful discussion about many things. Scent of brewed coffee and other foods wafting in the air that I felt like I want to eat and eat hehe...and the music softly played in the background.

G Cafe is just one of the many elegant cafes in Davao City that I visited, such a cozy place to unwind and think about important things in life. If you are looking for a conducive and warm place to study or do some research, G Cafe is a perfect place for you because it is so quiet and you can surf the net endlessly as its wifi connection is very fast. 


Saturday, August 6, 2011

August 06, 2011

Wishing for Grace's Recovery

Today is not just an ordinary day...

My home town in Surigao del sur is celebrating its annual fiesta and unfortunately I couldn't  return home, time is so limited. So I just reminisced the days I was with my family enjoying the celebration...the foods, the entertainment, the laughter, the fun...

But I did not only spend my day reminiscing the good old times, but with something worthy too. Just this morning, a friend told me that Grace, our former colleague, is confined in the hospital again, so we agreed to visit her. After attending my 1:00 pm class, I joined my friends at San Pedro Hospital...we slowly entered the room.

There...I saw her lying in bed with some apparatus attached...I felt a slight lump in my throat upon seeing her  that way. She lifted her eyes and acknowledged our presence and drew some smile in her mouth...she blurted few words and went quiet, then drifted to sleep. I took a deep breath and threw few glances to the container below her bed where the water from her body was squirted through a transparent hose.

I noticed how much her illness took her energy and zest in life, the familiar gaiety was gone, and I felt how painful it was to see her in that state. I struggled to keep my composure, holding back some tears that seemed ready to puff in my eyelids, We (I, Ester, Roy and Juvy) fidgeted at the narrow bench beside her bed and just watched her sleeping. We also asked her sister about many things.

Such a very difficult feeling to see a good friend suffering from a terrible illness, especially in a situation where there's nothing you could do but pray..pray for additional strength, additional hope and relief. It really tore me a part watching her lost the energy of life. But deep inside I am continue praying and hoping for a great outcome, for a positive result and I am wishing she could combat it and be triumphant in the end.

with Grace frolicking around Mine's View Park after our retreat in Baguio City (April 2008)
During our retreat in Cagayan de Oro City (April 2010). Grace, Emma, me and Ester

I've known Grace since 2006, when we became colleagues in the university and because of her very friendly nature, humbleness and comfortable approach, we easily became good friends. We always had a wonderful time together, joining other colleagues taking trips to restos or other places, we frequently talked about great things in life, dreams, longings and wishful thinking stuff. When I had a slight "misfortune" a year ago, Grace was one of the fewest people I approached then and confided my resentment and anxieties, she gave me incredible opinions how to deal with it. 
During one of our dinner outings last year
Grace, me, Juvy and Ester
One great evening after dinner
When I heard she would undergo a form of treatment late last year, I was confident she could make it because she is a brave girl, very strong, prayerful and full of wisdom. And she did actually. She had recovered and we texted occasionally, then I saw her again last summer and amazed with her unique strength despite the odds, we laughed and talked tender topics.

Until July came. We went to her sister's house in Buhangin to visit her. That's when I knew how much she had suffered. I know there's something missing...her huge smile...I missed her laughter and lively spirit. I  wished we could still spend dinner together with the rest of our friends, talking things in life, sharing our ups and downs.

When we left the hospital this afternoon, loneliness crept in. Then I went to the church to attend the anticipated mass since today is our town's fiesta. Then I remember my late grandmother's devotion to San Vicente Ferrer whom she said the patron saint for sick people. There, I slowly walked through the wing chapel and touched the glass where San Vicente Ferrer's statue was placed. Asking fervently to let Grace recovered from the chronic disease she is suffering now and may God give her enough courage and strength. 

Today's gospel (meant for Sunday) is great because it narrates the story where Jesus walked in the Sea of Galilee and where His disciples at first were horrified to see him walking in the water and when Peter followed Jesus he slowly sank because of lack of faith, he shouted "Lord, Save Me!" and Jesus offered His hand and saved Peter. This gospel revealed one truth, that strong faith in God can save us from tribulations, we only need to trust Him. And I know He won't forsake Grace. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 03, 2011

The Girl Named Helen

Spending quality time at Abreeza last June 21, 2011. Kathy, Juvy, Helen and me

How would you know if you have supportive and true friends in your circle? Well, it's when they act like siblings more than friends, whose affection and level of understanding transcend expectations, when the sincerity of friendship is truly felt and when the care is always there despite distance and time that divide your existence.

And that's exactly what the friendship of Helen is all about, whose generosity and kindness made me think I am valuable as a person. She is just one of my fewest friends who can tolerate my stubbornness, who really  accepted my shortcomings and who gave me moral support during the lowest point in my life. But she would rectify me if I did something wrong or if she thinks I am going down below to what is being expected in a person which I appreciated very much. Friends should not only there for you in good times but also through bad times, somebody who would never leave you, would never doubt you and would value you more as a person.

It's her birthday yesterday and since she is not here and could not give her a present, the least I can do is just extend my warm wishes and thanks through a blog post of how wonderful she is.

I met Helen way back in college, hmmm some 15 years ago hehe, but we only became good friends when we worked together in the same university in 1998. Then we became super close friends, relying on her when worries in life overwhelmed me, when I had so many troubles in life, confiding all my anxieties and impossible heartaches. She's one of my few friends whom I can truly trust and whom all my secrets are safe. 

Helen is full of wisdom and her kindness is simply amazing. The first time I resigned from my job I went home but when frustrations made me think I was so useless and so ignorant, I sent letters to her and confided all my resentments in life, then she would send me fantastic advises and steered me back to believing in the power of prayers which I always find very inspiring.

with Rowie and Helen during our Baguio retreat in 2008

Often times I would miss Helen and her company, back then we would find time to go out, we would sometimes take a hike to Pink Sisters and would pray in silence. We've so many things in common, we shared the same belief and principles in life. I often looked up to her when it comes to being so prayerful and honest (toinkz). In 2009, she quit her job in the university and went to UAE and felt like I lost someone who had been my truest friend in life.

When she took a vacation last June, we spent quality time together talking stuff we missed and sharing important priorities in life. We talked about losing "enthusiasm" in our life hahaha! Not that we lost interest in falling in love, but maybe priorities in life just changed as we "progressed", shifting gear to a more mature approach and planning life realistically..that genuine happiness never relies on a certain state or vocation or whatever, that happiness is simply an attitude of the mind. 

I am hoping we could still spend good time together while we're still single hehehe...and on the occasion of her thirty something birthday, I wished Helen the best of everything in life: happiness, health, contentment, success and safety in UAE. I treasured her friendship everyday as if it is one of the grandest things I ever received in my life, her humility, kindness and generosity and the great influenced she had on me. 

Happy Birthday Helen and hope to see you again in the years to come!^____^

Monday, August 1, 2011

August 01, 2011

Zara won't change her maiden name

Despite the warmth and happiness she felt at her wedding to Mike Tindall last July 30, 2011 at the historical Cannongate Kirk in Scotland, Zara's decision to retain her maiden name is unaffected.

So the Queen's granddaughter is just one of the fewest females in the world who refused to switch surname. She will be the first royal family member also to retain her maiden name. There was no reported objection from Mike Tindall anyway.

To view the wedding highlight and photos of  Zara Phillips, visit my ROYALTY FASHION
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