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Friday, June 24, 2011

...That Cheap Nut


I often read the above line in many celebrity forums from annoyed readers who are tired observing celebs unveiling their souls in public but what is more irritating with these celebrities is their constant complain of invading privacy or judging them. 

Wow! Are they nuts? They will spread their indiscretion in public then bitterly complain with the reactions it generated. Are they expecting of praises and adoration? Oh boy, you cannot please everybody.

That’s understandable anyway, celebrities sometimes are attention-seeker and would seize opportunities for publicity, but what puzzled me is their silly reaction why people kept invading their privacy when they are the one dishing information to the public. 

If they don’t want to be criticized or talked then they should maintain decency. Well, that is a celebrity-style, they are working hard for public consumption at the expense of their privacy. 

But what if an ordinary person without any name followed the trend?

There's someone I know who felt like she is a celebrity, divulging, splashing every detail of her personal life in a social networking site as if she has thousands of fans eagerly waiting for the updates of her daily life. Her indiscretion is alarming, sharing even the most useless thing that happened in her day. Why she can just keep it to herself? No one is interested to know it anyway. No one cares if her stomach was upset due to whatever she gorges.

But what shocks me is her reaction to "gossip". And what she expects after her indiscretion? If she is not prepared with the gossiping then she should be careful enough not to dish out people with something to talk to. She should at least maintain some decency.

Well, if you don't want to be talked about then do not act like a cheap nut, keep yourself private. Do not share every detail of your life publicly.

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