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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I am contemplating again what to do with my life...

I am exasperated with how my life runs, everything seems twisted into different direction and I am "lost" with my life's map...endless anxieties, worries, confusion and clutters...why these things always resurface? I am tired maneuvering the little shaky boat I am riding.

I am literally stuck at the bottom of nowhere and I want to get out from this.

This summer I will spend my vacant hours writing and working on my manuscript. I received several publication deals with my Quiz Master book but because of the subsidy fee requirements of each publication (where I have to share for the book's promotion and final editing, layout, illustration etc.) I did not pursue the deal. Now I am scouting for another publication to send my proposal.

I want to finish my fiction book about Queen Consort and the Monarch, right now I am reading several books about the monarchy and European history to learn additional information about the lives of the royals.

I want a different job which can bring out the best in me, I am wishing circumstances will favor me in the months to come.

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