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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Early Dawn Mass

Happy to establish a good friendship with someone. I always admire him because of his very prim personality. He's very intelligent too! I adored guys who are really smart and intelligent, I am in great awe with them!

Tomorrow morning is the first Early Dawn Mass, very excited to wake up and attend the mass even if I will going to walk in the street alone. I am not afraid of any bad elements anyway because Bonifacio street is so safe.

I am determined to complete the nine novenas this year. Good luck to me haha!


Anonymous said...

Very useful!! Thanks! ^^

Anonymous said...

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paula said...

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Anonymous said...

When first reading this article i thought it was a joke, but soon knew it wasnt, when i read royalty are "the highest form of human" i laughed out loud! to bow before these people is repulsive and an insult to yourself.

Wendy beck said...

Why does the Queen never smile? Is this protocol?

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