Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28, 2011

Practicing a Job Interview

Okay, this is some sort of practice.

Since I am just waiting to finish my masteral degree and look for another job where I could maximize my potentials, I did some research about the possible job interviews thrown by prospective employers. 

I always considered oral interviews as scary, it terrifies me, I have this less-than perfect oral recitation skill back in school :-)

So to prepare myself for this nerve-wracking ordeal, I gathered possible questions:

What is your greatest strength?
I pride myself for having this very flexible attitude when it comes to meeting deadlines. My experience as a freelance writer online thought me so many things about submitting work on time.

What is your greatest weakness?
I have this very bad stammering habit. I stutter a lot so I have this less-than-perfect oral communication skill. It's something I dreaded with but I am slowly working on it because I know it is a disadvantage especially in a globally competitive workplace.

How do you handle stress in the workplace?
I never consider stress as a hindrance to my work so to minimize the pressure, I always see to it that I organize my tasks, prioritizing the critical tasks that need to accomplish first.

Why Should we hire you? (another nerve-wracking question since your employer will size you if you are really worthy to be part of the company)

I am confident that the requirements of the job matched my skills. I have this great desire to be successful. I am a team player and flexible in meeting deadlines. 

If you could choose someone (dead or alive) to have lunch with who would it be and why?

Steve Jobs. I always admired his remarkable managerial and entrepreneural skills. 

Describe your dream job?

I always wanted to work as a market research analyst, there's something in research that I find very challenging and fulfilling, the discovering of the market needs matching with the consumer needs, the ideas to be developed and the solutions to a certain need. I am always curious towards so many things in life and the field of research will allow me to work on things that need to be answered.

Are you a risk taker?
I must admit that for the past ten years of my life I did nothing but to keep myself safe because I was so afraid to try anything that would inflict danger in my life. But recently, I acknowledged the necessity of taking risk no matter how terrifying it is. It opens door for discovery and self improvement.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

February 19, 2011

Ten Richest People in the World: Updated

Amidst the perennial global crisis which forced many countries to go on recession and some even declared bankruptcy, these people managed to keep their fortune in a safer position in the world market. Below are 2010 Forbes magazine's listing of Top Ten World's billionaires. For two straight years, the world has a new richest man, Carlos Slim Helu of Mexico.

2010 Forbes Magazine's ranking: 

Carlos Slim Helu (Net worth in US $53.5) Mexico

Born on January 28, 1940 to Lebanese parents who migrated to Mexico, Carlos Slim Helu is a Mexican business mogul, he gains prominence in business when he led a group of investors in buying Telmex, a struggling government owned company in 1990, now Telmex America Movil is the largest telecommunications provider in Latin America and almost monopolized the telecommunication industry in the region. He also controls Telcel, Mexican’s biggest mobile operators. His business ventures, aside from telecommunications, include construction, retailing, finance and the media. He owns Grupo Carso, the largest financial-industrial conglomerate in Mexico. Slim-Helu is the current richest person in the world surpassing Bill Gates.

While Warren Buffet partly used the business principles of his former mentor, Benjamin Graham (author of Intelligent Investing), Slim-Helu attributed his ability in discovering investment opportunities to Alvin Toffler (author of the economics book, The Future Shock). He is the vice president at Mexican Stock Exchange and President of Mexican Association of Brokerage Houses and one of the board of directors of Philip Morris International and Alcatel. He also bought a 3% share of Apple Computer’s stock. Lately, he expressed interest in buying the Honda Formula One racing team and Major League Soccer franchise.

Bill Gates (net worth $53 billion), USA

William Henry Gates III or simply Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft. He was born in an upper-middle class family in Seattle, Washington. He dropped out from Harvard University after realizing that he could make money from his passion in developing software. In 1975 he founded Microsoft with his best friend, Paul Allen. In 1993 he became the richest person in the world until 2007. 

His good friend, Warren Buffet surpassed him in 2008 but he regained the honor in 2009 only to topple on the following year by Mexican tycoon, Carlos Slim Helu. He remained Microsoft's CEO and chief software architect until 2009. On that same year, Bill Gates announced he will leave the day-to-day supervision of Microsoft to his top executives to concentrate more in Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

Warren Buffet ($47 billion), USA

He is the CEO and chairman of the board of Berkshire Hathaway, one of the largest investment entities in the world and one of the most admired companies in the world according to Fortune magazine. 

Warren Buffet is often dubbed as one of the most brilliant investors in American history. His ability in investing is legendary. He started as a stockbroker following the principles he learned from his mentor, Benjamin Graham, author of the best-selling book, Intelligent Investing. Warren Buffet is also known with his unique frugality despite his immense wealth. He still leave in the same house in Nebraska he bought in 1956. He declared that 80% of his fortune will be distributed to charitable activities. He founded the Giving Pledge with Bill Gates, a foundation that encourages American billionaires to donate portion of their wealth to charity.

Mukesh Ambani ($29 billion) India 

 Born on April 19, 1957, Ambani is an Indian industrialist who chairs the Reliance Industries, one of the largest private sector conglomerates in the world. He owns the premier Indian League team, Mumbai Indians. As of 2010, Mukesh Ambani is the richest man in Asia. According to Forbes magazine forecast, granting a strong rally in Indian Stock market, Reliance Industries would boost its market capitalization and there is a possibility that Ambani would become the richest man in the world by 2014.

He, his wife and three children lived in a 27 story building, Antilia, in Mumbai with an estimated value of $1 billion making it the most expensive home in history. His business empire, Reliance Industries, is involved in textiles, polyester fibers, petrochemicals, petroleum refining, oil and gas exploration and production. He created the world’s largest grassroots petroleum refinery at Jamnagar, India which has the capacity of 660, 000 barrels per day. He also owns Reliance Communications Limited.

Lakshmi Mittal ($28.7 billion) India 

Born on June 15, 1950 to a wealthy Indian steel company owners, he is the CEO and chairman of the board of Arcelor Mittal, the world’s largest steel making company. His brothers run an integrated steel plant in Mumbai, India. He serves in the board council of the Prime Minister of India’s Global Advisory Council of Overseas Indians and currently the Vice Chairman of World Steel Association. Mittal lives in London, England with his family. In 2005, he made headlines when he spent lavishly for the marriage of his daughter, Vanisha Mittal, in what would become as the most expensive wedding in the world history with almost $1.5 billion expenses.

He started his fortune working in his family steel business but in 1976 after misunderstanding with his family, he separated and founded his own steel company, now he is the world’s leading steel producer with operations in 14 countries. Just like other world’s billionaires, Mittal also established a foundation which supports communities where his steel company operates.

Lawrence Ellison ($28 billion) USA

Born on August 17, 1944, Ellison is the co-founder and CEO of Oracle Corporation, an enterprise software company. Just like his good friend, Steve Jobs of Apple Incorporated, Lawrence Ellison was also give up by his mother for adoption. He grew up with his adoptive parents in Chicago. He attended briefly at the University of Chicago where he encountered computer designing, but after one term he dropped out and moved to Northern Carolina

He got a job first at Amdahl Corporation then at Ampex Corporation where he worked on a project for a data base of Central Intelligence Agency, he named his project “Oracle”. The Wall Street Journal named Ellison as the best paid executive in the last decade with a total compensation of $1.84 billion. For a short period of time in 2000, he was the world’s richest person.

In 1977, he founded a business called Software Development Laboratories which would later become Oracle. His inspiration for founding Oracle was due to the paper written by Edgar Codd which talks about the relation model of data for large shared data banks which was also followed by IBM System. In 1990, Ellison admitted that Oracle had an incredible business mistake when its upfront marketing strategy relatively failed leading to the company’s bankruptcy, it was partly saved by restating its earnings twice. 

For a time, he was made a director of Apple Computers but resigned later to concentrate with Oracle’s operations. Today, Oracle main competitor for new database licenses on UNIX, Linux and Windows OS is IBM DB2, the open source data base MySQL and with Microsoft SQL server.

Bernard Arnault ($27.5 billion) France  

Born in March 5, 1949 he founded LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessey), one of the largest luxury goods conglomerates in the world today selling luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Italian brand, Fendi. He finished an engineering degree in France and after graduation he worked in his father’s construction company. At his insistence, his father liquidated the company and redirected it to real estate business bearing the name Ferinel. He migrated to the United States in 1981 and created Ferinel Incorporated engaging in construction activities, but his US business venture yield little success so he moved back to France.

Arnault then acquired a textile company, Boussac. In 1987 after the creation of LVMH, he devised a strategic business plan by creating a holding company securing himself 60% share of assets, when the stock market crash in 1987 he capitalized on the lower quoted price and subsequently owned 43% of LVMH, he then consolidated his position and became chairman and CEO in 1989. In 2007 he acquired more than 10% of Carrefour, the world’s largest food distributor. Bernard Arnault is an avid art collector.

Eike Batista ($27 billion) Brazil 

Born in November 3, 1957, he started making money through a gold and trading company in Brazil then built his fortune in the mining industry, his business empire flagship is OGX operating mainly in oil and gas exploration. He is noted with his fascination in superstition, firmly believed that the number 63, the Sun and the letter X bring good luck and fortune in business, these symbols are integrated in his companies’ names. Batista maintains a high profile status and very vocal with his ambition to become the richest person in the world.

Amancio Ortega ($25 billion) Spain 

Spain’s richest man a fashion entrepreneur He started working in his teenage years as an assistant in various shirt stores in Spain then founded a company that manufactured bathrobes, he opened his first fashion store called Zara in 1975. 

His business is operating under the flagship Inditex Group which he controlled its 59% share. The world knew little about this Spanish business mogul as he maintains a very low profile status. He never granted anyone an interview and rarely appeared in public. He also refuses to wear a tie and prefers to dress in jeans and t-shirts. It was reported that Amancio Ortega personally supervised the production and design process of his company.

Karl Albrecht ($23.5 billion) Germany 

Born on February 20,1920, Albrecht is a German business magnate who founded the supermarket chain Aldi with his brother Theo Albrecht. Their mother owned a small grocery store in Essen, Germany while their father worked as a miner then a baker’s assistant. 

During World War II, Karl served in the German army and at the end of the war, he and his brother took over the grocery store of their mother and named it Aldi or Albrecht-Discount store. Later on, the brothers decided to divide the business into Aldi North and Aldi South. Aldi South of Karl was more profitable than that of Theo’s branch. Theo Albrecht was also listed in Forbes Magazine as one of the world’s richest person until his death. Because Karl Albrecht maintained a very private life, little is known about his life, as of the present time, it is reported that he removed his control of Aldi and none of his children was involved in the operation of this business.

2011 World's Billionaires according to Forbes:

This year, 2011, however reveals a rigodon in the ranking of World's billionaires, though nothing has change among the top three, 4th to 10th placers had decrease/increase their financial portfolio.

1. Carlos Slim Helu   -   $74 billion
2. Bill Gates                -   $56 billion
3. Warren Buffet        -   $50 billion
4. Bernard Arnault    -   $41 billion
5. Larry Ellison          -   $39.5 billion
6. Lacksmi Mittal       -   $31.1 billion
7. Amancio Ortega    -  $31 billion
8. Ike Batista               -  $30 billion
9. Mukesh Ambani    -  $27 billion
10. Christie Walton   -  $26.5 billion

Christie Walton and family placed 11th last year, now the Wal-Mart's John Walton's widow edged out Karl Albrecht of Germany to nab the 10th place of World's Billionaires. The two American billionaires were beaten off by Carlos Slim Helu because more than 70% of their wealth were distributed to the charitable institutions, but in reality they are still World's first and second richest men. 

Bill Gates gave up his position as CEO of Microsoft to concentrate working on his foundation but remains Microsoft Chairman of the Board while Warren Buffet never care much about being world's billionaire as he cares more on working on his investment company and on charitable causes particularly on Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

February 19, 2011

Ten richest people in the Philippines

Compared to the world’s richest men and even in surrounding Asian countries like India, Malaysia and Singapore, wealthiest Filipino men are the poorest in the listing of Forbes magazine. 

The country’s political and economic instability and the Philippine Stock Exchange's very small market capitalization mired the fortune and net worth of these people. In fact in the listing of Forbes Magazine’s world’s richest people, Philippine’s richest man, Henry Sy has only $4 billion net worth ranking him around 160th compared to Mukesh Ambani of India who is 4th richest man in the world with a net worth asset of $27 billion. 

Nevertheless, in great contrast to other billionaires in the Forbes’s list, Philippine’s wealthiest had the most fascinating rags-to-riches stories.
Here they are:

HENRY SY (net worth $4 billion) – a poor immigrant from China, Henry Sy came to the Philippine soil at the age of 13, shoeless. His family opened a small store in Cebu but the difficult time of World War II prompted the family to close it. Sy went to Manila and lived with the Chinese traders in Binondo where he put up a little shoemaking store. Later on this store grew up and named Shoe Mart which became SM today. 

Today, the retail business king has more than 30 shopping malls spread across the archipelago, four in China and one in Guam. Mall of Asia, which is listed as the world’s fifth largest mall, is dubbed by Sy’s eldest child, Teresita Sy-Coson as “his baby”, built on the site where Henry Sy used to bring his family at sunset to feel the soft breeze of the afternoon delight, the sprawling 4.1-square-foot mall is truly world class. 

In an interview of Forbes magazine, Coson revealed his father, who visited the mall every other day, dreamed to turn it into an Asian waterfront mecca just like Hongkong and Singapore where he would build hotels, convention center, outsourcing centers and condominiums. At 82, Henry Sy is still actively participating in the day-to-day activities of his business operations. SM Investments, the flagship of his business empire, is the country’s largest mall developer. While Banco de Oro is the country’s second largest bank next to BPI which is owned by the Ayalas.

LUCIO TAN ($2.3 billion) – Another tycoon who has a humble beginning, Lucio Tan is a poor immigrant from China. He studied Chemical Engineering at Far Eastern University as a working student but later transferred to the University of Sto. Tomas but he later dropped out to work full time at a tobacco factory which gave him an idea to put up his own tobacco company, Fortune Tobacco, in 1966. 

In 1977, he acquired a struggling government owned bank General Bank and Trust Company which he renamed Allied Bank. Today, his business ventures include Century Park Hotel, Tanduay Distillers, Philippine Airlines, MacroAsia Corp, hog-raising, infrastructures, finance, construction, real estate, transportation among others. His business flagship is Lucio Tan Group of Companies. He also owns almost 60% of Philippine National Bank. In 2010, it was reported that a possible merger of Allied Bank and PNB is being worked out and expected to be completed in the middle part of 2011.

JAIME ZOBEL DE AYALA ($2 billion) - His business flagship is Ayala Corporation, the country's oldest conglomerate dating back in 1834, he owns Ayala Lands, BPI, Manila Water Company, AG holdings, Integrated Microelectronics, Livelt Investments and Globe Telecomm. He finished his BA degre in Architectural Sciences at Harvard University. In the 1970s he served as Philippine Ambassador to England and Scandinavian countries in Europe. His son, Enrique Zobel de Ayala, succeeded him as CEO of Ayala Corporation in 2006.

EDUARDO COJUANCO, JR ($840 million) - The controversial billionaire, he chairs San Miguel Corporation, South East Asia's largest food and beverage company. Known as Danding, he was the former Philippine Ambassador and embroiled in many controversies involving the acquisition of Assets of San Miguel. He owns significant shares in Bank of Commerce, United Coconut Planters Bank and Del Monte Philippines. 

 He has numbers of Haciendas around the country and owns Gooree Stud at Mudgee, South Wales, Australia, a Thorough Breed horse racing and operation. He also commanded cargo ships around Russia and China seas and owns PBA teams San Miguel, Ginebra Kings and Derby Ace Llamados. 

Since the assassination of his cousin's husband, Ninoy Aquino in 1983, he became estranged to the Cojuanco and Aquino family, but in 2010 Philippine presidential election, he closes the communication gap and mended the family rift when he chose to support his nephew, Noynoy Aquino as President, the only son of Cory and Ninoy. His other nephews are the famous businessman Tony Boy Cojuanco and Presidential aspirant, Gibo Teodoro. Danding Cojuanco is married to Gretchen Lichauco Oppen, heiress to the Montilla hacienda in Negros and Lichauco properties in Manila.

GEORGE TY ($830 million) - Founder and Chairman of Metropolitan banking Corporation, the third largest bank in the country next to BPI and Banco de Oro. But believed to be the largest Philippine bank in terms of assets and Capital. Metrobank has several ventures outside the Philippines, it has branches in the United States, Europe and neighboring Asian countries. Ty has major stakes at BPI and Philippine Savings bank. He is 74 years old and has five children.

George Ty also owns a tower and condominium called G.T Towers, a skyscraping building  in the country's central business district, Makati City.

JOHN GOKONGWEI JR. ($700 million) - Just like Henry Sy, Andrew Tan and Lucio Tan, John Gokongwei Jr. is an immigrant from China, but unlike Sy and Tan, Gokongwei was born with a silver spoon, his father owned a large store in Cebu, but after his father's death, the family's wealth gradually eroded and John was forced to sell soap and candles in the street. 

He went to Manila and sought assistance from the Chinese community, he later founded JG Summit Holdings with numerous business ventures in the field of food, land development and telecommunications. 

Gokongwei owns Cebu Pacific, Robinson malls, Cebu Pacific, Digital Telecommunications, Sun Celluar, Universal Robina Corporation and several investments. He is a cousin to Andrew Gotianun, the owner of East West bank and Filinvest Development Corporation, and the 12th richest man in the Philippines. He is now 80 years old. He has six children, his eldest son, Lance Gokongwei, took over the chairmanship of the company in 2006.

TONY TAN CAKTIONG ($575 million) - Caktioing dreamed of putting up an ice cream parlor but switched to a hamburger business instead. This business was later known as Jollibee, the fast rising competitive fast food chain  in the world.

Now, Jollibee has more than 100 chains in China and soon to penetrate the U.S market and India. Jollibee has more than 1,500 stores in the Philippines operating in six brands. He also acquired Greenwich Pizza Corp in 1994, Chowking in 2000 and Red Ribbon in 2005 and lately, Mang Inasal.

Tan Caktiong finished Chemical Engineering at the University of Sto. Tomas. He is now 53 years old and has 3 children. He is still the company's CEO and Chairman of the board.

ANDREW TAN ($480 million) – He surprised the world in 2009 when he became the 5th richest man in the Philippines and everybody is wondering who is Andrew Tan. 

Just like most of Philippines’ billionaires, Andrew Tan has a very humble beginning. A poor immigrant from China, Tan was born in 1953 to a factory worker father, Tan had to endure walking few kilometers to reach University of the East where he was studying Accounting. 

He maintained frugality all through out his college life. His business flagship is Alliance Global Group Inc. which includes Megaworld Corporation, Emperador Distillers Corp and Golden Arches Development Corp which processes the Mcdonalds franchise in the Philippines. Now his company is developing technology parks and just broke ground on a new Marriott hotel in Newport City.

EMILIO YAP ($350 million) – He owns Manila Bulletin, one of the country’s largest newspapers. His other ventures include Manila Hotel, Centro Escolar University and Euro-Phil Laboratories. 

He is 81 years old.

OSCAR LOPEZ ($325 million) – He is the Chairman Emeritus of Lopez Group of Companies, a Philippine business conglomerate founded by Eugenio Lopez, Sr. the Lopezes companies include Lopez Holding Corporation (formerly Benprez), ABS-CBN Corporation, Skycable, Rockwell, Bayan Telecomm, Power generation (FGP Corp), Power distribution (Meralco, PECO), First Phil.Industrial Park, First Philippine Realty Corp and many more. 

Lopez earned both his BA college degree and masters degree in business administration at the Harvard University. In 2010, Oscar Lopez turned over the CEO post of Lopez Group to his brother, Manuel Lopez, the former chairman of Meralco.
February 19, 2011

Queen Rania of Jordan: Royal for a Cause

Queen Rania was born Rania Yassin on August 31, 1970 in Kuwait City. She studied business administration at the American University in Cairo, Egypt. After graduation, she returned to Kuwait and worked at Citibank then at Apple Computers in Amman, Jordan. She met Prince Abdullah of Jordan in January 1993 and they got married in June 1993. In February 1999, his father-in-law, King Hussein died, her husband became King Abdullah II, she was crowned a month later as Queen Consort of Jordan. On her coronation at the age of 28, she became the youngest woman to become a Queen Consort in modern times.

As Queen of Jordan, Rania became deeply involved in various crusades and campaigns especially in the field of education and learning. She launched several programs about education and interactive learning, community empowerment and Jordan’s sustainability activities; she also chairs the Royal Health Awareness Society and Jordan River Children program to protect children from political and cultural abuses. The Child Safety Program, which she launched in 1998, addresses the immediate needs of children at risk from abuse and initiated a long-term campaign to increase public awareness about violence against children. She also advocates for Global Education and became a co-founder of the #1Goal: Education for All campaign which aims to provide basic education to all deserving children and had partnered with several universities around the world for scholarship programs to realize this goal.
In 2000, she was invited by UNICEF to join their Global Leadership Initiative program and worked with different world leaders to improve the welfare of children around the world. In 2007 she became the UNICEF’s first eminent advocate for Children, two years later she became the honorary global chair of United Nation Girls’ Education Initiative. The Queen aims to present Jordan as a safe and wonderful tourism destination in the Middle East, she also worked to promote cultural and interfaith dialogue for the sake of peace and understanding initiating a crusade that would alter the misconceptions of other nations about the Arab world.

She is one of the few royals who used the convenience of modern technology to discuss cross-cultural dialogue, education and social change. In 2009, Queen Rania had announced that she has an official twitter and facebook accounts. Asking why she used Twitter, the Queen said: It’s about using social media for social change: creating a community of advocates who can use their voices on behalf of the voiceless, or leverage their talents, skills, knowledge, and resources to put more children into classrooms, or pressure their elected representatives to get global education top of the agenda.

She also participated in YouTube’s In My Name campaign for the video of “End Poverty-Be the Generation” which calls world leaders to keep on their promises they made during the 2000 United Nations Millennium Summit. She also published numerous children’s books: The King’s Gift (a book about his late father-in-law), Eternal Beauty, Maha of the Mountains and Sandwich Swap she co-authored with Kelly DiPucchio. Queen Rania and King Abdullah II together have four children.

Friday, February 18, 2011

February 18, 2011

Ignatian Leadership Seminar

Finally, we’re done!

Last night, our group (we’re only four in the group because our Chinese classmate went home to China for a business trip) conducted a seminar-workshop entitled AHA: A seminar on the foundation of leadership in our Ignatian Leadership for Managers and Entrepreneurs class. In this subject, we are divided into five groups and one of the class requirements is for us to conduct a seminar in the class. (First photo: Maam Bel, me, Jerry, Gerlie and Joel).

Our topic is about self-awareness (as one of the foundation of a good leader and manager). It runs smoothly and we had a wonderful session. It was a nice evening, our professor, Maam Bel Actub did her critics after we presented. She gave her assessment on how we conducted the seminar and how we can improve the lapses.

I have only one presentation to prepare before the semester ends, the Business plan presentation in my Marketing Management subject, but I never worry this class presentation because I will be working with my group mates and I am very comfortable with this group. The only subject I disliked this semester is Management Accounting :-(

Thursday, February 17, 2011

February 17, 2011

The People I Admired

These are the people I greatly admired in life, not because of their popularity and privileged background, but on how their legendary charms and abilities stirred the consciousness of humanity.  They managed to shape and influence the world with their unique personality, ability, passion and devotion to create a difference.


"He was the true great Christian disciple who firmly believed that Jesus Christ is the only answer to all questions about human life", This is how the late Great Pope, John Paul II, described by his biographer, Georg Wigel, during an interview with the TIME magazine.

Pope John Paul II, perhaps the greatest spiritual leader to come in recent memory, had worked tirelessly for the benefit of humanity. 

His unique kindness, compassion, devotion to Catholic faith, effort to spread peace and solidarity and promotion for international understanding made him one of the most effective God's messengers of peace ever sat in the throne of St.Peter since the first millennium.

The late great Pope (Karol Josef Wojtyla in real life) was an "orphan" when he decided to become a priest. At the age of 21, he was all alone and struggling to make a room for himself. The suffering he felt made him realized God wanted him for something --- to lead His people . 

True enough, after he became a priest, he quickly rose to rank, a rare occurrence in the stiff hierarchy of the church. At the age of 39, he became a bishop, later he was promoted to Archbishop then Cardinal. At the age of 58 when elected as Pope in 1978 after the death of Pope John Paul I, John Paul II was one of the youngest cardinals to become a Vicar of Jesus Christ.

He was full of compassion and kindness, his deep humility made him the most beloved Pope of all time. Naturally, I cried when he died in 2005 (April 2). Up to now, I kept praying for his immediate sainthood. 


Though not a believer in God, I admired this great human being because of his exceptional courage and enthusiasm to pursue his life's goals despite being ravaged by a very strange and rare illness called a motor neuron disease which made him totally paralyzed and crippled. 

His slurred speech and very limited mobility however, did not stop him from doing spectacular things in life.

Stephen Hawking is a British scientist whose worked in Theoritical Physics and Quantum Gravity made him one of the greatest scientists in world history. He is often called "the only remaining genius in the tradition of Albert Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton". His book, The Brief History of Time is dubbed as the best-selling book of all time. 

Hawking was born in 1942 at Oxford, England. He studied Physics at the Oxford University then went on to Cambridge University to do a research in Cosmology, after obtaining PhD he became a Lucasian professor of Mathematics for 10 years in Cambridge becoming the third person only, after Isaac Barrow and Isaac Newton, to hold such a prestigious post. After his retirement, Hawking became the director of research at the Centre of Theoritical Physics at Cambridge.


"One of the most brilliant investors in American history", is how Warren Buffet described by the media. Buffet is the third richest man in the world in 2010 listing of Forbes Magazine after Carlos Slim Helu of Mexico and Bill Gates. 

But what amazed me with this billionaire, despite his immense wealth, is his very simple lifestyle. This legendary investor is known with his frugality, he never splurged and just contented with simple things in life. 

For a while he refused to buy a private jet but after seeing its great advantage he bought one. He still lived in the same, very simple house in Nebraska he bought in 1956. He personally drive his car when reporting to office, he never carry a cellular phone and no computer in his working desk. And the most amazing part is, he gave 80% of his fortune to charity. 

In 2007, he was the richest man in the world but after donating $37 billion to the foundation of his friend, Bill Gates, he moved down to number two and became number three in 2010 listing of Forbes Magazine.


He is the co-founder of Apple Incorporated, the world's most admired company for the past four years according to Fortune magazine. He innovated so many high tech devices: Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad.

What made him great is the way he managed and guided Apple through all these years. His  shrewd business principles propelled Apple into one of the world's highly successful business entities with unparalleled success in terms of sleek innovations.

He is Apple's shining star, without him, many experts would say, the company's products might not be too magical. He revolutionized gadgets in a way people never know they needed until it emerged in the market. He redefined the old concept of "market and business" --- create your market and not find your market. (Update: Steve Jobs died in October 2011 after his long battle of cancer)


I was still in grade school when Ninoy was killed but I was already aware then how great he was, his ideals, his crusades and how he fought hard for Philippine democracy. His selfless devotion to Philippine freedom cost his life when an assassin bullet greeted him upon returning from the United States.

Ninoy Aquino descended from the family of politician and hacienderos of Tarlac, and it was him who carved the name for the family when he courageously fought against the dictator in 1970s. His death largely shaped the present Philippine history. 

His wife, Cory Aquino, scion of the illustrious Cojuanco family, became Asia's first woman President. In 1999, Ninoy Aquino was named by TIME magazine as one of the heirs of Mahatma Gandhi for nonviolence and in 2010 together with his wife Cory, Ninoy was named as one of 100 People who Shaped and influenced the 20th Century. His only son and also his namesake, Benigno Aquino III, is the incumbent Philippine president after winning a landslide victory in May 2010.


The late Princess of Wales epitomized what fairytale is all about. She was enchanting, beguiling and glamorous, she was famous, compassionate and fascinating. Her kindness and charm were magical and mesmerizing, her warmth and loving heart transcended nationality and yet she was lonely, virtually ignored by the establishment she served.

She was giving and yet wanting, she lived alone in her empty world, though she collected bouquets and admiration around the world, in her private world she needed care, attention and love, but she used her sad plight to inspire others that one could rise above misfortunes. I admired her effort to help the downtrodden through her charity crusades. She did not confine on her role by just wearing tiaras and fabulous gowns but showed to the world that each one of us has an important mission to fulfill.

PRINCE PHILIP, The Duke of Edinburgh

He is often misunderstood as rough and boorish and too "Germanic", but the Duke of Edinburgh, who was born Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, a grandson of King George I of Greece, was an affectionate gentleman in the British royal court who stood behind his wife, protected and supported her in all her public endeavors and constantly watched their children not to embarrass the reign of their mother.

Though the marriage of three of his four children ended in divorce, Prince Philip tried his best, as a father, to interfere the affair of his children to make the marriage work most notably during the marriage of the Prince and Princess of Wales where the Duke did all his best to keep the marriage of the heir-to-the-throne intact. Philip married Queen Elizabeth II in 1947 when she was still the heir-presumptive. He was a navy officer before he became a consort at his wife's accession in 1952.

What I love about the Duke of Edinburgh is his strong character and determination and good sense of humor in all his public outings. At 90 (last June 10, 2011), Prince Philip remained one of the most influential British royals.


Everybody knows who is this man. The one who united the world into one social networking site called FACEBOOK. Yes, Mark Zuckerberg is one of the founders of Facebook and now the site's CEO. He founded it with other friends while still a sophomore student at Harvard University taking up Computer Science.

In February 2004, Zuckerberg launched Facebook at the room of their Harvard dorm and later dropped out and moved to the Silicon Valley area to work full time in his networking site. Now, Facebook has more than 600 million members around the world!

But despite his immense fortune, Zuckerberg remains frugal and followed a lifestyle below a billionaire standard. He descended from a Jewish family from New York, (update: Zuckerberg married Priscilla Chan, a Chinese medical graduate, in May 2012).


Listed by Forbes magazine as the 8th richest person in the world with a net worth asset of US$31 billion, Li Ka Shing is the richest person in Asia. He is currently residing in one of the most expensive areas in Southeast Asia, the Deep water bay in Hongkong. He is the Chairman of the board of Cheung Kong Holdings and Hutchison Whampoa, the largest container terminal operator in the world.

He is a Chinese refugee whose family came to Hongkong in the 1930s to escape the civil war in China. Born June 13, 1928 in Chaozhou, China, Li Ka Shing did not finish high school when, at the age of 14, his father died and had to help his mother raised his younger siblings

He worked as a salesman and later found a job in a plastic factory. It was in this industry that he discovered his luck. By 1950, Li Ka Shing established his own business, manufacturing plastic flowers, Cheung Kong Industries, the business grew and started diversifying into other fields. Now, his business empire covered almost every industry, from container terminals, to retailer of health and beauty products, to real estate, plastic manufacturing, to electricity.

Cheung kong expanded and soon acquired Hutchison Whampoa and Hongkong Electric Holdings Limited. Li Ka Shing is regarded as one of the most generous philanthrophists in Asia donating over US$1.4 billion to various charities.

He has two sons who helped him run the family's business empire, he is a widower but did not remarry since his wife's death. Li Ka Shing received a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, due to his massive contributions to Hongkong's Economy and to the world and because Hongkong is a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations, Li Ka Shing is entitled to be called "Sir".

What I love about this man is his very classic rags-to-riches story and despite his immense wealth, he still managed to maintain his simple lifestyle.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Today is another Valentine's Day. Sweet roses are everywhere and Chocolate (though I hate it) sounds like a national food. Fancy restaurants and hotel cafes offer romantic dinners for lovers. 


While the rest of the world is swathed in red, I will going to paint my world with an innocent color, icey pink--sweet, fresh, cool and vibrant--because I want to believe that magic still exists in a world of make-believe.

I celebrated the past Valentine's Days with my closest friends, but this year, I want to spend it alone with my laptop and books in my room. Lots of case assignments and writings to do, so instead of dining with friends and talk about frustrating things in life, I'll just spend the rest of the night in writing while dreaming positive things and what's-coming-ahead.

I am also tired scribbling my sentiments so I would never make any journal entry about Valentine's 2011. Never. I am lost of words. I cannot think of any phrase to write, maybe my brain is already tired composing the same rant and complaints every Valentine's day. Last year, I was able to release my emotional baggage through blogging, this time I am just tired doing it, so I would leave it this way.

Friday, February 11, 2011

February 11, 2011

My Top Five

While blog walking at Bianca Gonzales’s site, I read her blogpost about Top Three things. So I made my own listing and made it Top Five ^_____^


Five usernames I often used:
1. Snowprincess
2. Snowy
3. Icepink
4. Isabella Windsor
5. jlamela

Five of my favorite flowers:
1. Tulips
2. Roses
3. Carnation
4. Orchids
5. Dahlias

Five things that scare me:
1. Rats!
2. Heights (mountain climbing is far from my mind)
3. Losing any of my parents and siblings
4. Losing my eyesight
5. Cancer

Five of my everyday essentials:
1. Cellphone
2. Greentea
3. Sunblock
4. Face powder
5. Lipgloss

Five favorite songs:
1. Beautiful in my Eyes by Joshua Kadison
2. On This Day by David Pomeranz
3. Later by Fra Lippo Lippi
4. The Colour of Love by Billy Ocean
5. When I look into your Eyes by Firehouse

Five things I want in a relationship (if!)
1. Trust
2. Respect
3. Honesty/Fidelity
4. Initiative to make each other so happy
5. Understanding

Five physical things about boys that appeal to me:
1. Eyes
2. Athletic body
3. Neat short haircut
4. Clean body (meaning no tattoo, no earrings or body piercing)
5. Clean neck and fingernails (hahaha)

Five of my favorite hobbies:
1. Blogging/Writing
2. Reading
3. Experimenting recipes
4. Listening to music
5. Watching good movies

Five things I want to do really badly now:
1. Finish my non-fiction books
2. Set-up my own website and attract advertisers
3. Roadtrip somewhere else
4. Travel outside the Philippines
5. Start a business

Five careers I am considering:
1. Book writer
2. Entrepreneur
3. Filmmaker
4. Royal correspondent
5. Research Analyst

Five beverages I like/drink:
1. Water
2. Greentea (with honey)
3. Wheatgrass (with honey)
4. Carrot Juice
5. Buko Juice

Five Foods I crave:
1. Blueberry Cheesecake
2. Brazo de Mercedes
3. Carbonara
4. Maki
5. Cornflakes from Kelloggs

Five places I want to go on a vacation:
1. Cornwall in England
2. Isle of Skye in Scotland
3. Tuscany in Italy
4. Klosters in Switzerland
5. Burgundy in France

Five kid's names I like:
1. Alexandra
2. Sophia
3. Isabella
4. Joshua
5. John Paul Karol (in honor of Pope John Paul II, his real name is Karol Josef Wojtyla)

Five things I want to do before I die:
1. Write and produce historical films
2. Travel around Europe
3. Build a successful website
4. Married (hahaha!)
5. Establish a foundation

Five ways that I am stereotypically a girl:
1. I love the color pink.
2. I cry easily when watching romantic movies.
3. I daydream a lot about my future.
4. I always clean my room and do my own laundry.
5. I love to cook foods.

Five famous people I want to meet:
1. Pope Benedict XIV/Any current Roman Pontiff
2. Warren Buffet
3. Prince Harry of Wales
4. Mark Zuckerberg
5. Steve Jobs

Five of my favorite movies:
1. The Shawshank Redemption
2. Green Mile (directed by Frank Darabont)
3. Titanic (directed by James Cameron)
4. Forrest Gump
5. Silence of the Lambs

Five things I dreamed to have:
1. Burberry wallet or bag
2. Chanel earrings (with a double
C logo)
3. Revlon Make-up kit
4. Vacheron Constantin watch (hahaha!anyway it's only a dream)
5. Sleek Laptop from Apple

Hey guys! Make your own TOP FIVE listing too...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 08, 2011

President Noy's Love Life

Because I'm tired drooling my eyes wondering why people keep on insisting February is the month of love, I tried emptying my mind with clutters by reading shallow news that has nothing to do with the oil price hike in the world market (PNoy kept insisting people should not focus on his love life) so I choose to invade PNoy's!

It's a good relief that the President whisked his eyes away from Liz Uy because I don't feel she is the right one for him (shhhh!just my opinion), now enter another name....Len Lopez.

Len Lopez is the latest flame of the bachelor president, they spotted going out since November 2010, and in one of their outings, dining at one of the posh restaurants in Greenbelt 2, he was heard uttering this heart-skipping line "Do I make you laugh?"wooooooow that's so sweet and cute!PNoy after all is still capable of uttering magical line that makes every woman's heart dribble in thrill and delight.

Though he tried very hard to keep his love life private, his very outspoken youngest sister unfortunately could not. Kris revealed that her only brother is indeed caught a love bug with a very attractive woman.

So who is she? Len Recto Lopez, according to the news, is a Management Economics graduate of Ateneo de Manila University, she is a best friend and classmate of Luli Arroyo-Bernas, the only daughter of former President, Gloria Arroyo. She will turn 39 this year. She graduated in 1992 the same year Kris Aquino finished her English Literature degree in Ateneo. She is related to the Lopezes of ABS-CBN and the Rectos of Batangas (that counts Senator Ralph Recto). An only child, Len hails from Bacolod City where Gene Lopez, the grandfather of Gabby Lopez, also came from. She worked as a stockbroker of Deutsche Bank.

During the interview with Kris Aquino (conducted by Ted Failon) in DZMM program "Tambalang Failon and Webb", the presidential sister blurted: " Pinakilala na niya sa amin. I was so impressed. And ito I’m sure hindi magagalit si Noy, ang payat, my God! Talagang kasing payat ni Kim Chiu and very elegant!"

Oh well, that's Kris Aquino, very honest, you cannot pretend on her. She also revealed that Liz Uy no longer work as PNoy's stylist.

Update as of May 21, 2011

According to his ever-outspoken youngest sister, the bachelor president is now seeing someone new (he stopped seeing Len Lopez sometime in March or April), someone with a surname Calica, a 27 year-old teacher. They had been photographed dining, although with many friends, and watching the reunion/anniversary concert of Hotdog Band. 

The President, through his staff, is now begging the media to stop stalking him when he is on a date, he also wished people would respect his private life. I am not sure if the media will listen anyway.haha!

Monday, February 7, 2011

February 07, 2011

Steve Jobs: Apple's CEO

"What will happen to the world of innovation without Steve Jobs?" This is the most famous question thrown lately by market brokers referring to the latest illness of Apple's CEO and chief architect, Steve Jobs.

Born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California to a Syrian father and American mother, Steve Jobs (later adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs) is an American inventor and co-founder of Apple Incorporated. 

He is the current Chief Executive Officer of Apple and its chief software architect. In 2006, he became a member of the board of The Walt Disney when his other company, Pixar Animation Studios, merged with Disney. He also acquired the computer graphics division of Lucas Film Ltd. He also worked as a technician at Atari, a manufacturer of video games.

Apple Computer was established on April 1, 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, it was incorporated in January 3, 1977 without Wayne whose share in the company was sold to Jobs and Wozniak. But thirty years later, the company decided to drop the word “computer” to reflect their ongoing expansion into the consumer electronic market. The company's best known products are macintosh, ipod and iphone. In 2009, the company recorded an annual sale of $42.91 billion. The company’s headquarter is located at Cupertino, California, USA.

In 1970s, Jobs and his co-founders produced and marketed Apple II series, one of the first commercially successful brands of personal computer. In 1980 he saw the potential and mouse-driven graphical user interface which eventually led him to invent Macintosh. In 1986, he temporarily left Apple and founded NeXT Software, when Apple acquired the company, Jobs was back as its CEO until present.

Jobs's rise to success can be attributed to the ambitious and individualistic principles of entrepreneurs around Silicon Valley, California (which counts Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and HP'S founders Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard) emphasizing the crucial importance of design and invention for mass appeal which commensurate Jobs’s passion in developing products that are both trendy, functional and elegant often matches with the present lifestyle of the people. In other words, he thinks outside the "box" and responded to consumers’ needs and expectations. Currently, Steve Jobs holds more than 300 patent applications. Just like other inventors, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs did not finish college. He dropped out from Reed College in 1972.

His important innovations at Apple propelled the company to greatness. For a third straight year in a row, Fortune magazine named it as the world’s most admired company topping over Berkshire Hathaway, Google, Johnson and Johnson and What makes the company admirable? According to Fortune magazine’s report, it’s Apple’s highest style of innovative products itself and the company's unique management and marketing techniques. Products like iPods, iPhones, the game-changing iPad help elevated Apple’s reputation in the highly dominated technological market in the present generation.
In December 2010, Jobs was named by Financial Times as Person of the Year and CEO of the Year by Fortune Magazine.

But lately, he is suffering from a chronic health problem, though the prognosis is “excellent” it is still uncertain how long he could stand this personal battle.

It started in 2004 when he was diagnosed of a cancerous tumor in his pancreas, in August 2009 he took a medical leave and underwent a liver transplant. In 2010, the Wall Street reported that Jobs went to Switzerland to seek further treatment for his tumor, because an effective procedure called peptide receptor radionuclide therapy is not yet approve in the United States. 

The news on Steve Jobs’s health problem created so much tension in the United States's central trading district: Wall Street. We all know that Apple continue to dominate the world market when it comes to technology, the company is on top, all products become an envy in the electronic industry, but how can the company and its invention sustain without Steve Jobs? 

One expert commented: “What will happen to the world of innovation without Steve Jobs?”. In his interview Leander Kahney, editor of the Apple-centric blog Cult of Mac, said Apple without Jobs "won't be quite as bright and magical", he continues "for the past ten years Apple has been more than a great company, it is the place were magic was made". Following the announcement of his medical leave, Apple shares in the world market significantly drop sending enormous worries to investors.

Steve Jobs's unique approach in brand positioning strategies and keen mind to predict the future of technology gave Apple a competitive edge against competitors. But the CEO's health made people nervous regarding the future of innovation. Granting the outcome of most patients who had undergone a liver transplant, according to Newsweek "there's a good reason why everybody would not be worried". Let's just hope and pray Steve Jobs is strong enough to overcome this battle. The world needs him badly.

Steve Jobs is married to Laurene Powell whom he has a son, Reed Paul Jobs, he has also a daughter named Lisa from a previous relationship. Steve and Laurene lived in an old Palo Alto house in California next to Mark Zuckerberg's rented house. His religion is buddhism. His trademark outfit (even during conference and product presentation) is a black long-sleeved turtleneck, Levi's 501 blue jeans and white rubber shoes.
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