Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 05, 2010

Funny Night with Friends

It’s always a welcome respite to take a break from work and go somewhere to loosen up and unwind with close friends…it can cure boredom and weariness in life, especially if the "unwinding" ritual will be mixed up with hilarious conversation only you and your friends could understand the absurdity of the topic!

I always love long conversation with the people I am very closed with, because I can freely talk without being criticized, I can laughed mischievously, I can democratically displayed the rascal side of my personality, I can be myself in front of them and somehow freed my mind from anxiety, it's a total freedom and happiness.
With Grace Rosello
and Juvy Panos and Ester Llanasas

Since our acquaintance party last July 24, where I went home early to catch up my afternoon class in business economics, I'd wished we could find time together to share precious moment of fun...again...and that "time" came last Wednesday, August 4, when two of my friends proposed the idea of spending dinner together, so we just hit it off and immediately agreed to meet after office hours.

Since the plan was instant and no enough time to debate and disagree where to go, we took a ride without a clear direction, we just laughed and giggled inside the “cab” and go where the cab took us..that was a real adventure, but that was great! because it gave us excitement and pleasure…we were unfamiliar with trendy places in Davao as we scarcely go out because of our money-pinching lifestyle.

When we arrived in our destination…ahhhh…I figured then, we were in Torres, we looked around, peep at some expensive restaurants, glared at the silly parking lot I thought the entrance area of that expensive-looking oriental resto, until we settled in an oddly looking place with almost no light along its narrow passage, but when I saw its imposing billboard, I knew it’s a safe place from robbers.

I whispered to my friends if we're in the right place since it appeared as if there's a wedding banquet. After we broke into laughter with fits of amusement brought by our silliness, we went inside and breathed hardly!

I must admit I was not really impressed with the foods, in fact I even hardly remembered what I ate, but I treasured the moment because we’re able to relax and unwind and exercise our lungs! While eating, of course we didn’t mind the “not-so-impressive” foods but focus more on our confidential conversation…hahaha… just like any unguarded moments shared by people who spoke the same language and followed the same life principles, we laughed on top of our lungs as we talked weird things only the four of us understood..hahaha..we scampered on "issues" we could find in life and feasted it as we busied on spoon and fork.

We consumed all our energy sharing precious “updates” about the importance of friendship, which is the main course of the evening. After bartering fresh ideas asking each other why we’re still single and yet enjoying life…we changed position by looking around and darted our gaze at the weird birthday celebrant swaying on the dance floor with his guests performing a strange cotillion..hehehe..

Oh that was a real fun, we really made it a point to spend the evening in laughter and innocent talks..So after our photo sessions, we stood up and walked leisurely towards the neighboring restaurant and posed for another round of silly and super funny conversations. We talked funny things, so ridiculous that I wanted to roll to the ground in laughter. We did it in order to relax and exercise tired muscles and of course… freedom...freedom to poke fun with each other.

It was a wonderful night out with them. I loved the fact that we’re able to spend quality time together and had a hearty laugh, we chuckled in every corner of "pinutos" as if there’s no tomorrow, we truly enjoyed the evening because we’re able to unload things that kept bothering in our head, well, at least it came out and blown off the air so that it won’t clog in our brain.
On the following Friday, we went out again
Dining and eating Durian and making grocery

That was truly a spectacular evening...we just spent the whole three hours laughing, talking and sharing important lessons in life while analyzing our destiny waiting for some hints of “the one” so that we can waltz down-the-isle.

Hope we could find another time to go out...and talked about new “updates”. Thank you Ester, Grace and Juvy for that wonderful evening!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

August 02, 2010

Fascinated with INCEPTION!

I know I have to watch a puzzling film in order to exercise my mind and invigorate my tired brain muscles, great movies are my favorite escape!and I am always fascinated with a movie plot that made my mind twist a little bit I choose INCEPTION!a mind-blowing, psychological thriller that made my brain work harder.

The story talks about invading one's it possible?well, that's the magic of Chris Nolan's creativity.
INCEPTION "kicks" off in world theater last July 16 but it was only a week later that this critically-acclaimed film finally made a screening debut in Philippine cinemas.

Last Thursday, July 29, one of my friends badgered me to watch Salt but I resented Angelina Jolie and her too good-to-be-true-spy-old-fashion film, so I struggled to convince my friends to choose INCEPTION instead. After several minutes of presenting my reasons why we should watch this latest Leo Di Caprio flick, my three friends finally relented..hehehe

The trouble is, I had an appointment that night with my group mates in business economics, but since my eagerness to watch the film in theater reigned stubbornly in my mind, I texted my classmates to postpone the meeting,hahaha. Anyway, that's it...after office hour, we went to NCCC and alas!INCEPTION was no longer showing so we went to SM.
Leonardo Di Caprio plays Dominic Cobb, an expert extractor who could invade one's mind through dreams.

But I must admit, the first half of the film is monumentally boring, I couldn't grasp exactly what the director, Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight and Batman Begins), tried to convey as the sequences were too slow to connect, anyway, after the scene, where Leo Di Caprio met Ellen Page and talked about invading dreams, followed by cracking of buildings and raising of bridges, I became interested with the whole thing.

The story is an original creation of Christopher Nolan, and talks about a human fascination of the power of imagination, and the possibility of invading dreams and penetrating the subconscious, it was utterly mind-bogging, thinking how one's mind could penetrate other people's dreams and steal ideas and secrets. It remains a phenomenon though, but the movie really gave me a hard time analyzing the whole concept.

One of the elements used and presented in the film, is a spinning device called "totem", this precious thing is carried by Dom Cobb (Leo Di Caprio) to distinguish the situation if he is dreaming or already wake up.

If the device wobbles fast, he is still in his dream but if it stops, he is already awake. The surprising twist comes in the last scene where Cobb returned to the United States after his client, Saito, helped him cleared his name on the murder charges against his wife.

Cobb went home and met his children whom he left to his father-in-law while hiding from the police authorities. But what puzzles me is the final scene where the totem wobbled fast while Cobb hugged his children, until the film credits showed, the totem did not stop wobbling.

So it means, Dom Cobb is still trap in his dream?and his wife is true that it's him who refused to go back to reality? and in order for him to fully wake up is to pass death?oh gosh!I wanna talk to direct Chris Nolan about this twist!
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